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Conserve Electricity This Summer with These Tips

Summer is the time of the year when electricity consumption spikes the most, according to Energy Information Administration’s data. And it is no wonder. With summers getting hotter, our AC units work around the clock and with increased intensity. This increased electricity spending, of course, means higher electricity bills.

Is there anything we can do to offset the unpleasant surprise when the monthly electricity bill is due? There are some interesting ways of conserving energy even during a hot summer such as this.


The worst offender in the category of energy waste are lights. People tend to forget to turn off the light far too often, or they believe it’s not a big deal if it stays on for a long time. While it is not a problem from the technical standpoint, it is energy waste, especially if you are using wasteful lighting options. So, the first step you can make is to be a bit more cautious with the lights, and turn them off when you are out of the room.

If you feel like you should do more, you can replace your regular lights with LED or other kinds of energy saving lights to cut down on your electricity costs. LED light fixtures are much more energy-efficient than any other option currently available to us. If you want to learn more, people at Greenshine New Energy talk about LEDs in this article here


There are some appliances which waste electricity even when they are not turned on. Phone chargers are a good example. Even if your phone is not charging at the moment, the charger is still using some amount of electricity. Even if it is not much, consider how many chargers you have in your household. And then think how many days they are plugged in doing nothing.

The same thing goes for TVs and gaming consoles. Even if they’re not on, keeping them plugged in uses electricity. This cumulative effect costs you money, and over time it can add up to quite a sum.
Washing and drying machines are another big spender because they need a lot of heat to function. As for the washing machines, there is little you can do, except maybe reducing the washing temperatures. However, dryers are somewhat unnecessary during summer. Clothes can dry fast and efficiently in the sun without the need to turn on another appliance.

AC Unit

Your AC Unit spends a lot of energy. However, with high temperatures of the summer, it is impossible not to turn it on. What you can do is manage it a bit better, though. For instance, turn your AC off during the night if the temperature drops in the nighttime. Instead, open the windows and let your home cool naturally. You can turn the AC back on in the morning.

Another thing you can do is turn the AC off when you are out of the house. Some people dislike this idea because that means returning to a hot home after work. But if you install a smart thermostat, you can program it beforehand, or control it via your smartphone.

Solar Panels

If you have some money to invest, consider installing solar panels. They can help you reduce the cost of the electricity by simply using the current produced by the panels. And if you produce a little extra, you can feed it into the grid and get paid for that.

Even if you don’t have a big budget, you can still make use of solar power. Solar lighting is far cheaper than installing a solar panel and it can still save you a lot of money if you light your home and property only with solar lights.

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Maryann D. said...

My husband and I were looking into Solar Panels. I am starting to see more of them around my neighborhood. We are always trying to shut off lights and not keep the A/C too high in the summer.
twinkle at optonline dot net

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