Tuesday, September 19, 2017

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe Over the Holiday Period

You would think that when something doesn’t belong to someone, they wouldn’t take it. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works. In most cases, it doesn’t matter whether your property is well secured or not, the sign of vacancy over the holiday season can be enough to encourage a thief to enter - and bring his friends too! It’s critical to keep your home safe over the holiday season. Below are five ways you can help to secure your home properly while you’re away:

Know who has access to all your spare keys

It can be difficult to remember who has access to your keys or knows the hiding spots around your property. Do you know whether that distant relative handed your key back after fixing your plumbing three years ago? What about the boarder who used to live with you?
If you’ve had various keys cut over time but no longer know who has access to them, it might be time to call upon the services of a locksmith in Melbourne. Around the holiday season, it pays to be extra vigilant. If you don’t know whether your home is fully secure, choose to have your locks changed and reduce the quantity of cut keys lying around.

Have someone collect your mail

The festive season is the busiest time of year for many retailers. It’s a time when circular deliverers are rushed off their feet, delivering pamphlets in bulk to entice potential customers into a sale. While collecting your mail throughout the year might be the least of your concerns, it should almost certainly be on your mind over the Christmas period. In a matter of days, your mailbox can be at full capacity, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.
Did you know that theft in Victoria has risen almost 20 percent in just one year? Career criminals are looking for any sign of house vacancy to make their move. Reduce the risk of theft by having a friend, family member or neighbour collect your mail every second day.

Don’t leave keys hidden around the property

The old ‘key under the rock’ trick may have worked ten years ago, but it certainly won’t work now. While retailers believe they are getting clever by selling fake rocks with nooks for keys to sit within, they aren’t fooling anybody. The easiest way to avoid having your house key found and your home’s security compromised is by removing the key from your property altogether.
If you have arranged for someone to tend to your goldfish, the mail and the lawns while you’re away, physically hand them the key. The last thing you want to be doing is providing easy access for criminals. This may, in some cases, even void your insurance.

Set lights on timers if you can

The easiest way to tell if someone’s not home is by their lights. If you drive down any street at night, it’s clear to see who has either a) gone to bed early or c) isn’t there. To reduce the risk of theft, invest in timer technology. Many lamps and appliances can be set up to turn on or off at particular times. This is invaluable, cost effective technology that can even be found locally.

Arrange for a house sitter

And lastly, arrange for a house sitter. You can more than reduce the risk of theft by asking someone to house sit for you. Free accommodation in exchange for your home’s safety is a small price to pay.
Follow these guidelines, and you will be able to enjoy far greater peace of mind while you’re enjoying a well-earned break at the end of a hard year!



Rebecca Kinard said...

With the holidays not that far away we need to be reminded on how to be safe. Thankfully I live in a neighborhood where I have awesome neighbors. We all watch out for each other and keep an eye on things when any of us go out of town.

1AlwaysNYC 1 said...

We bought light timers long ago for this reason.

Commercial LockSmith said...

If you’ve had various keys cut over time but no longer know who has access to them, it might be time to call upon the services of a locksmith in Melbourne.

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