Friday, January 19, 2018

3 Top Things to do in Your Gap Year

Deciding to take a gap year is a pretty big choice and many of us decide to do it for lots of different reasons. You may need a break from studying, you may want to learn some new skills before you move onto your next big thing, perhaps you want to earn some money before you head off to college or university, or maybe you want some time out so you can decide which way you want life to take you!

A gap year isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve decided it’s for you and you’re looking for some ideas of how to spend your time out – then read on for a little inspiration!

Go travelling – it may be cheaper than you think!

Have you ever dreamed about just, escaping from it all? If you spent your study days dreaming about exotic beaches and travelling in some distant land, thousands of miles away from the people you know then a year out travelling could be right up your street!

It’s important to remember that if you do go travelling, you’re going to need some insurance! Take a look at SafeTrip travel health insurance to get some ideas.

Backpacking across South East Asia is always a popular choice, think Thailand or Singapore even the Philippines! Travelling is a great way to discover not only the world and explore different cultures but it’s a great way to discover more about yourself. Who you really are and how you cope in different situations. You’ll probably make lots of new friends along the way too.


Supporting a worthwhile cause is an amazing way to get experience, a big positive stamp on your CV and also feel good about giving back. There are plenty of worthwhile causes out there, from working with children with disabilities in a foreign country, to volunteering for a conservation project and helping the environment. Think of the coral reefs in Thailand or the rainforests of Peru. If there’s a particular animal that you like that’s in danger then why not see if there’s a way you can help?

 Just remember to do your research, find a cause you’re really passionate about and go and make a real difference.

Learn a new language

Who wouldn’t love to learn a new language? If you’re having a gap year then you have the biggest window of opportunity to really take the bull by the horns and engross yourself in another culture. This is also ideal if you’re thinking of travelling. After all, speaking a little Thai at a hostel or at a street market could help you massively! 

Being able to speak another language always looks good on a CV too. Languages such as Mandarin and Arabic are advantageous in the business world and you could find yourself head and shoulders above many other candidates who are going for the same job as you! The most difficult thing is choosing which language to go for!


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