Thursday, January 4, 2018

Four Interesting Christening Gift Ideas

Christenings and naming ceremonies are wonderful occasions. It is always nice to gather together with friends and family to celebrate something so special. Plus, it gives you the chance to go out and buy a nice gift, something a little different that is truly personal and will be cherished for many years.

Small gold or silver coins

Gold or silver coins certainly fall into this category. They are beautiful to look at, as well as being valuable. Whether you buy new or old coins is entirely up to you. Both make special gifts. If you click here you will see that there is plenty of choice.

A great approach is to buy two silver or gold coins. One that was minted in the year the father was born. The other in the year the second parent was born. This approach has the benefit of truly personalizing the gift.

The nice thing about giving precious metals as gifts is that, over time, they can become more valuable. This is good news for the family you give them to. Potentially, they can keep them and use them at a later date to provide much-needed funds for important life events in the child´s life. It is great to have access to some funds to put towards, driving lessons, college fees or a deposit on a 
child´s first home.

Other investment gift

In fact, in a lot of families, there is a tradition of forgoing physical gifts and giving money instead. Increasingly, grandparents are choosing to buy their grandchild bonds as a naming ceremony or christening gift. While some take the opportunity to open savings accounts for them. Many godparents and close relatives like to do something similar.

Personalized baptism gifts

If you prefer to give something more traditional, there is plenty of choice. Everything from keepsakes like engraved spoons, bracelets and baby cups made from high-quality materials to more practical items. Right now, personalized blankets, piggy banks and teddies are particularly popular. For religious parents, items like Bibles, crosses, rosaries and prayer accent lights can make wonderful baptism gifts.

A more unusual christening gift idea

If none of the above suggestions appeal, you may want to do something a little more unusual. For example, register the child´s domain name for them. When they are older they can use it to build themselves a personal website or blog.

This is a relatively inexpensive and highly personal gift. However, if you can afford to do so, you really should buy it for several years.

If the parents agree, and you have the necessary skills, you could even kick-start the site with a few blog posts about the child and their progress. That way, when they are ready to start contributing to the website themselves it will already be ranking. This will make it much easier for them to be able to build a big audience and potentially use their website to generate some income. Something that is particularly handy for a teenager or young adult to be able to do. If this option appeals, you can read about the right way to do it by clicking this link.



Janet W. said...

Opening a savings account or a bond for your grandchild is a fantastic gift idea!

tannawings said...

Nice list of gifts. I like all of these and some are really special.
ellen beck

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