Thursday, August 31, 2017

Holiday Gift Ideas with the Zefiro Innerspring Memory Foam Pillow

As the fall and winter months get closer, we find that along with getting out the decorations that we also like to ensure that we find those gifts to give as well as have the items we might need in the home as we welcome guests. For me, I have found that when it comes to those gifts to give and having the home ready for guests, that items that provide comfort can be the way to go for both. So when I was sent the Zefiro Innerspring Memory Foam Pillow from Protect-A-Bed to review, I was not only excited to add it to my own slumber, but also add it to my list of both those gift ideas for the holidays as well as items to have on hand for holiday guests.
With this pillow, we get a pillow that does more than just give you a place to rest your head, but also a pillow that is designed to help alleviate neck pain while you sleep as well. This is possible because unlike many other memory foam pillows, this one has a pocked coil system on the inside that is made to respond to weight, shape and movement with customized support. Allowing you to get continued support while you sleep, even as you move around at night. The coils work alongside the memory foam fill that helps to cradle your head and give comfort to your neck, which together give you a system that is encased in one pillow that works together to provide both your head and neck with the support and comfort your body needs.
Then when it comes to the other features that I like about this pillow that I also look for in the pillows I use in my home, I like that the pillow is designed to let air flow through it. Giving you a cool breeze through the compression and expansion that occurs as the pillow is slept on. The cover is also designed to not only offer you a soft encasement for the pillow itself, but also designed to be breathable and allow that cool air to flow. Making the choice to add the Zefiro Innerspring Memory Foam Pillow one that is not only great for adding to your own bed to help with neck pain, but also a great choice to have on hand for those holiday guests and for the gift giving this holiday season!

Product received, thank you to Protect-A-Bed as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Motorola Solutions Emergency Preparedness Family Radio

With the most recent storm on the minds of many in this country that has devastated many in Southeast Texas, we find that many of us have been thinking of ways to prepare our own families in the case of an emergency. Well with that said, I find that with September being Emergency Preparedness Month, it is the perfect time to ensure we have the products we might need in our own homes so that we can be ready for when disaster can strike. So when I was sent a set of the Motorola Talkabout T480 to have on hand in case of a emergency from the people at Motorola, I was pleased to not only check them out but also share some information on these radios with our readers!

See with the Motorola Talkabout T480, we can add them to our home emergency kit to help us as a family stay connected when the unexpected hits. Each of the Motorola Talkabout T480 comes with a wall/desk stand accessory, and the radios can be used as a traditional weather alert radio or as a two-way radio so we can keep in touch if something were to happen, like say cell phones are not working. When we keep ours plugged in using the stand, we can feel safe knowing that they will be ready to use and fully charged when needed, and if disaster were to strike, I like knowing that the Motorola Talkabout T480 will still receive NOAA weather alerts automatically.

Along with the access we can get with the two way radio and the weather alerts through the NOAA, I like that there is a flashlight that automatically turns on when there is a power outage. Other features with the T480 include an emergency alert button, safety whistle, belt clip, NOAA weather channels for continuous updates and alerts, and an FM Radio and up to 35-mile range. With the white/red colors, they are great for having in our emergency kit, since the colors are just like the American Red Cross colors.

And I like that along with having them in the home, we can take them on the road, to the park, camping, and more all while being able to stay connected to changing weather conditions. Which in all, makes the Motorola Talkabout T480, a must have to keep on hand in any home and have to go with your families emergency kit for when there are power outages during storms and more!

You can learn more on products for your home by following Motorola Solutions on their various social channels:

Product received, thank you to Motorola as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

HD850 Kids Headphones from Ailihen

When it comes to the kids and having the audio gear that they need for both in school and when at home, we find that kids can be quite rough on the products. Like many kids, we found that the headphones are a requirement on those back to school shopping lists, and like many kids, I find that I end up purchasing several pairs of headphones to not only replace the ones that they end up breaking or losing at school but also the ones in the home as well throughout the year. So when we were sent a pair of the HD850 Kids Headphones from Ailihen to review, I was curious to check them out, see how durable they were, and also learn about the different features they offer.

First off, one of the features that really stood out to me was the fact that they can be bent and stretched, without the issue of the headphones breaking. For me, this is huge as a parent, because more times then not when it comes to the headphones my kids use, they end up breaking them in half after stepping on them, sitting on them, or stuffing them in their backpacks. I also like that these headphone can be easily stored by folding them up, which can help to eliminate the storage issue we can have both in school and at home. Another plus that I found with these particular headphones is that along with the durability that we can see with the band, I like that the cord is also made to be kid tough. Making it so no matter how hard the pull at their headphones, this pair will last longer than others.

Then when it comes to the sound quality and noise control, I like that they are designed with little ears in mind and can only go up to 93 db. Which is great for not just when they are listening to music but also for when my daughter uses these on her cell phone when she is talking. Along with the noise limit, I like that with the controls on the cord that she can use them to play to the next song, answer and hang up phone calls, and with the microphone, she can get HD quality! Making these features along with others that you can get with the HD850 Kids Headphones from Ailihen, features that help to make the choice to go with these headphones a simple one for parents!

Product received, thank you to Ailihen as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Decadent Popcorn Treats from Funky Chunky Café

When it comes to finding those treats to enjoy and even give as gifts, I have always found that chocolate can be a great way to go. I am one who not only enjoys a variety of chocolates, but who also enjoys treats that are covered and mixed with chocolate varieties as well. So when we were sent some of the varieties of decadent popcorn treats that can be found at Funky Chunky Café, I was excited to try them out and even share the varieties with my family.

With the selection we were sent, we were able to try the Vanilla Sweet Creme, Dark Chocolate Mocha, and the Caramel Latte flavors. We found that each one of the varieties had different flavors that really stood out, giving us those coffee notes we were hoping to get with all three with not just the candy coatings on the popcorn but also with the coffee beans that are mixed in as well. I also like that with the buttery popcorn that has the drizzles of caramel and chocolate on them that they give us that sweet and salty flavor that I enjoy snacking on.

Then when it comes to the different varieties of the popcorn that you can choose from, I like that there are several to choose from and that they also come ready to be gifted for those upcoming holiday events! Making the popcorn varieties from Funky Chunky Café, a great choice to go with when you are seeking some delicious flavored popcorn that offer you a candy like treat to have on hand for not just the home but also for giving over the coming holiday season!

Product received, thank you to Funky Chunky Café as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

#Giveaway Elmo’s World Hide & Seek

Finding toys and games to engage little ones with is something I find to be a lot of fun. I enjoy watching as little minds work and seeing their eyes light up as they play and learn through their play. And like many parents, when it comes to some of those first games that our little ones like to play, I have found the game of peek-a-boo to be on the top of my list. So when we were sent Elmo's World Hide & Seek to review, I was curious to see how this game can grow with baby and also how my preschooler liked playing with it.

With this game, you can begin engaging babies as young as 6 months old by simply playing a game of peek-a-boo with Elmo and baby. You can do this by hiding the Elmo that is included under a blanket, reinforcing the notion that babies learn from peek-a-boo, learning that even though they can not see something that it is not gone. From there, as baby grows you can take that game of peek-a-boo into a new game of hide and seek where you can hide Elmo in nearby places for baby to find him. They do this by listening for Elmo's voice, and learning that as he is easier to hear they are closer to finding him!

Then for preschoolers, they can continue to enjoy playing with Elmo's World Hide & Seek by using the Elmo included along with the cards in the box to play along with by following the clues and counting! Where they can count to ten before going to find him and follow the clues on the cards to where he is. Making the choice to add Elmo's World Hide & Seek to your babies playtime, a choice that both you and baby can enjoy together! And to help with bringing that fun home for you and your baby, the wonderful people from Identity Games would like to give one of my amazing readers their own Elmo’s World Hide & Seek.

Product received, thank you to Identity Games as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Grandparents Day Gift Ideas with Plywerk

When we think of those who make a difference in our lives, the first people that come to my mind would be my parents. They are the ones who raised me, the people who taught me right from wrong and who also gave me the tools I needed to make my own path in life. I also see them as the people who my kids look up to, and the grandparents that I know my kids are lucky to have. And when we celebrate National Grandparents Day on September 10th, I would like to not only thank them for being the best grandparents to my kids, but also find the gifts that say that as well. So when we were introduced to the gift options that can be found from Plywerk, I was excited to create a couple of hand mounted photos of my parents and kids to give to them this Grandparents Day! 

See when we head to Plywerk, we can take those memories we have captured, and have the photos printed on wood. Another plus about going with Plywerk for those wood prints is the fact that the wood, ink and even the building they use are all eco-friendly. Giving us not just options when it comes to creating those memorable prints to cherish for years to come, but also a company that cherishes the planet as well. They can do this because for one the wood used is either recycled or upcycled, and they go even further with their impact because any usable scrap wood that they do not use is then donated to Habitat for Humanity!

Then when it comes to those last minute gifts to give on Grandparents Day or for those times where you can not find the time to find a gift and have it sent, well they make all of that easier too! Because you can save time on heading out to search for a gift by uploading those memorable photos you want to share, order your prints and they will gift wrap and send them directly to your recipient. Allowing you to save time, energy and even send a gift that is environmentally friendly! Which in all makes the choice to send gifts from Plywerk this Grandparents Day or for any occasion, one that you and your recipients are sure to appreciate!

Product received, thank you to Plywerk as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Lil' Lemonade Stand-Off™

When it comes to our family game night, we find that we enjoy adding a variety of games to the mix. We also find that we like to not just play some of those classics that we have enjoyed playing in the past, but also adding new games we come across to the mix as well. So when we were sent the game, Lil' Lemonade Stand-Off™ from Learning Resources to review, we were excited to check it out and add it to our family game night fun.

With this game we get a memory matching game that helps to build those memory skills. To play, we compete to earn coins to add to our lemonade stands. We do this by taking turns drawing cards, when you draw a card you must memorize the color and order of the cups, when you do it correctly you earn a coin to add to your stand. At the end of the game, the player with the most coins in their lemonade stand wins! Making Lil' Lemonade Stand-Off™ from Learning Resources, a great game to add to your next family game night!

Product received, thank you to Learning Resources as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 on Blu-ray and DVD

When it comes to family movie night and seeking out what we will watch together, I find that allowing everyone a chance to share what they like and want to see makes our family movie nights a fun night that everyone looks forward to. I also find that when we have a selection to choose from, that we get a chance to watch a variety of both movies and shows. So when we were sent the Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 on Blu-Ray to review, I knew that my son would not only enjoy watching it over and over again as well as have fun sharing it as his pick for our family movie night!

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 - Mid-Season Trailer (Official)

In Star Wars Rebels Season 3, you get 22 episodes that are action packed and follow the story from season 2. Where you have the established Ghost Crew on Atollon, and where the Rebels have a stronger leader who is building a bigger and stronger group to help when they stand against the Empire. The Rebels might be a fierce force but they find that their skills are tested as they find that the new Grand Admiral wants to take out the Rebellion and is one who is a threat like none they have seen. Along with the 22 episodes we also got some great bonus features as well. Making the Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 on Blu-Ray a great choice to go with to add to any Star Wars Rebels fan's collection and also a great choice to add to your next family movie night!

Product received, thank you to Disney Movies as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

#Giveaway Doodle Draw Play and Learn with the Magic Sketch

The kids are headed back to school, and along with having the supplies for the classroom and home, I also like to have the products in the home that help to inspire creativity when they are not in school. This allows my kids to continue to use their minds as they draw, doodle and learn, and also helps to keep them engaged in a activity. And like many kids, mine love the drawings they can do with their Boogie Board, as they draw, sketch and create new designs over and over again. So when we were sent the Magic Sketch, from the creators of the Boogie Board to review, I was excited to see what Heather and her kids thought of it and share her thoughts with our readers. You can read Heather's review below.

First off, I have to say that this is really neat and saves a lot of paper in my house. My two older but younger kids love to play with this and use it over and over again. They both love to draw and Megan likes doing the activity cards that are included with the set. I also like that with the stencils included that one day, this will teach Aiden how to write his alphabet but for now he is happy just drawing pictures. 

The Magic Sketch comes with a writing stylus, 3 Texture Tools with 6 unique tips, 6 Game Templates, 6 Learning Templates, and 6 Drawing Templates. The screen is LCD and is a color burst of rainbow colors when they draw. This is great for car rides and for the longer trips to the store, helping to keep them busy while riding in the cart. This would make a great birthday gift or Christmas gift for any kid, and I like that it's lightweight and semi transparent make it easy to see the cards. Making the Magic Sketch a product that gets a A+ from my kids, and a item that parents can appreciate as well. And to help with bringing some sketching and drawing fun home, the wonderful people from Magic Sketch would like to give one of our readers their own Magic Sketch set!

Product received, thank you to Magic Sketch as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Summertime Barbecue Bonanza from Montgomery Inn

It is hard to believe that summer is coming to an end soon and that before we know it, we will be taking that fun we have enjoyed together outdoors, back inside as we begin baking. But it is true, and like many who enjoy finding excuses to keep the summer celebrations going, I am one who enjoys making the most of our Labor Day weekend! So when we were sent the Barbecue Bonanza pack from Montgomery Inn, we were excited to check out the selection in our pack and add it to our Labor Day celebrations!

With this delicious pack of barbecue goodness, we were sent 4 slabs of ribs, two 2 lb tubs of pulled pork and buns, 2 lbs of beans, 2 bottles of barbecue sauce and some wet naps! The pack came ready to be heated up and served, allowing us to freeze what we wanted then heat up when we were ready to enjoy the selection! We found the selection with the meats to be mouthwatering, filling our home with the smell of fresh barbecue as we heated the items up as instructed in the oven. The ribs are made to perfection, giving you that fall off the bone consistency that I look for in ribs. With the pulled pork, we were able to add the meat with some of the barbecue sauce we were sent that included the Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce and the new Montgomery Inn Chipotle Barbecue Sauce, then add the meat to the buns to make some pulled pork sliders.

Then for the perfect side to go with our ribs and sandwiches, we found the beans to be a great compliment to the rest of the dishes. Making the choice to add the BBQ Bonanza from Montgomery Inn to your Labor Day weekend or to any time of year where you want to add some amazing barbecue to the mix, a choice that both you and your family are sure to appreciate! And right now when you order the Montgomery Inn Summertime Barbecue Bonanza through September 15th, you can save $75 when you use promo code summerfun

Product received, thank you to Montgomery Inn as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Walt Disney Signature Collection: The Lion King

Finding those movies to add to our family movie nights is something that everyone in my house enjoys doing. As a family, we like to seek out a variety of titles, from not just those new movies and shows we might come across but also those movies that we have adored for quite sometime. So when we were sent the newest addition to the Walt Disney Signature Collection, The Lion King to review, we were excited to check it out and add it to our family movie night!

With this Blu-Ray, we get that beloved classic, The Lion King, that brings the story we adore to life over and over again! We can once again follow and fall in love with the story of Simba, his family and the unusual friendships he develops on his journey.

Download The Lion King Signature Activity Pack

We can also sing along to those songs that I can remember enjoying when the movie was first released in 1994, and enjoy the bonus materials that contain over 3 hours of exclusives and brand new features as well! These features include not just those sing alongs that we look forward to singing with on family movie night, but also recording sessions, behind the scenes in the story room and so much more! Making the newest edition to the Walt Disney Signature Collection, The Lion King, a great choice to add to your next family movie night as well as add to any Disney movie collection!

Product received, thank you to Disney Movies as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Disney Nature Born in China

When it comes to our family movie nights, we enjoy seeking out a selection of movies and shows to choose from and share. This selection can range from both the new and old movies we come across, the shows we enjoy, to those much loved true to life adventures that we look forward to watching from the Disney Nature collection. So when we were sent the newest addition to the Disney Nature collection, Born in China on Blu-Ray to review, we were very excited to check it out and share it during our family movie night.

Just like with the other Disney Nature movies, Born in China takes you on a journey as you and your family learn about and explore the world like never before! In Born in China we get to view nature in some of the most extreme environments that can be found in remote parts of China where very few humans have ever been. While exploring, we get to look into the lives of three different animal families which include a very sweet panda bear mom, a golden snub nosed monkey, and a snow leopard. The moments are ones that are those sweet, intimate and very adorable ones that only Disney Nature knows how to capture just right in order to captivate and teach audiences! Along with the feature, we also found the many bonus features to be a lot of fun to watch and share. Making the choice to bring home the newest edition to the Disney Nature collection, Born in China to share with your family, one that is sure to make your next family movie night one to remember!

Product received, thank you to Disney Movies as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Just Born's Welcome to the Jungle Baby Bedding Collection

When it comes to baby and having the items we need for their rooms, we find that the bedding is something that we take a lot of time looking into. I mean, like many parents, I have always enjoyed decorating my babies' rooms, and I have also enjoyed seeking out the bedding items that fit into the themes I go with. So when we were introduced to the new Welcome to the Jungle bedding collection from Just Born, I was excited to share it with Heather and see what she thought about it. You can read Heather's review below!

This is the most adorable print for a crib sheet, because for 1 it fits perfectly with our decor for Miss Zoey! Second, I like that it is so soft, silky, and fits perfectly on her crib mattress. It is made from 100% cotton, has full elastic around it, and is easy to care for since it is machine washable and you can just toss it into the dryer. Zoey loves to look at the little giraffes and the palm leaves, and the pinks, yellows, and white go well together for colors. I'm definitely going to have to find the rest of the set for her as there is also elephants on the crib quilt that is absolutely adorable! So if you know someone expecting a baby girl and they are doing jungle animals, the Welcome to the Jungle bedding collection would be the perfect set to go with, you will not be disappointed.

Product received, thank you to Just Born as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Back to School with Wet Ones® Hand Wipes

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wet Ones® Hand Wipes. The opinions and text are all mine. I received free samples of products from Wet Ones®. This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias Inc. and its advertiser. #BTSWithWetOnes #CollectiveBias

The summer is nearly over and for many who have kids, that means it is time to get those lists out and head to the stores so that we can be sure to prepare our kids properly for the new school year. Like many who have kids who are in sports and or have kids taking a physical education class, I find that we need to ensure that they have their gym bags packed with what they might need. And like many, I find that there are just certain products on my list that I see as the staple items, which include the Wet Ones® Hand Wipes. So when I was sent some of the Wet Ones® Hand Wipes to review and I helped prepare my kids for the new school year, I was excited to mark them off the list of the items we need for those gym bags this year.

When we first looked at the Wet Ones® Hand Wipes, my kids were excited, not only to have the Wet Ones® Hand Wipes to use for school when they need to wash their hands, but also for the packaging. This is because right now, for a limited time, when you purchase the Wet Ones® Hand Wipes canister or travel packs as you do that back to school shopping, you can get the Specially Marked Wet Ones® packaging based on two of Universal Orlando Resort’s hit attractions – Shrek 4D and Transformers™: The Ride-3D!! Allowing the kids to not only have their gym bags packed with the Wet Ones® Hand Wipes for cleaning messy hands before and after getting sweaty and dirty, but also a fun design with Universal Orlando Resort™ attraction characters  on them. Right now through October 31, 2017, you can enter the Wish I Had a Trip to Universal Orlando Sweepstakes where you can enter for a chance to win a 3 night trip for 4, which includes airfare, admission to Universal Orlando’s three amazing theme parks, accommodations on-site at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort and ground transportation, and tickets to Blue Man Group to Universal Orlando Resort™. Giving you and your family not only the Wet Ones® Hand Wipes that are used daily to keep hands clean, but also a chance to win a fun family vacation!

After looking over the initial packaging and learning about the sweepstakes, I found it was time to begin packing those gym bags with the essentials the kids will be needing. For my kids, I find that I like having the basic list, one that can be used for both boys and girls then added to as needed. These essentials include:

-the sunscreen for putting on before heading out to the field
-lip balm to keep lips from cracking
-shower shoes to wear in the school or locker room showers to help prevent foot fungus
-extra clothes including clean pair of socks
-a reusable water bottle
-toiletries (showering supplies, toothbrush & toothpaste, deodorant)
-a nail file, in case a nail gets broken or cracked while playing
-towel and washcloth for sweat and washing the face
                 and of course
-Wet Ones® Hand Wipes to clean hands after getting them sweaty and dirty when water is not available, killing 99.99% of germs, and a hand cleaning solution that is hypoallergenic

You can find great savings on Wet Ones® with this Ibotta offer.

You can download the gym bag essentials checklist below and keep it handy as you prepare your kids for school as well.

Making the choice to add Wet Ones® Hand Wipes to your back to school shopping list, one that is sure to help make the new school year one to look forward to! So as you prepare for the new school year, be sure to print off a copy of the gym bag essential checklist, stock up on the Wet Ones® Hand Wipes, and also enter the “Wish I Had a Trip to Universal Orlando” Sweepstakes For full rules, please visit this page.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Sweepstakes open to individual, legal residents of the 50 United States and DC, 18 or older (19 or older in AL & NE). Sweepstakes begins 12:00:01 PM ET on 7/15/17 and ends 11:59:59 AM ET 10/31/17. Odds of winning prize depend on the number of eligible entries received. Subject to Official Rules available at Void where prohibited. Sponsored by: Edgewell Personal Care Brands, LLC, 6 Research Dr., Shelton, CT 06484. Hasbro, Dreamworks LLC, Paramount Pictures Corporation, and Universal are not sponsors of this sweepstakes nor are they responsible for its administration.

TRANSFORMERS and its logo and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2017 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. © 2017 DreamWorks LLC and Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Shrek 4-D © 2017 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved. Sapphire Falls Resort TM & © 2017 UCF Hotel Venture III. All Rights Reserved. © 2017 BMP. Universal elements and all related indicia TM & © 2017 Universal Studios. All rights reserved.


Monday, August 28, 2017

Make Daily Life Easier this Back to School Season with Hive

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Hive through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

As we get back into those busy schedules that we keep during the school year, we find that aside from the schedules that there are a lot of other details we manage during our day to day lives. This includes the making of school lunches for the kids, coming up with the menu for the week, and as we come and go from home while we run errands and take the kids to practice and games, ensuring that our homes are safe and comfortable when we are both at home and away from the home. And like many, in order to manage the home from the outlets and lighting to the thermostat and even the security while we are either home or away from home, I found myself seeking a product that can allow me to do all of this remotely. So when I was sent selection of products from Hive to try in my own home, I was very excited to set it up and begin using them right away.

See with the selection of products from Hive, when I use all of the products available, I can control and monitor the lights, plugged in items, temperature and even track any activity of those coming in and out of my home all from my phone. I can do this by downloading the Hive App, and syncing all of my Hive products with my app where I can not only get the instructions and information on how to use the Hub and other products properly, but where I can also manage the Hive devices remotely, even when away from home! This allows me to cool down or warm up our home when we are not there, so when we do get home, the temperature is just right and very inviting! I can also turn off the lights or check to make sure that all of the lights in my home are off when away from home or say when I go to bed and can not remember if I turned off the lights in the living room or not.

Along with being able to control the thermostat and lights in my home remotely, I like that I can set timers on the outlets, and even turn off and on appliances, which is a huge plus for say when we rush off after getting ready and I find that I can not remember whether or not I remembered to turn off my hair straightener or not. Then for tracking activity in my home, I like that even the Hive Sensors can be monitored remotely, giving me notifications when a door or window is opened and even giving me details of events going on in the home with the times logged in the app for me.

Making the choice to add the selection of Hive products to your home when it comes to the safety and well being of everyone in your home, a choice that can help to make daily life easier this back to school season! Learn more about Hive and how it can work for your home by going here:


Luxy Hair Reviews: Reveal the Secrets of Luxurious Extensions

Making changes to your hair is much easier today than decades ago. It was always simple, in most cases, to make color changes, but details like the texture and the length of one’s hair was more difficult. Wigs were really the only option for women who wanted these changes. Today, it is possible to use Luxy Hair in order to get extremely luxurious hair styles.

These are premium hair extensions that provide women with beauty and alternative looks. One of the things that make this brand stand out is its ability to thicken hair appearance. You may want medium to thicker hair lengths. Extensions are a way to not only experiment with different textures but your own regular look. Some will opt for fine hair, while others may prefer thick at 220g. The choice is yours to make.

Quality Hair Extensions

Women who have worn these products before know that not all brands are the same. It is important to search for products at to find what you need. These are quality hair extensions that look and feel authentic. You may choose a particular hair color for your style or type of hair itself, and the finished result can be tailored to suit your taste and style.

Clip-In Products

Some brands of hair extensions come with various instructions for application. Not all of these have products that clip-in which is a much easier process and simple to do on your own. You will get 20 inches of hair product to apply in a full headset piece. Along with this convenient design, you will enjoy the texture of Remy human hair. This product has a great look and feel for any hair style you select.

Selecting Fabulous Color

One of the great things about buying these extensions is being able to select a fabulous color. This is all a part of changing your style and overall look. Fortunately for those looking for this type of change, they will discover unique shades and colors to choose from. Ombre Chesnut and Ombre Blonde are two options for warm brilliant colors. There are 13 beautiful hair tones to experiment with here.

No Activity Limitations

Another detail to look for when purchasing these products is longevity. This means shopping for extensions that enhance your activities and not limit them. You can use Luxy product to do anything that you would like. They move with you and allow you to swim, play sports or anything else you need to do. Your on-the-go daily activities will not be altered because of your extension hair products.

You will want to find the right hair extension products when designing new styles. These are great products that offer human hair and nice color selections. It is possible to use these products to create amazing hair styles. You may want business styles for work or formal events. These extensions are also fantastic pieces to create fun and casual looks, too. You will have many chances to change your style.


Friday, August 25, 2017

#Giveaway LEGO® Party STEM Fun with Snapology Franchise

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Snapology through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to finding those toys and building sets that can help to keep my kids engaged and that they also enjoy playing with, I like to not only seek out some of their favorite brands but I also like to seek out the products that promote STEM learning. I also find that by adding the STEM to play with their friends makes those playtimes and parties a lot more fun for everyone. So when we were introduced to LEGO® birthday party ideas that we can go with that incorporate STEM learning from Snapology, we were excited to learn more.

See when we set up those birthday parties, after school activities and even those summer camps with our local Snapology, we can do them all where the kids can engage in STEM learning with LEGO® bricks, K’Nex and technology. Snapology not just allows the kids to engage in STEM learning, but they encourage them to do this through hands on interactive activities that are geared at kids age 1-14. Allowing the kids at a variety of ages to engage and learn at their own paces.

Then when it comes to bringing that fun of watching little eyes light up as they interact and build with LEGO® bricks and K'Nex products, the people from Snapology have franchise opportunities available for parents as well. Giving parents not only a great place to take the kids for birthday parties and more, but also giving parents a great opportunity to own their own business through the Snapology Children's Franchise! Making Snapology a place to add to your list of birthday destinations as well as a place to add to your list of dream jobs! And to help with bringing some of that Snapology fun home, the wonderful people from Snapology would like to give one of my amazing readers their own LEGO® brick set of the Snapology Mascot Sebastian Gator (recommended for kids 6+)!


Knowing What is in the Food Your Pets Eat with Petcurean

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Petcurean through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to seeking out the foods we will feed our kids, like many parents, I read the labels. I do this while I am at the stores, and when I have questions on certain ingredients, I like to take my phone out and research the ingredients even more so that I can know exactly what is in the foods we are eating. And like many, I consider our fur babies to be big parts of our family, and are the four legged kids we have. So when it comes to the food I feed our fur babies, I like knowing what is in the foods, which is simple to find out when I go with the pet foods that I can get from Petcurean

See just like with reading the labels for the foods I feed my family, knowing how to read labels on the pet food is essential for keeping our pets both happy and healthy. And when I was given information on how to properly read and understand those labels when it comes to our pet foods from the people at Petcurean, I found that the information was not only good for my own reference but also a great amount of information that my readers reference to as well. You can get the information that was shared with me from the experts at Petcurean below:

Do you know how to read the nutrition label on your pet food or do you find yourself asking questions like: Is there really a difference between economy and premium brands? What’s the deal with serving sizes and what does it mean to be MSC certified? Knowing how to read labels is essential for keeping your pet happy and healthy. While we can try our best to check the nutrition label on our pet foods, understanding all that information is another story. To make it easier, here’s a quick and easy breakdown of the five main components of a nutrition label and what it means for you and your pup.

Ingredients Panel:
  • The ingredients list is probably the most recognizable portion of the nutrition panel. What some pet owners may not know however is that the ingredients are listed in descending order by weight, which means the first ingredient is the largest quantity and the last ingredient is the smallest.
  • Tip: Buying economy brands of pet food is not always a money saver. Some economy brands use inexpensive ingredients that aren’t highly digestible. This means you must feed your dog more portions of the food just to ensure they’re meeting their nutritional requirements. In the long run, the cost per serving for a lower quality food is much higher than that of a premium food where your pet can get all of their nutrients from one serving.
Guaranteed Analysis:
  • This section provides information about the nutrient content of the food. It should include the minimums for Crude protein and Crude fat, as well as the maximum Crude Fiber and Moisture. Additionally, any nutrients highlighted on the packaging must be included in the guaranteed analysis.
  • Tip: You can find the guaranteed analysis of a pet food product on a company’s website or by contacting the company. Here’s an example for Petcurean’s GO! Sensitivity + Shine LID Venison Recipe For Dogs.  
Feeding Guidelines:
  • The feeding guidelines should only serve as a starting point for deciding how much to feed your pet, as it heavily depends on your pet’s size, age, and activity level.
  • Tip: The best way to assess proper feeding is by calculating your pet’s body condition score. You can find that outhere.
Nutritional Adequacy Statement:
  • This statement tells you if the food is complete and balanced, meaning it meets all of your pet’s nutritional requirements. It will also tell you if the product should be used only for intermittent feeding or as a treat.
  • Tip: Pay attention to what stage of life this section recommends for feeding. It should be labeled for all life stages or for one stage in particular.
  • Organic: An organic certification means that the production methods comply with organic farming standards. The primary goal of organic production is to use farming practices that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment.
  • MSC: The Marine Stewardship Council is an independent international non-profit certification organization that promotes sustainable fishing practices. An MSC certification is based upon three principles: sustainable fish stocks, minimizing environmental impacts, and effective management.
  • Vegan: The primary criteria for a product to receive the Certified Vegan logo is that the producer must prove that no ingredients were sourced from animals, no animal testing was permitted, adequate segregation of vegan and non-vegan ingredients was ensured and adequate clean out procedures were followed in facilities that produce vegan and non-vegan products.
GATHER™ dog and cat recipes have received three different food certifications, Vegan, MSC certified, and Organic, to provide transparency about the ingredients that have been carefully selected for these diets.

So as you head out to the pet food store to pick up the foods your fur babies will be needing, be sure to read the labels and also mark this post if you need for easy reference, so that when you purchase your fur babies food, you know what they are getting. Also be sure to check out the line up of pet foods for both dogs and cats that are available from the Gather line of pet foods from Petcurean so you can help to keep your pets happy and healthy!


#Giveaway Family Game Night Fun with Wizard Roll

When it comes to family game night and finding those games that are sure to keep everyone engaged, as a parent I like to seek out a variety of games, from the classic board games and video games we can play together to the new games that we come across. And like many kids, when we have games to play in the house, they like to not only bring them out during our family game nights, but also when they have friends over as well. So when we were sent the game, Wizard Roll from the collection of games that you can find at RoosterFin Games, we were excited to check it out and add it to our family game night fun!

In the game of Wizard Roll, you and your opponents are the wizards, creating the spells that are on the cards you choose to go with. You must roll the dice in order to collect what you need for your spell. Players can land on the wizard wand and zap their players to put them back, and once you have your spell completed, you must then use the wizarding language as shown on the reference card to cast your spell! You continue going to the next round until one player gets to 7 points. The points are added up from the cards you play, after you successfully complete your spell. Which for us has not only made the game of Wizard Roll a fun one for family game night, but also a game that my kids have enjoyed playing with their friends as well! You can find Wizard Roll on Amazon or on the RoosterFin Games site, and also be sure to enter below to win some Wizard Roll fun!

Product received, thank you to RoosterFin Games as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Subscription Boxes for Mothers and Daughters from Crowns & Tiaras

As a mother, we find that we seek out ways to make those relationships we have with our kids both fun and strong, and as the mother to a daughter, I find that for us, we enjoy doing arts and crafts together. This is not only fun for the both of us, but is also very relaxing for us, where we can do projects together, relax and talk. So when we were introduced to the subscription boxes for mothers and daughters from Crowns & Tiaras, we were excited to see what was in the box and also excited to take on the projects that are inside together!

With the Crowns & Tiaras subscription box, you can get fun monthly boxes that come with an activity to do with your daughter that allows you to be creative together! Each box has 5-7 items that are valued at over $70 inside along with instructions on some of the ideas you can go with using the crafting supplies that are in the box. And with each box, the surprises that are inside are geared towards grabbing both you and your daughter's attention, so that you can both get excited to create your masterpieces together! The ideas behind the boxes are to give you fun projects to do with your daughter, to help make that mother daughter bond stronger and give you memories to look back on!

We found our box to be filled with sparkling fun, that is perfect for both myself and my daughter! Ours came with a cute keychain that my daughter claimed right away along with 2 canvas's, glitter, glue, jewels to add to our projects and more! Making the subscription boxes from Crowns & Tiaras, a great choice to go with when you are seeking out activities that are sure to make your mother daughter time, a time to remember!

Product received, thank you to Crowns & Tiaras as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Outdoor Fun with the Light Weight Backpacking Reclining Chair from Roraima

When it comes to those afternoons that call for a day by the water or the evenings where we enjoy just relaxing outside with the family, I find that I like to ensure that we have plenty of the folding chairs we might need on hand to allow everyone to relax comfortably. So when we were sent the Reclining/Lounging Folding Chair with both a Headrest and Footrest from Roraima to review, I was excited to begin using it!

This chair comes with its own bag for storing and carrying in, and makes for a great chair to not only take with when we go fishing or relax on in the yard with the family, but also great for when we are tailgating, cheering on the kids during their games and more! The chair is simple to set up, and allows you to sit in various positions, with a easy recline as well. Then with the mesh material, it allows the air to flow through to help keep you cool during the hot summer months. And with the cup holders on each side, I can hold my water on one side and my phone or keys on the other! Making this reclining folding chair from Roraima a great choice to go with and have on hand for all of your outdoor activities!

Product received, thank you to Roraima as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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