Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Advantages of Blinds

A really quick and effective way to transform the look of a room is to change the window treatment or dressing. You could change the colour and fabric of your curtains, of course, but they’d still be, well, curtains. If you’re looking to make a much bigger change then you could take the plunge, visit Make My Blinds and order your ideal window coverings.

Here’s five reasons to do just that

You can control how much light comes in

You’ll have a lot more control over the light with blinds than you do with curtains as you can close the slats tightly to make it dark and then open them just a tiny bit to let a little light in. With curtains you can do this, but the light tends to come in in just one stream, leaving the outer areas of the room dark. With blinds, the light is more uniform, as it comes in over the whole area of the window.

There’s lots of styles and colours

Of course, there’s lots of different curtain fabrics as well, but with blinds you can have metal ones for your bathroom, softer Roman blinds for the living room, blackout blinds for a baby’s bedroom, mini blinds, vertical blinds and cordless blinds, which are much safer for children. You can have simple roller blinds with one plain side and one patterned side, or vertical blinds for taller windows or the sides of a conservatory.

There’s more choice of materials

You can use a number of different materials around the home to complement the d├ęcor or the function of the room – metal or plastic blinds in bathrooms and kitchens, for example. If you’re going for a natural look in one room, you can install wooden or bamboo blinds; if you have a new baby you can use blackout blinds to help you all get a good night’s sleep. You can also have some very eye-catching and vibrant fabrics to bring colour and fun into a space. It’s entirely up to you.

Blinds give you more privacy

Curtains can give you privacy too, of course, but only if they’re shut, which darkens the room during the day and can create a very oppressive feeling. Some blinds let you lower the slats so that light still comes in, but there’s no way anyone can see in from the outside. This means you still get natural light and you can have some privacy.

They’re easy to look after

Contrary to popular opinion, blinds are actually very easy to look after and clean, more so than curtains, which need to be taken down and washed every so often. You can clean your blinds without having to take them down from the window and take them to a take them to a dry cleaner.
All most blinds need is a quick vacuum with a brush attachment followed by a wipe-down with a damp cloth. Most blinds, especially ones made from metal or plastic, are also very long-lasting, so you don’t need to replace them until you actually want to.


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