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Best Timeless Products For The Forthcoming Spring Season

Spring is a time for rebirth and rejuvenation. With that in mind, Timeless Skin Care offers a variety of serums and skin care options to make your skin look and feel refreshed. Here are the best Timeless products to kick off your spring season:
Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum: Part of the Timeless Pure Line, this serum is 100% Hyaluronic Acid and will help you make the most of your skin care routine. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful hydrating agent that is naturally found in the human body and holds up to 1000 times its weight in water. You can use the serum on its own for superior hydration or add a few drops to your current Timeless serum for added effect.
Argan Oil Pure: Naturally derived from the Moroccan Argan tree, Argan Oil has amazing moisturizing properties. Argan Oil is gentle enough to use on your face- a few drops can even be used to heal chapped lips- but also tough enough to help soften the rough skin on the heels of your feet. In addition to being great for skin, Argan Oil also helps strengthen and hydrate your hair and nails.
Hydrating Eye Cream: The tender skin under your eyes deserves special care and attention. The Hydrating Eye Cream from Timeless combines a potent wrinkle fighting ingredient with hyaluronic acid for hydration, and algae extract to help avoid puffy skin. You can add the Timeless Eye Cream to your skin care cream routine or use it with your favorite serum for a bright eyed, spring-ready look.
Whether you want to be extra ready for the spring and summer months, or need to recover from the winter cold, it is never too early, or too late, to start taking great care of your skin. 


The Advantages of Blinds

A really quick and effective way to transform the look of a room is to change the window treatment or dressing. You could change the colour and fabric of your curtains, of course, but they’d still be, well, curtains. If you’re looking to make a much bigger change then you could take the plunge, visit Make My Blinds and order your ideal window coverings.

Here’s five reasons to do just that

You can control how much light comes in

You’ll have a lot more control over the light with blinds than you do with curtains as you can close the slats tightly to make it dark and then open them just a tiny bit to let a little light in. With curtains you can do this, but the light tends to come in in just one stream, leaving the outer areas of the room dark. With blinds, the light is more uniform, as it comes in over the whole area of the window.

There’s lots of styles and colours

Of course, there’s lots of different curtain fabrics as well, but with blinds you can have metal ones for your bathroom, softer Roman blinds for the living room, blackout blinds for a baby’s bedroom, mini blinds, vertical blinds and cordless blinds, which are much safer for children. You can have simple roller blinds with one plain side and one patterned side, or vertical blinds for taller windows or the sides of a conservatory.

There’s more choice of materials

You can use a number of different materials around the home to complement the d├ęcor or the function of the room – metal or plastic blinds in bathrooms and kitchens, for example. If you’re going for a natural look in one room, you can install wooden or bamboo blinds; if you have a new baby you can use blackout blinds to help you all get a good night’s sleep. You can also have some very eye-catching and vibrant fabrics to bring colour and fun into a space. It’s entirely up to you.

Blinds give you more privacy

Curtains can give you privacy too, of course, but only if they’re shut, which darkens the room during the day and can create a very oppressive feeling. Some blinds let you lower the slats so that light still comes in, but there’s no way anyone can see in from the outside. This means you still get natural light and you can have some privacy.

They’re easy to look after

Contrary to popular opinion, blinds are actually very easy to look after and clean, more so than curtains, which need to be taken down and washed every so often. You can clean your blinds without having to take them down from the window and take them to a take them to a dry cleaner.
All most blinds need is a quick vacuum with a brush attachment followed by a wipe-down with a damp cloth. Most blinds, especially ones made from metal or plastic, are also very long-lasting, so you don’t need to replace them until you actually want to.


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Steven Universe: The Complete First Season DVD

When it comes to family movie night, I have learned that as the kids get older, their selections in what they enjoy changes often. With my eldest being a teen, and finding that she still enjoys certain shows and cartoons, I have enjoyed some of her selections when she shares them with us during our family movie nights. So when we were sent, Steven Universe: The Complete First Season on DVD to review, she was ecstatic to not only add it to her collection but also share it with the family during our family movie night.

In this collection, fans get 52, eleven minute episodes filled with the adventures that fans found themselves loving from season 1. Along with the iconic first season filled with memorable episodes that fans are sure to enjoy watching over and over again, we also get some great bonus features including a never-before-seen intimate conversation with the series creator discussing the show’s celebrated music, chart-topping soundtracks, performance videos and footage from the Steven Universe Soundtrack Volume 1 listening party.

Steven Universe: The Complete First Season 
  1. Gem Glow
  2. Laser Light Cannon
  3. Cheeseburger Backpack
  4. Together Breakfast
  5. Frybo
  6. Cat Fingers
  7. Bubble Buddies
  8. Serious Steven
  9. Tiger Millionaire
  10. Steven's Lion
  11. Arcade Mania
  12. Giant Woman
  13. So Many Birthdays
  14. Lars and the Cool Kids
  15. Onion Trade
  16. Steven the Sword Fighter
  17. Lion 2: The Movie
  18. Beach Party
  19. Rose's Room
  20. Coach Steven
  21. Joking Victim
  22. Steven and the Stevens
  23. Monster Buddies
  24. An Indirect Kiss
  25. Mirror Gem
  26. Ocean Gem
  27. House Guest
  28. Space Race
  29. Secret Team
  30. Island Adventures
  31. Keep Beach City Weird!
  32. Fusion Cuisine
  33. Garnet's Universe
  34. Watermelon Steven
  35. Lion 3: Straight to Video
  36. Alone Together
  37. Warp Tour
  38. The Test
  39. Future Vision
  40. On the Run
  41. Horror Club
  42. Winter Forecast
  43. Maximum Capacity
  44. Marble Madness
  45. Rose's Scabbard
  46. Open Book
  47. The Message
  48. Political Power
  49. The Return
  50. Jail Break
  51. Full Disclosure
  52. Joy Ride
Special Features:
  • Inside the Music Featurette
  • Animatics
  • Song Demos
  • Commentaries
  • Exclusive Live Performance
My daughter found this collection as a must for any Steven Universe fan out there and we found it to be a great share during our family movie night as well. Making the choice to pick up Steven Universe: The Complete First Season on DVD to add to your collection or give to the Steven Universe fan in your life, one that you will be glad you made!

Product received, thank you to Cartoon Network as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Rugrats Season 3 and 4 on DVD February 6th!

When it comes to family movie night in my home, we like to seek out both the new movie titles we come across along with some of our favorite shows as well. And like many who grew up in the 90's, I find that I enjoy sharing some of the cartoons I enjoyed like, Rugrats, with my kids. So when we were sent the Rugrats Season 3 and Season 4 on DVD to review, I was excited to share them with my family and also add them to our family movie night line up!

In season 3, we get all 52 episodes on 4 discs which include "Naked Tommy" and "Angelica Breaks a Leg". Where those mischief causing babies are back and ready to take on the adventures ahead!

  • Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster/Twins' Pique                  
  • Chuckie's First Haircut/Cool Hand Angelica                
  • Tricycle Thief/Rhinoceritis!                
  • Grandpa Moves Out/ The Legend of Satchmo            
  • Circus Angelicus/The Stork                 
  • The Baby Vanishes/Farewell, My Friend                     
  • When Wishes Come True/Angelica Breaks a Leg               
  • The Last Babysitter/Sour Pickles                     
  • Reptar 2010/Stu Gets a Job                 
  • Give & Take/ The Gold Rush              
  • Home Movies/The Mysterious Mr. Friend                   
  • Cuffed/The Blizzard                
  • Destination Moon/Angelica's Birthday            
  • Princess Angelica/The Odd Couple                                        
  • Naked Tommy/Tommy And The Secret Club             
  • Under Chuckie's Bed/Chuckie is Rich              
  • Mommy's Little Assets/Chuckie's Wonderful Life                    
  • In The Dreamtime/The Unfair Pair                  
  • Chuckie's Red Hair/Spike Runs Away             
  • The Alien/Mr. Clean                                
  • Angelica's Worst Nightmare/The Mega Diaper Babies            
  • New Kid in Town/Pickles vs. Pickles               
  • Passover                      
  • Kid TV/The Sky is Falling                  
  • I Remember Melville/No More Cookies                      
  • Cradle Attraction/Moving Away           
Then as the chaos continues, we go on to season 4 where we can pick up where season 3 left off with over 6 hours of antics on the two discs!

  • Vacation                     
  • Mother's Day              
  • Chanukah                   
  • Spike's Babies/Chicken Pops               
  • Radio Daze/Psycho Angelica               
  • America's Wackiest Home Movies/The 'Lympics                     
  • The CarWash/Heat Wave                     
  • Angelica's Last Stand/Clan of the Duck                             
  • Faire Play/The Smell of Success                      
  • The Turkey Who Came to Dinner                   
  • Potty Training Spike/The Art Fair                   
  • Send in the Clouds/In the Naval                      
  • The Mattress/Looking for Jack            
  • Hiccups/Autumn Leaves                     
  • Dust Bunnies/Educating Angelica                   
  • Ransom of Cynthia/Turtle Recall                     
  • Angelica Orders Out/Let It Snow    
Giving us a great selection of Rugrats shows to add to our Rugrats collection, which is not only perfect for adding to our family movie night collection but also a great addition to any 90's kid collection of cartoon favorites! You can pick up both Rugrats Season 3 & 4 on DVD to share with your family on February 6th, 2018!

Product received, thank you to Paramount Home Media as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

#Giveaway Woody Woodpecker on DVD

Family movie night is a time in my house where we like to seek out new movies and shows that we enjoy and can share with the family. We also find it to be a time that the kids look forward to each week, where they can add some of their finds to the mix. So when we were sent the new DVD, Woody Woodpecker to review, my kids were excited to check it out and add it to our family movie night line up!

That iconic laughing bird, whose chaotic antics have entertained audiences for decades is back, and in his very own movie! In the family comedy, Woody Woodpecker, we get to see Woody Woodpecker in a feature like never before. Where the slapstick antics are at their best, leaving the family rolling with laughter as we follow along with the story. The story is one where Woody Woodpecker finds he must stop a big city lawyer from building his home in Woody's backyard. Where you get a turf war between a big shot lawyer and a mischievous prankster, as Woody tries to avoid the poachers while trying to sabotage any plans to move forward. Along with the feature, we also enjoyed the various bonus features which include:
  • Guess Who? The Evolution of Woody – Woody Woodpecker is one of the world’s most iconic animated characters. In this featurette, we explore how Woody’s look and personality have changed since his introduction in 1940.  
  • The Making of Woody Woodpecker – Filmmakers and cast discuss why this version of the Woody character is so appealing and how his brand of physical humor translates across audiences.  
  • Working with Woody – Filmmakers, cast and crew reveal the specific challenges of filming a movie whose main character is CGI.  
We found this movie to be a great one to add to our family movie night line up and you can too when you head out to pick up your copy on February 6, 2018. Also, to help bring some of that belly rolling fun that this movie offers to your next family movie night, be sure to enter below for a chance to win your own copy of Woody Woodpecker on DVD!

Product received, thank you to Universal 1440 Entertainment as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Take On Your Weekend Adventures with the 2017 Toyota Highlander SE

When it comes to the weekends and my family, we like to take the time to go on adventures as we enjoy winding down from our busy weeks together. We do this by taking drives, exploring places we have never explored before, and making memories along the way. And when it comes to seeking the vehicles that are perfect for taking us on our next adventure, we find that we enjoy the vehicles that offer room, comfort and specs we seek. So when we were given the chance to check out the 2017 Toyota Highlander SE, we found it as the perfect vehicle to take on our weekend adventures!

With the 2017 Toyota Highlander SE, we get a vehicle that has three rows of seats, offering us plenty of room when heading out on those drives on the weekends. The seating is roomy, and very comfortable, where the kids can each find they can get plenty of room and space. Along with the comfort aspect that we see to be very important when looking for those vehicles that are perfect for my family, we also found the entertainment features to be a big plus. These features include a pop down monitor with DVD player that the kids can enjoy watching their favorite movies on when we head out on those road trips. And for my husband and I, we can enjoy the features such as the Sirius XM or the Bluetooth, where we can sync our phones and playlists to the radio system, as we enjoy listening to our favorite music.

Then when to comes to the other specs that my husband and I look for along with the entertainment and comfort, we find that the 2017 Toyota Highlander SE offers the safety and economic features we seek as well. This includes the Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, 8 Airbags, blind spot monitoring, 22 MPG average and so much more! Giving us a family vehicle that is made for taking on the road ahead while doing so in style, comfort, and with features we seek. Making the 2017 Toyota Highlander SE, not just another SUV but one that is made to take your family on that next weekend adventure and more!

I was loaned a vehicle for a week long test drive, thank you to Drive Shop USA for supplying me with the vehicle for this review, all opinions are my own.

Valentines Day Gifts for Men from The BroBaskets

Valentines Day is coming up, and like many, I find that now is the perfect time to seek out those gifts to give those you love. The thing is, I have learned, that when it comes to seeking the Valentines Day gifts for men, finding gifts can be a little easier said than done. So when I was given the chance to check out the customized gift basket options from The BroBaskets, I was excited to create one just for my husband and share it as a great gift idea to give this Valentines Day with my readers!

For me, I found the customized baskets at The BroBasket to be the perfect choice to go with when trying to figure out what to get the man in my life for Valentines Day. The custom basket allows me to customize the contents of the basket, allowing me to pick from a variety of drinks, candies and snacks that I know my husband enjoys and will like getting this Valentines Day.

I also found that when it comes to shopping at The BroBasket for those Valentines Day gift ideas, I like that they offer a variety of ready made baskets and even themed ones that are geared towards favorite drinks and mixes. Allowing me to not only customize a basket but also choose from a variety of drinks from my husband's favorite spirits and beers to the non alcoholic selections as well. Making the choice to shop the line of gift baskets and customization ideas at The BroBasket, one your Valentine is sure to appreciate getting this Valentines Day!

Product received, thank you to The BroBasket as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Treehouse Sponsors Education Equity for Children and Youth in Foster Care Act

Founded in 1988, Treehouse is Washington’s leading nonprofit organization addressing the academic and other essential support needs of youth in foster care. Treehouse helps more than 7,500 youth each year through programs that focus on their academic success, fulfill key material needs and provide important childhood experiences every child deserves. The organization envisions – and strives to create – a world where every child that has experienced foster care has the opportunities and support they need to pursue their dreams and become productive members of our community.

Treehouse, which has dramatically increased graduation rates for youth in foster care, is taking the lead on equity for our most vulnerable youth in Washington by sponsoring the Education Equity for Children and Youth in Foster Care Act (HB 2877 and SB 6223). The act would convene a workgroup of state agencies and nonprofit partners to create a plan to align programs, outcomes, accountability, policy and resources to collectively achieve educational equity goals.

“More than 9,000 children in foster care throughout Washington struggle socially, emotionally and academically as they battle trauma, loss and other changes in their lives that are out of their control. Fewer than 3 percent will earn a four-year college degree by their mid-20s,” said Dawn Rains, Chief Policy and Strategy Officer at Treehouse. “It’s even worse for youth of color who are disproportionately represented in foster care and achieve educational outcomes at significantly lower rates than their white peers.”

This is the first time in Treehouse’s history that the nonprofit is collaborating on the language of a bill with both nonprofit partners and state agencies, including the new Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF), Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Children’s Administration, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI),Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) and Department of Early Learning (DEL).

Here are the other state bills Treehouse is championing this state legislative session:

Eliminate Early Grade Suspensions – Pass SB 5155 to eliminate suspensions and expulsions for children in grades K-2.

Strengthen Extended Foster Care – Pass HB 2330 and SB 6222 to allow youth that are state dependent at age 18 to enroll in extended foster care up to age 21, and to enter and exit the program as needed.

Expand Access to Higher Education for Youth in Foster Care – Pass HB 2832 to expand eligibility for the Passport to College Promise program. Pass SB 6274 to create the Passport to Careers program to provide scholarships and wraparound supports for foster youth to attend college and complete apprenticeships.

End Youth Detention for Status Offenses – Pass SB 5596 to eliminate the use of detention for status offenses such as truancy and running away.

To advocate for youth in foster care: Visit Treehouse’s Advocacy Action Center


Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Hotel Experience

All the frequent travelers understand the importance of knowing how to get the most out of the hotel stay for yourself and how to enjoy the high life at affordable prices.

If you’re a frequent hotel visitor, it’s most likely that you are already on favorable terms at that particular hotel.

But what are the little things that you need to pay attention to when booking a hotel for the first time? And what you can do to make your stay at that hotel better experience by remedying the most common travel issues?

Look Before You Book
Yeah, we all know that there are thousands of web portals services serving as intermediaries between you and the hotels. But, instead of booking your stay directly from one of the site listings, it’s advisable that you check the hotel’s site directly. Just maybe you’ll be able to seal a cheaper deal by avoiding listing fees and booking directly from company’s site.

One other thing - make sure to get in touch with the hotel before you even go there (and after you book that hotel). Why, I hear you ask..

For the simple reason that different hotels have rooms in different locations, you might just be able to ask for the room that’s most convenient for you. For example, if you don’t like constant noise (and who does?), you might want to ask for the room at the highest floor in the hotel (if there is some available).

Also, pay attention that large hotels are not going through the process of renovating an entire building at the same time. Instead, they often renovate different blocks of the hotel in certain time frames. Keeping that in mind, you can directly ask for the recently refurbished and renovated room.

All those things are free of charge and will definitely add value to your stay at that hotel.


What to Carry on Yourself?
We all know how holidays season can cost a lot, so why not try to save a dollar or two by slightly changing habits when staying in a hotel?

And even if you booked your stay on an all-inclusive basis, there are still some things that you’ll need to pay for if you use them. For instance, chocolate bars and snacks in the mini-bar are extra. So why not make sure to carry them with you, just in case you run low on sugar late night.

Next one has nothing to do with saving money, but it can save you from potentially suffering an unwanted disease. Carrying a package of antibacterial wipes and personally making sure that room remote or doorknobs are disinfected upon your arrival is a big one. Many people come through a hotel and are getting in contact with these, so you want to be sure that it is safe to touch everything around.

In the End
Moving to a more personal ground with the hotel staff is always a good idea if you want your stay at the hotel to be a dream. Giving a little tip to the room service or a luggage-boy will go a long way in the terms of them being available 24/7 for you.

You might just need your sheets changed in the middle of the night - you never know!


Friday, January 26, 2018

Keeping Pet Resolutions With Petcurean

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Petcurean through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

The new year is here, and like many out there, my family and I have been working on keeping all of the resolutions we made. This includes the resolutions to not only eat better and exercise more for myself and my family, but also for our fur babies as well. From making resolutions to keep our senior dog Chloe in shape by continuing her on her Petcurean Senior diet, and walking her twice a day along with our puppy, to ensuring that our puppy Nakoma continues to grow into a healthy dog with the Petcurean foods and treats she loves! We also find that when it comes to the healthy eating, by having the Petcurean products for our pets on hand, that we can easily stick to those resolutions when it comes to the diets of our sweet fur babies.

This is because when we add the Petcurean foods and treats to our fur babies diets, which includes our growing puppy, we are giving them pet foods that are made from recipes that are grain-free, gluten free and potato free. I also like knowing that with the Petcurean brand, we are going with a brand that not only provides the diet options which are perfect for going with those Pet Resolutions, but a brand who celebrates those fur babies along with their pet parents. And when I was sent information from the experts at Petcurean on how to keep those resolutions, know what is in your pets foods, as well as celebrate the new year with our fur babies, I was excited to share it with our readers!

  • Did you know that this year is the year of the dog? In Chinese astrology, each year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal according to the 12-year cycle and 2018 is an Earth Dog Year. Years of the Dog include 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, and 2030 – if you were born one of these year’s then this year may hold some extra luck for you! Either way, it’s a fun reminder to show your pup some extra love this year by focusing on their health.
  • What’s in the bag? Do you know what’s in your pet’s food? Take a look at the ingredients and you might be shocked (check out our guide for reading the ingredients)! This year, switch your pets to a premium quality brand like Petcurean.

  • Watch the Scale: Weight management isn’t just for humans. In fact, it’s estimated 54% of dogs and 59% of cats are overweight or obese and according to data from Nationwide. Obesity is a significant risk factor for many life-threatening diseases that affect dogs and cats but with diligence and effort, your pet can lose weight too.
  • Taking Sensitivities Seriously: Food sensitivities in pets are a growing concern and GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE Limited Ingredient Diet pet food provides a solution with a single source of meat protein and as few ingredients as possible to meet the nutritional requirements of dogs and cats. New to the line are MSC-certified pollock recipes for cats and dogs, and a grass-fed lamb recipe for dogs. 

The three new recipes contain premium quality meat or fish protein (fresh meat + meal) as their first two ingredients, followed by coconut oil for easy digestion and energy, tapioca, an easily digestible source of carbohydrates, chicory root, a pre-biotic that promotes digestive health.
·         The MSC-certified pollock recipe for cats and dogs, features sustainably harvested Alaskan pollock, one of the most abundant and versatile fish in the world. A part of the cod family, Alaskan pollock has high nutritional value and is an excellent source of protein, minerals and omega fatty acids, and is low in carbohydrates, cholesterol and fat.
·         The grass-fed lamb recipe for dogs features lamb sourced from Australia and New Zealand which is lower in fat and higher in omega-3 fatty acids than meat from animals that are fed grains.

So as you work at those resolutions for you and your family, be sure to include Petcurean in the Pet Resolutions you set for your fur babies and make 2018 a great year for all!


Snuggle Up this Valentines Day with Personalized Blankets from Gifts For You Now

It is hard to believe that it has been a little over a month since we celebrated the holidays, and that in just a few weeks, we will celebrating Valentines Day. But it is true, and like many, I find that with Valentines Day and the cold weather we have, that it is the perfect excuse to snuggle up with a loved one as we watch movies on the couch. So when we were sent a Embroidered Sherpa Blanket from the line of personalilzed gifts at Gifts For You Now, I found that it was not only a nice warm blanket to use when we go to watch movies, but also the perfect gift to give this Valentines Day as well.

With the Embroidered Sherpa Blankets that we can get from Gifts For You Now, I like that we can choose from a variety of colors for both the blanket itself along with the thread color for the personalization. This allows me to purchase warm blankets for everyone in my house, where when we go to celebrate Valentines Day with the family, we can all snuggle up with the warm blankets that are personalized for each person. I also like that with these blankets, that they are very soft and warm, allowing us to keep warm, even on these cold winter days, while we binge watch our favorite shows or movies.

Along with the personalization, color options and warmth, I can appreciate that these blankets are fairly large in size, at 50x60. Which allows us to not only use the blankets when snuggling up on the couch while we watch movies together this Valentines Day, but where we can also use these blankets on our beds, to offer even more warmth at night. I also like that when it is needed, when we go to wash our blankets, that we can simply stick them in the washing machine, allowing the cleaning process to be very simple. Making the choice to add the Embroidered Sherpa Blankets to your Valentines Day, a choice that you and your loved ones are sure to appreciate as you snuggle up and stay warm!

Product received, thank you to Gifts For Your Now as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

How Should Newlyweds Choose Their First Apartment

The first decision that most newlyweds have to make is where they will live. For some couples this step is easy because they might already be living together or one of them already has an apartment they both can occupy. However, if you and your spouse have never lived together, looking for an apartment can be overwhelming.

If you are starting on a budget, you should consider renting an apartment for the first few years to determine which part of the city is best. Besides, you need a place to stay while you figure out what you want in a home. Here are some tips that will come in handy when choosing your first apartment as a couple:

Choose Your Location

It might seem a silly point on the surface but it is everything but that. Have you agreed on the location where you’ll embark on this new chapter in your lives? Do you want to soak up the sun and therefore looking at apartments for rent Ewa Beach | Kapilina beach homes perhaps? Or would you rather go east and look at apartments for rent, financial district NYC boosts about?  

Figure Out Your Budget

The best way to figure out how much to put towards rent is by combining your incomes and calculating 25 percent of it – ideally, your apartment should not cost more than 25% of your monthly income. Therefore, sit down and go over your finances to avoid confusion about how much you can afford.

Knowing your budget will save you time by narrowing down the places you can afford to consider. You might have to sell that pricey champagne gown for your wedding to afford an apartment.

Look At The Pet Policy

If you have pets or want to get some, you need to look at the pet policy in your potential apartments. Some apartments allow certain types of pets while others have a strict no-pet policy. You need to know what you are signing up for before you choose a particular place.

Find Out The Lease Type

Do you need to sign a minimum lease or do you have to go from month to month? If you are happy to spend one year in the apartment you choose, go ahead and sign the lease. However, if your circumstances require you to be transient, you need to look at the lease carefully. Find out if you can come to an agreement with the property owner.

Find Out What Is Included

Before you start jumping up and down because you found the perfect place online, check whether the appliances and utilities are included in the rent. This way, you will not be stuck with excess bills at the end of the month. Moreover, you do not want to move into an apartment with no dishwasher or laundry machine.

Buy Vintage

Do you want to have the perfect house but do not have the money to purchase expensive things? You can spend your free time perusing through thrift store items. You will find vintage things to add tan eclectic style to your home at a cheap price. If your partner is handy, think about fixing up things and refurbishing.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Are you party animals or homebodies? Keeping in mind you favorite past time activities matters in the decision making process.

Moving for the first time as newlyweds can be a rewarding, bonding time experience if communicated adequately. Always voice your opinion to avoid future misunderstandings.


Designing The Perfect Surprise Gift

Technology Expands Your Options
If you want to surprise someone today, technology gives you more options than ever before. For example, you may look into crowdfund options to help you get enough money to really surprise someone. This can be especially effective if someone has a need that can’t be catered to through traditional gift budgets.
Sites like Plumfund offer free online crowdfunding. While it may be a little bit too public for you to surprise someone with a crowdsourced sum, you may be able to raise money for something ostensibly tangential, and then either give that money to the person you’ve got in mind, or use it to buy something otherwise unaffordable.
Pet Portraits
Or how about pets? Do you have a friend who really loves his or her dog or cat? If there someone in your family who has a special four-footed furry fellow in their lives, they may really appreciate a memorial gift.
Many don’t realize it, but dog portrait painters of a professional quality can be easily sourced online. You just need to send the desired photo and the artist will look at it and by default paint it exactly as depicted to create a piece of art.
Notice the “by default” phrase. Additionally, you can have such portrait artists create idealized portraits idiosyncratic to your preferences. Switch your friend’s head and the dog’s, or send a secondary picture of a psychedelic background for the portrait artist to incorporate into the painting. Find the right painters and you can do quite a bit.
Candy Delights
Technology today additionally makes it easier than ever to source one’s favorite confections, treats, and candy delights. You can go online, find the kind of candy you like, and order it either singly or in bulk as suits your needs. This can really enhance not just birthday parties, but special events, anniversaries, and anything where you have people getting together in large groups.
If you’ve never had a candy buffet, it’s worth checking out at least one time—imagine the effect of multiple containers of color coordinated candy at a birthday party, or special fundraiser. If your loved one has a sweet tooth, there will be nothing quite as exciting than being in front of a candy buffet.
Technology keeps developing, and there are some really fun things to buy for people today. A final gift idea might be a drone. They were called Quadro-copters until recently, but the technology has expanded so much that they are very quickly becoming a favorite gift across the country.
You can get someone a very cheap drone, or one of the top-of-the-line models. They are becoming more tough and more fun on an almost daily basis. Additionally, you can expect battery life to increase as these become even more popular, allowing for longer flight times and more intense footage opportunities. Some have a range of five miles or more!
Even More Possibilities
Then there’s the Internet of Things (IoT). Do you have someone really technologically passionate in your life? Perhaps install an LED lighting display in the bedroom which can be controlled via smartphone. Such an installation can be put together in an afternoon’s time, if you know what you’re doing, and can serve to really surprise someone special in your life.
Find the gift idea that best fits your preferences, and those of the individual who you’ll be giving to. The options are more expensive today than perhaps they’ve ever been. If you want to surprise someone, you can really do it.


3 Easy Floor Revamping Ideas

Are you looking for a quick, simple way to upgrade a tired room? Are you looking to refresh certain areas of your home while adding additional value to your bottom line?
Some might consider calling HVAC contractors to upgrade their air-conditioning system. It’s a great idea that’ll bring more cooling comfort to your living space. If you look down, however, you’ll probably see your flooring is in need of an immediate upgrade and fixing it is one of the fastest ways to make your home look more beautiful in no time at all.
Believe it or not, there are a few different ways to revamp your floor. Putting in a floating floor is certainly a good idea. Or hiring the best luxury vinyl plank installation New Jersey contractors certainly couldn’t hurt. If you’re interested, we’ll share our favorite easy floor revamping ideas with you below.
1. Installing A Floating Floor
If you really want to make your house feel cozy and inviting, adding wood flooring provides a level of warmth and wonder to your beautiful abode. Completely redoing your flooring from the ground up can be difficult, time-consuming, and something you’d rather avoid in most cases. Instead, installing a floating floor is much easier because it isn’t nailed down.
On the contrary, instead of nailing down your gorgeous new wooden floor, you’re going to install the planks by gluing them or snapping them together. They will go down quickly and easily and the beauty of floating floors is that they can be laid down over any surface, whether it’s made of ceramic tile, plywood, sheet vinyl, or even concrete.
So, if you’re looking for a major floor upgrade, a floating floor is the way to go. The simplicity of installing it means your new floor will be ready to be walked on in about a day. Keep your beautiful new floating floor in great shape by giving it a professional cleaning on a regular basis.
2. Paint A Checkerboard Pattern On Your Floor
This may seem unconventional to say the least, but it’s a quick and stress-free way to upgrade your floor entirely without having to lay down a brand-new floor altogether. By painting a checkerboard pattern, the room will feel energetic, fresh, and injected with personality.
This is a wonderful idea if you have a limited budget but really feel the need to upgrade your flooring. Paint is relatively inexpensive, so painting a light checkered pattern is a great way to make your floor stand out, look more attractive, and provide an interesting pattern while being budget friendly. So choose your favorite colors, pay attention that they match the color of your walls and make your new floor look absolutely divine.
3. Install Carpeting
Sometimes installing carpeting is the best way to upgrade your floor. If you buy the right material, your cold feet will feel cozy and warm on your brand-new rug. You’ll no longer have to worry about freezing your little toes off on your cold, unforgiving floor.
People obviously love the way hardwood floors look, but carpeting also looks good and it feels good to boot. Plus, it has the ability to add warmth to a room when it’s chilly, it can cut down on the eco in a spacious room and a fluffy, soft rug creates an inviting feeling in your home that you just don’t get with hardwood, tile, or cork floors.

If you’re convinced it’s time to totally revamp your floor please consider these three ideas. Pick the one that sounds best and give it a try. We are certain you’ll love the results.

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