Thursday, November 23, 2017

Top Tips To Travel With Children This Festive Season

Festive season comes with all the fun and excitement. It is the time for people to spend some good time with family and friends. With kids having vacation these days it is the time for family vacations. No doubt parents will be bombarded with questions like “Where we are going these holidays?” “When are we going?” “What should I pack for?” etc. Going on a vacation with kids is an amazing thing but, the planning part is not that smooth. If you want to end up with a good vacation you better be planning things in advance. So to help you out here are a few tips that can come in handy.

Give your time
In case you are having a trip with babies or toddlers then you cannot have the trip planned in a day or two. You need to take time and plan everything in advance. You may need at least a month’s time for the same. Do a thing at a time, note the things you will need for the trip and start collecting them one by one. Yeah, it is like taking baby steps but it works well as you cannot do everything at the last moment. Make your booking beforehand and save too. You can easily find good travel deals at

Prepare a work list
You need to be ready with the things you will need for the trip. You cannot afford to have last minute black-outs! So make a list or draw a chart and list down the items you need for the trip. Once you have start having them you can tick it on the list. You can add or delete items from the list as per your needs.

Pack smart
Travelling with kids does not mean you need to overload the things. Remember that what you do now will help your kid learn. You need to have an idea of the weather, culture and social norms of the place you are travelling. Pack the things accordingly. You need to check the travel bag of kids too. Make sure you only have what you need for the trip.   

Visit the doctor
When was the last time you took your kids to the doctor? Is there any vaccination pending? If yes, get it before the trip. You don’t want a ruined trip just because your kid is not well. Carry the important medicines and prescription if needed.

Carry entertainment stuff
When grownups get bored on the flight how could you even think that kids won’t? So make sure you have some toys, story books, comics or an activity book with you. Use the buy one get one offers on stores  to buy a few. This will keep them occupied over the journey. Just keep in mind you need to keep them busy.

Food can turn to be expensive when you are travelling. When you are with kids you will soon have some hungry tummies to fill in. so it would be better that you carry some snacks on the trip.

Get proper sleep
If you child fail to get enough sleep then he or she may turn cranky and this will be the last thing you want to have on the trip. So you must ensure that the kids have enough sleep before the trip or plan the trip in such a way that the sleep pattern of kids is not disturbed.

Kids are definitely amazing beings to spend time with but, when you are with them you need all you will have is fun. So keep these tips in mind and have an amazing holiday with your kids.  




1AlwaysNYC 1 said...

These are all great tips to prepare for travel with your children. I used many of them when my kids were young.

Janet W. said...

These are such great tips! Snacks are always a wise idea when traveling with children!

Karen Propes said...

Great tips, I always pack snacks but I put in different containers so when they see they and start whining that they want more. I guess it's kinda mean, but I need to space them out for the whole trip.

tannawings said...

Great tips. Having snacks on hand keeps kids busy and saves a bit too . I like using books0 eiher reading(if youre not the driver of course) or books of their own.
ellen beck

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