Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Holiday Guide: Get a Better Nights Sleep with the Floating Comfort Pillow

When it comes to being a parent and sleep, we learn early on in the parenting journey that the sleep we once had can be a thing of the past. As parents we tend to have a internal sonar that is constantly listening for little ones while we sleep, where when one of our babies coughs or begins to cry at night, we are woken up, no matter how tired we might be. Leading us to constantly have to readjust our pillows and strive to get comfortable again and again each night. We also find that when we do find a night where we can sleep, that finding comfort that lasts through the night can also be a task. And like many parents who find themselves in the same boat when it comes to sleep, I like to seek out not just those mattress's that can help make sleep something I can look forward to again, but also the bedding accessories as well like the pillows that can help to offer me comfort. So when we were sent the Floating Comfort Pillow from the people at Mediflow to review for this years list of great holiday gifts to give, I was very excited to try it out!

One of the first things that really stood out to me when the Floating Comfort Pillow arrived was the water chamber. I found it odd since I have have never seen a pillow with one, but after reading about the pillow and how it works, I was even more curious to fill the water chamber and test the pillow!

Once filled I found that the water chamber provided a almost cloud like experience when sleeping, where you feel like you are floating, allowing sleep to come easier and also providing the comfort many parents, like myself seek! It does this using the waterbase technology that is incorporated, which provides responsive support to both your neck and head. Making it to where no matter how you lay, your head and neck remain in proper alignment, and also making it to where when you wake up, you do not have the issue of a stiff or sore neck in the mornings! Then when it comes to the quality of sleep, well that just kinda goes in hand with the comfort aspect, since you are able to keep the support and proper alignment throughout the night, your quality of sleep improves greatly as well. Which in all, makes the Floating Comfort Pillow by Mediflow, not only a must have to add to your own bed for a better nights sleep, but also a great choice to go when seeking those gifts that will keep on giving for those on your holiday shopping list this coming holiday season!

Product received, thank you to Mediflow as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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jjmon2012 said...

This pillow sounds so interesting going to have to read some more about before deciding

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