Friday, September 15, 2017

Decorating Projects You Can Get the Kids Involved in

One of the joys of having kids is seeing them learn new skills and grow in confidence. Most parents realise that giving their children the chance to help them with DIY and home decor projects is a good way to encourage them to try something new.
Creating artwork for your walls

There are plenty of ways you can get your children involved in decorating the walls of your home. For example, you can order some nice Hello Canvas prints using photos that your children have taken. If they are old enough you can get them to edit the images and actually place the order. This is a great way of starting to teach them graphic design skills. Later, they can use this ability for other DIY projects as well as for their school work.

Let them do some painting

Potentially, even quite young children can help you with painting. Start them off with a small project like painting a chest of drawers or a table. When they are older and understand how to load a brush or roller with paint you can let them move onto other projects.

Get them involved in wallpapering

If you prefer to wallpaper your home you could potentially get your young ones to help. However, it is best to cut the wallpaper into the right size strips without the kids being around, especially if you are working with a double drop pattern. Kids can be very distracting, so any complicated tasks that require a lot of concentration need to be done before you get the children involved.

However, they will enjoy tasks like mixing up the paste and applying it to the paper. When they are older they can move onto simple tasks like cutting the bottom off of the wallpaper. However, it is still wise to let them do the bits that don’t show, for example, behind the sofa or other furniture. Once you are sure they are good at it, you can let them do the more visible parts.


Kids are surprisingly good at tiling. They just need to be old enough to understand the importance of checking they are level and using the tile spacers. Again, set everything up before you get your children involved, and lay the first run yourself. That reduces the chances of things going wrong. Periodically check their progress, and continue to do the tricky jobs like cutting the tiles. Grouting is another job you can let the kids have a go at.

Where to get more inspiration

If you like the above ideas, you can find more here. I particularly like the Lego table idea. It is an easy project to complete, as well as a great way to encourage your kids to keep their building blocks tidy. This greatly reduces the risk of your treading painfully on a piece of Lego, which is an almost daily occurrence in some homes.

Don’t overdo things

The trick with getting the kids involved is to let them do a little bit. You want them to enjoy learning about DIY and want to do more the next time you have a new project. So, if they get bored it is usually best to let them do something else while you carry on.



jjmon2012 said...

You have my mind racing, never thought of kids doing/helping with stuff like this. But making it fun and learning at same time that is so great

Christina Almond said...

I honestly never thought to get kids involved in painting projects but it's actually a great idea! It would make it so much easier for everyone involved!

1AlwaysNYC 1 said...

I don't think my kids ever helped with decorating projects when they were little. I definitely got them involved in cleaning though! lol

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