Saturday, November 11, 2017

How to Find the Perfect Mattress for Your Bedroom

Choosing a good mattress for your bedroom is not always an easy process. You’ll come across a lot of designs and producers will do all that they can to convince you to buy their products. Besides, the cost is also a huge issue that you’ll need to consider carefully. Of course, you may not have the budget for top of the line mattresses. Knowing a lot about mattresses, I sought some pointers from the guys at from Try Mattress on how to choose the perfect one for me, and they shared some interesting information. Here are some of the points I took home:

Do Enough Research and Always Have a Budget

It’s essential that you know the amount of money your willing to spend. You’ll avoid wasting a lot of money once you have a spending cap or budget. Also, it will assist you in getting the right mattress by eliminating additional costs. I learned that stores are known for trying to add unnecessary accessories on their mattresses. The salesperson will mostly try to sell you some bedcovers, pillowcases, and even bed frames.

Understanding the Mattress That’s Best for You

Mattress retailers and manufacturers have different names for mattresses. However, you should not let this fool you as there are only a few common types. These include memory foam, latex, and spring foam mattresses. I love the memory foam brands because they provide additional comfort. They fold correctly into the shape of your body as you sleep. Besides, they also offer enough support for all body muscles.
You should also decide if you want a plush or firm mattress. Just as their name goes, they show the softness or firmness of the product in question. I saw that some even come labeled “extra firm, plush, firm and even ultra plush!”
In some situations, to get the ‘ultra push’ effect, manufacturers will add thick pillow tops to a regular mattress, just to make it feel a bit softer. Whichever the case, remember to pick the one which makes you feel like your resting in the clouds.

Try Everything!

If the manufacturer or seller does not give you a chance to lie down on the mattress for at least 30 seconds, then run away from that store. The salesperson should give you a test sample so that you can try it out in all your sleeping positions. The best mattress stores will provide you with time to relax and experience the feel of the mattress before you make any purchase.
Here, I was advised to test if the mattress is too soft or firm. They added that it’s not wise to settle for a cheap mattress if you don’t get the one you wanted. Starting with high-end products in the shop and going down from there is a neat trick of getting an excellent mattress. Although you’ll be leading the sales person on a bit, you’ll eventually have a taste of their level of comfort. In the end, you’ll make the right decision based on their support and budget!

A good mattress goes a long way in determining the level of sleep that you’ll have. If you keep waking up in between the night or wake up with aches and pains all over your body, then you should consider getting another mattress. With these tips, you’ll quickly replace it with one of the best in the market!



Julie Wood said...

Try Mattress is a great site to help find a good mattress. I am bookmarking the site to check out the best brands when I need to get a mattress.

1AlwaysNYC 1 said...

You're so right. It really is difficult to find a good mattress. The task is made even more frustrating when mattress stores have different names for mattresses so you can't compare them.

tannawings said...

A good mattress is one of the best home investments you will make.You figure you will be spending eight hours (hopefully) a night on it, it has to be comfortable or you will be miserable.Nice post!
ellen beck

Janet W. said...

A good mattress makes all the difference in the world! That is definitely something I'm willing to pay more for!

benz1171 said...

These are very good tips. We tried the mattresses at the showroom but I felt the mattress was different at home.

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