Wednesday, January 3, 2018

7 Outrageous Gifts to Get for That Friend Who Has Everything

We all have that friend who is difficult to please on their birthday. They are the person with a good job, a generous family, and a seemingly perfect lifestyle. While they might have everything they want or need, it’s still nice to give them something on special occasions such as a birthday or Christmas.

So, when that special occasion arises, and you find yourself lacking ideas, we’ve included seven below. These great gifts could end up being the very thing they needed. 

Horse Accessories

If your friend is equine mad, there’s nothing like a saddle or hoof boots for horses to let them know you care. When you provide a friend with a gift relating to their hobby, it’s not just the gift that matters; it’s your thoughtfulness. It means you pay attention to their interests. Hoof boots help to protect the feet of horses, so you’re gifting both the rider and the horse.


A gift doesn’t have to be tangible, and nothing says friendship better than a small vacation. Whether it’s a camping holiday with a group of friends in the next town over or a quick trip for two by a lake or the ocean, it will be enjoyed and appreciated all the same. If you’re traveling abroad, the prime time to book airfares is between three weeks and three and a half months before you’re set to leave.   

Photography Session

The average person doesn’t have enough photos of themselves and their family. If you feel your friend spends more time behind the camera than in front of it, treat them to a photography session. Find a local photographer and set up the shoot as soon as possible. If you’re on a budget, opt for a hobby or student photographer. A professional can cost as much as $75 to $200 per hour!

Vehicle Hire

If your friend has a soft spot for a particular car, why not treat them to a day of driving in that vehicle? While it would be outrageous to purchase the car, it’s fine to lease one simply so they can experience it. Who knows, they could end up falling in love and buying it! 

Adventure Pass

If your friend has a thirst for adventure, you can quench it. There are many tourist destinations offering passes for a range of adrenaline-rushing activities. Treat them to rock climbing, ziplining, bobsledding, skydiving, or a mixture of a few! They will love the rush, and you will love the feeling of providing them with a gift they can use and enjoy.

Concert Tickets

If you don’t share a common love of a particular artist or band, can you call yourselves best friends? In the lead up to your friend’s birthday, take note of all their favorite bands (and yours), and find one that can coincide with their birthday. You will become the best friend ever if you treat them to a night out at a concert!

Magazine subscription

Magazine subscriptions are not typically something we actively seek out. However, if you notice your friend has a particular love for a type of magazine, treat them to a subscription. This small act of kindness will be appreciated, especially as it shows you pay attention to their like and dislikes. There are over 7,000 magazines to choose from, so you’re not short of options!

It’s hard to buy gifts for friends who have everything, but it’s not impossible. Put a little thought into it, find out what they like and dislike, and let your imagination go wild. You may find that even the thought you put into their gift is a gift all on its own.



Janet W. said...

These are all great ideas! I always love to get a magazine subscription as a gift because it's not normally something I'd get for myself.

tannawings said...

If you know someone well, finding that gift isnt too tough! I got hubby a flight lesson oneyear. He always wanted o learn to fly, he wen up for 3 hours in a small plane and even got to take the controls. He still talks about it.
ellen beck

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! I have a close friend who is MAD about horses. Totally going to get her hoof boots for her birthday!!

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