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Unusual Places for Family Vacations

As the days add up, leading to the holidays for the festive season, I am certain that you would have been receiving emails and texts from the retail stores, providing reminders of the forthcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, thus signaling the time where you should probably order the perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones, to let them know how much you love them. For some of us, it is also a period to take the time off, possibly from the routine 9–to –5 daily work hours. The holiday season can be a great time, not only to unwind, but to plan to spend more time with the family and loved ones. If you aren’t looking to spend the holidays indoors, you might be considering a visit to one of your favorite vacation locations. And while the Disney Theme Parks might not be an ideal for those who do not like crowds, noises and waiting in queues, I have put up some fun places, in some cases if the finances is not a restriction, where you can go and rekindled the bond with your loved ones and members of the family.

Castries, Saint Lucia
Capital city of Saint Lucia, Castries would remind you, in a striking manner, of the attractions in Costa Rica and Ecuador, however without the crowds of tourists and expats that don these places. An absolutely beautiful location, Castries boasts of an impressive run of beaches, mountains, snorkels and scuba diving, very tall palm trees, enviable landscape and awe-inspiring waterfalls with much, much desirable sunlight. You can visit the Marigot Bay, the Maria Islands Nature Reserve, or even the Pigeon Island National Park, while having a family togetherness that is like no other.
Castries also has a sea port and is a recipient of a volcano that happened years or decades ago. These are places you can also visit during your stay in this admirable location. The Castries market is also close by, a market where food and other items are sold in the open.
A population of less than 10,000, you would be blessed to have a great family time, without the hassle of being around a lot of people.

Prince Edward Island, Canada
On the North border of the United States lies Canada and its vast expanse of lands. You must have heard of places like Calgary, Alberta or even Vancouver Island. However, in Canada resides a small place called Prince Edwards Island. Though a minute part of Canada, Prince Edwards Island is renowned for its beaches, stunning landscapes, and aura of community which serves as icing to such a beautiful location.
There are also other features that would trigger the pull toward visiting this small island. The island is also home to amusement parks, lighthouses as well as golf courses spread across different luscious locations. You can visit the Confederation trail or sit by the seaside to a feast of freshly caught lobsters. If you do schedule your visit timely, you might get to take part in the Cavendish Beach Music Festival.
It does add to the attraction that vacationing on Prince Edwards Island is affordable, compared to more exclusive locations. It truly is a home away from home experience.

Butrint, Albania
Located in the south-eastern part of Albania is the little town called Butrint. One of Albania’s invaluable locations, Butrint is an ancient city with one of its primary attractions being the archaeological remains evident of the historical Roman Empire – the public baths, the theater, the basilica etc.
The city is awash with different places to visit and lots of experiences to have. When visiting, you do have several accommodation facilities you can opt for. You can select the inns, the hotels, the motels or probably, the resorts. Once you are done and settled, unless you are on the trip with a tour guide service, you can then plan your vacation according to the sights the city has to offer.
The Butrint National Park is known for possessing remains from an earlier era where a mixture of the Greek and the Romans lived. Resident on the environs of the National Park is the Butrint Lake. The Castle of Ali Pasha Tepelena is another location you can visit. There are also museums, castles, national parks, beaches and other monuments that are accessible from Butrint. Just after the city is the Butrint Monastery.
Butrint is mostly visited for its historical value - this is evident from the day-trippers who flood the location to view the different historical and cultural artifacts. Also, if you are one to go local while on your vacations, you can try out the restaurants to sample the Butrint traditional dishes. Also, vacation to Butrint is relatively an affordable venture.

Corfu Island, Greece
One of my favorite vacation destinations, I happened to visit Corfu while collaborating with a friend who is involved with a admission essay writing service. Booking adjoining rooms in the Marbella Corfu hotel, she proceeded to inform me of the processes that go into the development of an all in one essay.
Located on the grounds of Albania’s close neighbor, Greece, Corfu is another location resplendent with beaches, monuments and beautiful laid out landscape. An overwhelmingly attractive location, you might experience crowds when you go down to the beaches, nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you cannot locate some of the beaches with lesser crowds. You probably would have to go toward the northeast areas, where the sites are not really in the open. It should add to the novelty to discover some of these beaches.
Other areas of interest would include Corfu Town, the Corfu museum of Asian Arts, the vineyards, the resorts, and the archaeological sites. The Greeks are also known for their culinary prowess. You could use this opportunity to savor some of their popular dishes.
Corfu Town is also a heritage site for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. So get ready to see some strongholds that served in the wars that occurred in these locations, hundreds of years ago.

Ephesus, Turkey
Ephesus in Turkey is another place you can plan a truly memorable family vacation. In the above locations that I suggested, you would notice that most of these places were notable for their open air, outdoor sights, i.e. beaches, parks etc. However, what if, having had your fill of the outdoor and sunlight, you simply want to immerse yourself in the novelty of the place? If one of your piqued interests lie in uncovering the past and the activities that happened during those periods, then Ephesus might be the place for you.
Though there are outdoor attractions in Ephesus, the main lure of Ephesus lies in its archeological remains with its own share of splendidly laid out landscape with panoramic views. Here, you would also get to see the remains of the Temple of Artemis - one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Ephesus Museum, the basilica of one of the apostles, St. John i.e. the place where he was buried, and the Gladiator’s Graveyard. Notably referred to in the Bible, Ephesus has its own share of Christian origins
If you do wear out from learning about the past, you can go with the family to visit the resorts, the beaches and the hotels. Ephesus offers diverse interests, while you enjoy the time spent with the family.

Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada
Taking us back to Canada, Pinawa, located in Manitoba, is another place you might just like to spend your vacation. An attractive yet reserved location, Pinawa also holds its own interesting sights which might cause you to want to take the family there.
Firstly, the town is located close to the Winnipeg River, which adds to the all-surround natural beauty that it possesses. As a result of its proximity, most recreational activities offered in Pinawa – swimming, diving, going on trips by boat, canoes etc. involves the Winnipeg River. However, that is not the only sights that Pinawa offers. Similar to Prince Edwards Islands, Pinawa town has its own golf course as well as parks for those who are eternally drawn to the outdoors. You can also go down to the beach, visit the hockey arena as well as get to play in the tennis courts.
Pinawa is sparsely populated so offers the attraction and security of a lovingly preserved community.

Margarita Island, Venezuela
Having places such as Angel Falls - recognized as the largest waterfall in the world and Caracas, in Venezuela; Margarita Island sometimes goes under the radar as a place to visit. Generally, Venezuela is very popular for its lovely beaches, gorgeous landscape and several tourist attractions, notably, as mentioned, Angel Falls. However, Margarita Island holds its head high among these more famous locations.
Margarita has its own share of beaches – you get to select from a large number of them, mountains, and areas you can go for a swim. You can also go scuba diving, jet skiing or other water sports that might be of interest. The Restinga Lagoon National Park is also within sight, and should be somewhere you put on the list of places to go. You could visit the capital Asuncion which is also close by. There are shopping, lots of entertainment and you could even book additional tours to get a more expansive view of the island. The locals are very welcoming, notably depending on the way you approach them.
Probably due to the affordable cost of living in Venezuela, planning a vacation to the island is quite cheap, even if you are going with the family. It is also important to know that the Island is recognized for the large amount of crime that occurs there. Thus, it probably might be more convenient, for safety purposes, to hire a travel agency or a tour service, to plan your vacation and get your accommodations. The occurrence of crime might and would deter some. However, as long as you err on the safe side, you are going to have a largely memorable family vacation.

I have quickly put up this list so you can timely plan on your vacation during this period, or put up a schedule for the coming year. While making plans, you should be able to locate travel agencies which would help you desirably plan your trip.

Do have a memorable vacation. And drop me a note on your experience in these places.



Zoey said...

I would love to visit Greece one day. It is on my Bucket List!

tannawings said...

I would go anywhere and I mean anywhere warm! I think Greece also would be fascinating. A friends Dad lives there and the prices are really good. I would have a tough time leaving my animals now though I have 2 seniors who are declining. Maybe next year!

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Janet W. said...

I haven't been to any of these places before but would love to visit any of them! They all sound amazing!

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