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Is Roof Inspection Important?

When buying a home, most of us will remember to check the electrical installations, the water mains and the structural stability of the house. However, not many people wouldn’t think to wonder about the state of the roof.

Despite this obscurity in the lists to check before buying, roof inspections are important. They can tell you a lot about the state of the roof, and the house in general. If you are still unsure why this might be important, consult this brief overview of what roof inspection entails

Roof Types

Before the roof can be inspected, you must know what kind of roof the house has. Each roof type has its own advantages and flaws, as well as potential problems.

·         Flat roofs – these roofs tend to promote water pooling since there is no slope to naturally drain water. Another problem which is likely in these roofs is weather damage. The sun, snow, and rain can all wear down the roof and create damage. Finally, as a related issue, these roofs are more prone to mold infestation. The stagnant water creates a suitable environment for mold to grow.

·         Sloped roofs – When it comes to sloped roofs, there is much more variety. Depending on the material that roof tiles are made of, there are different issues which may arise, and that you should pay attention to.

o   Asphalt shingles – with this material, it’s important to see if the shingles are showing signs of curling or bending. This indicates that they are in need of replacement fairly soon. If there are any breaks or cracks, a professional needs to assess the extent of the damage. If left untended, this kind of damage can spread and
o   Wooden shingles – seeing how wood is not the most durable of materials, wooden roofs should be inspected more often. Potential problems include mold, mildew, and rot, as well as potential warping.
o   Metal roofs – even though they are the most durable, these roofs still need to be inspected and checked for flaws such as corrosion and bent tiles. Additionally, they need to be checked for water tightness, to ensure they do not let any water through to the inner parts of the roof.

·         Mixed roofs – When you combine flat roofs with sloped ones, you can get an amazing architectural gem. But in terms of roof inspection, you are only complicating things, since both kinds of inspections need to be performed.

What Is Inspected?

There are three important things which need to be inspected.

Visible Damage

Most people would be able to identify the problems of this first type. Things like broken tiles, various debris, and damaged constructions can be ascertained visually.

External Structure

This is the part where roof inspection experts show their prowess. The external structure includes everything from tiles and gutters, to chimneys, vents and everything else up there. Inspectors need to be able to find any and all potential problems including rot, rust, and mold.
A good inspector knows where to look for individual problems, as well as how to judge the overall state of the roof. If the roof includes many additional elements such as chimneys, skylights, and vents, the inspection is going to take longer and needs to be more detailed.

Internal Structure

Most people haven’t even seen the interior structure of their roofs, let alone know how to assess if everything is ok with it. That’s why inspectors are important. If your roof hasn’t been inspected in a while, some damage may have occurred in the internal structure of your roof.
The first sign of trouble is a water leak, but if it persists without being repaired, the inside rafters and other carpentry may become infested with mold and mildew, thus compromising the structural integrity of the whole roof.



Heather G said...

I am so saving this post for the next time we get a new roof on the house. Thank you for sharing this great information.

1AlwaysNYC 1 said...

When we bought our house, the home inspector did a roof inspection. It's so important to catch any defects before your move in. Thanks for this post!

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