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How to Make A Gift Basket For Your Crafty Friend

You probably have at least one friend or acquaintance that is into crafty do-it-yourself projects — they are the type of person that always seems to be knitting a new scarf, blanket or pair of socks in their free time. If there is ever an occasion where you need to give them a present, you should find items that relate to their creative hobbies. Here is how you can make a sweet gift basket specifically for the person in your life who loves to knit and crochet. 

If your friend is a big fan of crafts like knitting and crocheting, you should get them spools and spools of beautiful yarn — without having lots of materials on hand, they run the risk of halting a project. The ultimate spot to get high-quality yarn materials is Yarnspirations — the website carries a wide range of yarn fibers, colours, weights and brands to inspire even the most selective crafters. The website has plenty of yarn and accessories that will make great gifts for those who love knitting or for those who love crocheting — ideally it is a delightful place that can help you encourage and inspire your friend to create. 

After you are finished selecting the yarn for their projects, you should add other important tools and accessories to the gift basket. One idea would be to get them new straight, circular or double-pointed knitting needles — even if they already own these needles, it’s good to have an extra pair on hand. If your friend prefers crocheting instead of knitting, you can get crochet hooks in a variety of sizes for their present. Another tremendous idea would be to include handy tools that will make any of their homemade items look polished, like a fabric shaver — this convenient product will clean up the common knitting problem ofpilling so that they aren’t picking off lint from clothes all day long. Other related gifts to consider for your gift basket include instructional knitting books, scissors, sewing needles, thread, stuffing cotton, buttons and beads.

When you have collected all of the items that you want to give to your friend, make sure to hand it over with the right presentation. For a traditional display, you can make anold-fashioned gift basket stuffed with tissue paper and tied with a sleek ribbon and for something more humorous, you can create an emergency crafting kit by placing all of the items in a wooden box. An incredibly practical package for this gift would be a knitting basket — this is especially thoughtful for beginners who will come to appreciate a convenient spot to store all of their supplies.

Your creative friend will absolutely adore their personalized gift basket, whether you give it to them on their birthday, at a going away party or just an average weekday. They may start brainstorming projects the moment that they open their present and get a glimpse of all of the goodies inside. 


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Gamevice Minecraft Bundle for iPhone

Do you have a gamer in your house? Do you have a gamer who is obsessed with Minecraft? Well if you are like me then the answer is yes to both, and in my house, we not only have one kid obsessed but two of our kids who love playing the game of Minecraft. And like many who look for say those Easter gifts to give the Minecraft gamers in my life, I like to seek out the products that they are sure to enjoy, especially when it comes to the devices they can play Minecraft on. So when we were sent the new, Gamevice Minecraft Bundle for iPhone to review, I knew that my kids would be very excited to check it out and also add this as a must have for any Minecraft fan out there!

With the Gamevice Minecraft Bundle for the iPhone, my kids can take that PC gaming level that they enjoy on the go and play the game with their iPhones! Giving the kids a console quality gaming experience that they can enjoy anywhere when we are not at home.

For my kids, this is huge, I mean huge. This allows that Minecraft gaming they enjoy playing on their PC's to be taken on those upcoming Spring and Summer road trips we will be taking, take the game with when we are running errands and do so at a PC level of gaming. The device gives them console precision, with highly responsive buttons and joysticks with a design that is comfortable for use and ergonomic. Oh and the best part, not only can we get the Gamevice for each specific iPhone model (iPhone 6 and up), but when the kids are not playing Minecraft, they can safely store away their Gamevice bundle in the case is comes with. Allowing them to keep it stored away safely when not in use or take it easily with them.

Then when it comes to what all is included in this amazing bundle that every Minecraft fan is going to want, I can appreciate that it not only comes with the Gamevice controller and carrying case, but that it also comes with the iOS code. Giving us everything we need to make that dream of taking Minecraft to the mobile level that is more than just a game app download but a PC level experience, a reality for Minecraft fans everywhere!

Product received, thank you to Gamevice as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Marvel Studios Thor: Ragnarok

As we head out to look for those movies and shows to add to our family movie nights, we find that we enjoy seeking some of those new, must watch titles to the mix. Like many, we have enjoyed the line of up Marvel Studios titles that come out, where we can watch our favorite super heroes take on the adventures ahead and save the day. So when we were sent the new movie, Thor: Ragnarok to review on the Multi-Screen version, we were excited to add it to our family movie night line up along with our collection of Marvel Studios movies!

In this movie, Thor, The God of Thunder, is back in his third movie added to the Marvel Studios line up. The movie starts out where Thor is a prisoner on the other side of the universe, and is without his mighty hammer. He must find a way to get out and get back to Asgard in order to stop Ragnarok, the destruction of his home and his people, and finds that it is all under threat by a new villain named Hela. In order to get back and take on the fight ahead, Thor must first face a deadly gladiator contest where he is up against other fellow Avengers.

We found this movie to be a great addition to our Marvel Studios line up and with the various bonus features which include the deleted scenes and so much more, we found it to be a great addition to our family movie night line up. You can too when you head out today to pick up your copy of Marvel Studios Thor: Ragnarok today!

Product received, thank you to Walt Disney Studios as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Paw Patrol: Sea Patrol on DVD

When it comes to my youngest and his contributions to our family movie nights, he likes to add in those movies he enjoys as well as some of his favorite shows. Like many little ones his age, he enjoys tuning in the mornings to watch the Paw Patrol on Nick Jr, where he can follow along and see what adventures the pups are on. And naturally, when we come across those Paw Patrol DVD's, he finds that they are perfect for him to share with the rest of the family. So when we were sent the new DVD, Paw Patrol: Sea Patrol, which will be available to bring home on March 6th, to review, he was excited to watch it and share it during our family movie night!

With this DVD, we get 6 sea worthy adventures which include 2 double length tails where the pups take to the water and take on the adventures ahead! The episodes include:
  • Pups Save a Baby Octopus - When a baby octopus gets separated from its mother and sinks the Flounder, the Sea Patrol must save the day.
  • Pups Save a Shark - Hoping to have the whole beach to himself, Humdinger makes a robotic shark to scare everyone away.
  • Pups Save the Pier - The pups work together to save the pier after a support post breaks. 
  • Pirate Pups to the Rescue - Carlos and Tracker get stranded on an island in the search for buried treasure. 
  • Pups Save a Frozen Flounder - Cap'n Turbot's boat gets frozen in the Arctic Ice.
  • Pups Save a Narwhal - The pups use the Sea Patroller to help guide a lost narwhal back home.
We found the selection of shows where the pups doggy paddle their ways to the next adventure to be a great line up to add to our family movie night collection and you can too when you head out on March 6th to bring home your copy of Paw Patrol: Sea Patrol on DVD!

Product received, thank you to Paramount Home Media Distribution as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Garfield Nine Lives on DVD

Finding those titles to share during family movie time is something we enjoy doing in my home, and we tend to like to seek out a variety of choices. These include some of those new and old movies we come across as well as shows we enjoy. And like many who grew up watching that lasagna eating cat, I have enjoyed sharing the Garfield shows we come across. So when we were sent the new DVD, Garfield Nine Lives to review, I was excited to share it during our family movie night.

On this DVD, we get two great episodes filled with those quirky antics and adventures that Garfield and his friends find themselves in. The two episodes include:

“His Nine Lives”
Do cats really have nine lives?  Garfield explores his nine lives, from Cave Cat all the way through Space Cat. At the end of his nine tales, Garfield points out to his creator that the circumstances of his last life were stacked unfairly against him and Odie. His creator agrees and gives Garfield back not just one life, but nine more!

“Garfield in the Rough”
Jon announces that he, Garfield, and Odie are going on vacation! Garfield gets excited, but that enthusiasm quickly wanes when he discovers Jon planned a camping trip – what a choice! Life in the wild gets dangerous when an escaped panther enters their campground. Will the rangers be able to capture the panther before it finds the trio?

We enjoyed adding Garfield Nine Lives on DVD to our family movie night line up and you can too when you head out to pick up your copy today!

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Step By Step Art Projects with Folk Art Fusion: Americana

When it comes to those rainy days up here in the PNW, I find that having those fun coloring, art, and learn to draw books on hand can be exactly what is needed to help pass the time. For myself and my kids, we enjoy having a variety on hand to allow us to explore different styles of coloring, drawing, and painting. So when we were sent the Folk Art Fusion: Americana by Joy Laforme to review, I knew that it would be a great addition to add to our collection of activity and art books.

With this book, we can get instructions on how to recreate the art found in it, and get that instruction for all different skill levels. Allowing myself, who is a beginner level, to follow while my daughter who has a higher level of skill to also follow along. We get step by step instructions on drawing and painting various pictures, which include subjects such as pretty patterns, country homes, farms, florals and more! We also get information to read on what folk art is and go into topics on colors, tools to use and materials. Making the Folk Art Fusion: Americana book by Joy Laforme, a great art book to go with for artists of all skill levels!

Product received, thank you to Quarto Knows as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Soft Pretzel Twists at Sonic Drive In

When it comes to those busy days where it seems we are constantly on the go, I find that taking time to run home and get a snack is not always a option. For me, when it comes to days like that, I like to head to places like my local Sonic Drive In, where I can pick up those snacks and drinks that are a great grab and go option. So when I heard that Sonic now has a tasty snack option with the new Soft Pretzel Twists, I was excited to head to my local Sonic and pick one up to try.

With the Soft Pretzel Twists, we get a warm, golden brown pretzel that comes buttered and sprinkled with granular salt, ready for dipping in the Signature Cheese Sauce that is included! I found the pretzels to be perfect for picking up on the way to the ball park before watching my kids play, and having on hand for after the game for the kids to enjoy. Giving us a savory snack that is perfect for any pretzel lover to enjoy, and a snack that is a quick, grab and go option for those busy days. Making the choice to head to your local Sonic Drive In to try the new Soft Pretzel Twists, one you and your family are sure to enjoy!

Product received, thank you to Sonic Drive In as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

8 Timeless Confirmation Gift Ideas for Boys

The rite of confirmation in the Catholic Church is the final step in the “sacraments of Christian initiation.” There are three sacraments that constitute the initiate’s spiritual formation and maturity to continue on the path of faith. The initial ceremony is baptism, followed by first Communion, and finally confirmation. 

Confirmation takes place during adolescence when a person has developed enough to identify the difference between right and wrong. Where the name was chosen for the child during baptism, he has completed the cycle of childhood by choosing his own name in
confirmation. He acknowledges his responsibility in his own destiny, and he’s admitted as a fully confirmed member into the Catholic Church.

If you are invited to a young man’s confirmation and are wondering what the appropriate gift is for the occasion, in this article you will find some excellent ideas. This is a religious ceremony, and while money or a gift card is always appreciated, some thought might be given to gifts that signify the importance of the sacrament. Perhaps, a small monetary gift could be combined with a more symbolic one. Without any further ado, here are the best confirmation gift ideas for boys:

Patron Saint Medallion

Image source    

Since those seeking confirmation choose a patron saint as a model for their own lives, a medal signifying that saint is appropriate. By wearing the medal, the patron saint is always with the confirmed to guide him.
Patron Saint Statue

A small statue, usually with included prayer card, is another remembrance that a young man can always keep close at hand to remind him that he is not alone on his journey. Whether he goes off to college, or immediately into the work force after school, he can place his patron saint statue somewhere within daily view.


A symbol of Catholic prayer and reflection, a rosary offers the young man being confirmed a means of focus and guidance at his fingertips. Rosaries aren’t necessary to pray, but the beads of a rosary are meditative. It can be carried compactly in its case in a pocket without creating bulk. 

Holy Bible or Daily Prayer Book

Now that the young man has confirmed his adulthood, it doesn’t mean that his spiritual life will be without challenges. Quite the opposite, in fact. Scripture offers words of wisdom on a sometimes-uncertain road. Likewise, a daily prayer book provides a daily meditation on which to focus.


Distinct from a cross, the crucifix depicts Jesus still on the cross. It is symbolic of the sacrifices He made for mankind’s salvation. A crucifix is an appropriate gift for a boy who’s just been confirmed. It is a symbol of his faith and the sacrifices he may encounter during his life. 

Keepsake Box

A keepsake box provides the young man with a place to keep his religious mementos. It can be as modest or ornate as you choose, but it’s a helpful addition to the top of a dresser.

Personalized Items

Any relevant item that’s personalized the patron saint of the young man’s is appropriate and especially appreciated. It could also include both names. A box that’s personalized with the name(s) and date of confirmation, for instance, adds a thoughtful touch.

Picture Frame

A picture frame that especially commemorates the sacrament of confirmation, along with a picture of the young man and his sponsor provides a steady reminder of his special day. It’s also an assurance that he doesn’t walk alone in his path.


Have a Pizza Party with Sagaform

When it comes to those spring parties that many of us are looking forward to, I find that I enjoy adding fresh ingredients to the foods we serve. So when we were sent some products and recipe ideas from Sagaform to use as we hosted a party with friends, we were excited to check out everything and begin planning!

To get started we found the selection of Sagaform products were exactly what we needed. From the Multi-tool Pasta Server, Pizza Scissors and Herb Scissors to the Herb Pot, we had the products available that allow us to grow fresh herbs to use as ingredients for future meals, and serve the meals. We also found that the products from Sagaform were perfect for a Pizza Party! Where we could use the Pizza Scissors to cut perfect pieces of pizza, and as our herbs grow in the Herb Pot, we can use the fresh herbs to put in sauces and the Herb Scissors to cut those herbs as needed.

Then once we had our party put together and were enjoying the pizzas we made using fresh ingredients and the tools we were sent, we were able to go over some of the other products that can be found from Sagaform. Making the choice to add Sagaform to not only our pizza party but any party, a choice that is sure to impress!

Product received, thank you to Tryazon as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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How to Be a Doggy Dentist During National Pet Dental Health Month with Petcurean

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Petcurean through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to our fur babies, just like our children, we like to ensure that they are healthy and happy. This is done by providing the right foods, regular exercise, regular checkups and of course lots of love. And like many who are pet parents, I am always looking for ways to ensure that my fur babies are happy and healthy. So when I learned that February was National Pet Dental Health Month, I was curious to learn more, and also interested in learning how I can be a doggy dentist from the experts at Petcurean.

After reading over the information, which I will provide below, I was happy in knowing that with the products from the Petcurean line, that we are not only providing foods for a healthy diet, but also when it comes to the dental health of our pets as well! The following information is from the experts as Petcurean:

As pet parents, we do whatever we can to keep our pets happy and healthy, but is their dental health as good as it could be? Dental health is crucial to the overall well-being of your pet and can have serious consequences if left unchecked. 

Similar to humans, poor dental hygiene causes bad breath, plaque, tartar, gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth root abscesses in dogs. At its worst, bad dental health can contribute to more serious health issues. Inflamed gums, for example, can cause bacterial infections that can affect organs such as the heart and kidneys with extreme cases resulting in death.

Good dental health is paramount for your pet. Healthy teeth aid in chewing which leads to proper digestion by allowing enzymes to break down their food. Some preventative measures you can take is teaching your pup at a young age to open their mouths and allowing you to look inside. This training will prepare them for getting their teeth brushed, which should start as early as possible. Be sure to use a toothbrush and toothpaste specifically designed for pets.

Did you know small dogs are more prone to dental issues? With their small mouths and even smaller teeth, keeping an eye on their dental health can be especially challenging. While manually brushing their teeth is the best option, you can also look for pet food that supports dental health such as the NOW FRESH Small Breed recipes from Petcurean.
The NOW FRESH Small Breed recipes are formulated with ingredients that help support oral health and fresh breath, including sodium tripolyphosphate, which binds calcium to protect teeth from tartar formation. Peppermint and parsley are also included as natural ingredients to promote fresh breath. In addition, the small clover-shaped kibble is one of the smallest in the market, contributing to high palatability, easy chewing, and effective digestion.

If your dog is exhibiting a preference for soft food, is eating on one side, or yelps when chewing bones or toys, take them to a vet to identify the problem. There’s no way better way to celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month than making sure Fido’s bite is healthy and strong!


Saturday, February 24, 2018

#Giveaway Family Movie Nights with Coco

When it comes to those family movie times in my house, we like to find both the old and new titles to share. We enjoy heading out to find the new titles and even some of the older ones to add to our line up. And like many families who are Disney fans, we have been anticipating the release of the new movie, Coco, to Blu-Ray and DVD. So when we were sent a copy to review, we were excited to add it to our family movie night line up as well as our Disney movie collection.

With the movie Coco, we get the movie that won a 2018 Golden Globe Award® for Best Animated Motion Picture and became a movie that was loved by many all around the world. Where we can follow the story of a young musician, who travels to a magical land where he meets his ancestors. The young musician takes this journey when he finds his dreams of becoming a big musician like his idol, are shot down by his family due to a ban on music they have had for generations. Determined to get answers, he heads to the Land of the Dead, where he meets a trickster named Hector as he goes on a journey like no other.

Like many, we found the movie Coco to be a movie that not only made for the perfect family movie night choice, but also one that was very moving! We also found the bonus features which included deleted scenes that we did not see in the theater to be a lot of fun to watch. Making the choice to add the movie Coco to your next family movie night and Disney Pixar movie collection, when it arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD on February 27th, a choice that you and your family are sure to appreciate! And to help with bringing that magic home to share with your family, I will be giving away a copy of Coco to one of my amazing readers!!

Product received, thank you to Disney Pixar as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Are You Looking Emotional Support Animal for Yourself?

With mental problems on the rise, experts are doctors are now suggesting a wide assortment of treatment procedures. These plans that come from doctors generally involve the use of emotional support animals for helping the patients suffering from mental problems. An ESA or mental support animal can help a mental patient in better managing and cope with the different symptoms of his or her mental illness. While emotional support animals are gaining huge popularity, the procedure of getting one is generally new for a lot of people.

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

An ESA or emotional support animal does not require any kind of special skills and training. These animals are meant to serve the purpose of providing comfort to the sufferers of mental illnesses. Their work is to make their owners feel better. However, this does not mean that your pet at home can serve as an ESA. There is a definite procedure that you need to follow when it comes to getting an emotional support animal for yourself. ESAs are therapy animals and there are certain eligibility criteria that individuals should meet in getting such animals. CertaPet serves as one of the best sources for getting emotional support animals.

How to Get an Emotional Support Animal for Yourself?

It is already a very well-known fact that emotional support animals have the ability to reduce the effects of depression, anxiety and other emotional and mental illnesses. There are special federal laws committed to offering the owners of these animals with all the comforts that they require. CertaPet will definitely help in easing the challenging task of finding the right emotional support animal.
Adopting an emotional support animal for yourself is a very big decision. It is generally a 10+ year commitment for the animal owners. Therefore, you need to be honest with yourself when looking out for the perfect emotional support animal for yourself. You must contemplate on a number of points in order to understand that you are actually eligible for the support and the assistance of an emotional support animal.

Eligibility Requirements

The list of individuals eligible for an emotional support animal can be quite extensive depending on the mental health issues prescribed. ESA laws cover the following mental and emotional problems:
       Social disorders
       Depression and stress
       Age-associated cognitive decline
       Panic attacks
       Separation anxiety
       PTSD and GAD

Emotional issues

Emotional support animals can offer support for different mental issues, however, it is up to you to discover your options intricately when making the choice of an ESA.


Friday, February 23, 2018

Blackout and Noise Reducing Curtains for Your Kids Rooms from Eclipse Curtains

Liven up your kids’ rooms this spring with curtains from Eclipse! Made exclusively for children, the curtains come in bright colors and adorable prints, ranging from jungle to princess themed. The best part? The noise reducing and blackout technologies will keep your kids sleeping soundly throughout the night. For more information and to check out the wide range of options, visit:


Disney Movies Anywhere Closes On February 28!


Walt Disney Signature Collection Lady and the Tramp

Family movie night is a night where we all gather around to share some of our favorite titles we come across, both the new and old ones. It is a night that everyone in my house looks forward to, as we relax, unwind and enjoy the movies. And like in many homes with fur babies, when we go to relax on the couches as we watch those movies, we find that our fur babies enjoy the time as well, snuggling up right with us. So when we were sent the new release of that Disney Classic, Lady and the Tramp, Signature Collection Mutli-Screen Edition, we were excited to make it both a family movie night for the kids and our fur babies!

See when we were given the chance to make it a family movie night with the movie, Lady and the Tramp, we were also given some Pawprint Desk Frames to use with our fur babies. Allowing us to not just enjoy the movie with them as they snuggle up beside us, but capture the memory with a custom pawprint using the kit included, and a photo of our fur babies as well! This is not only a great addition to our movie night since the movie is one based on a love story between two pups, but also because the movie was inspired by Walt Disney's own fur baby that he had gifted to his wife Lily one Christmas.

And with the Walt Disney Signature Collection, Lady and the Tramp, which will be available to bring home on February 27th, we get that classic, beloved movie to share and watch over and over again. The Signature Collection comes with three versions of the classic tale, which include the original theatrical edition, sing-along mode, and Inside Walt's Story Meetings. Along with the various versions we can enjoy we also get new signature bonus features, the songs we love from the movie, classic bonus features, deleted scenes, and even the trailers which include the original trailer! Making the choice to add the new, Walt Disney Signature Collection, Lady and the Tramp to your Disney movie collection, a must for any Disney and or fur baby fan!

Product received, thank you to Disney Home Movies as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

A Costco Chocolate Cake Review

The Costco bakery is undoubtedly the best place to buy cakes for your happy occasions. Costco chocolate cakes always taste divine. They are as good as any pricey gourmet pastry sold in town or any cosmopolitan city. Unlike most of the concoctions that are sold elsewhere, all Costco cakes come in large sizes. You can afford to be very generous with your servings. Your guests will never be disappointed because they can all indulge in seconds!

1. Costco Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake
The Costco Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake is one of the best Costco cakes you can find on the market. For a mere $15.99, you can pamper everyone with this uniquely delicious confection. The cake is shaped like a bar, and it's not overly sweet. Bountiful white chocolate chunks are clustered at the top, while the rest of the cake is filled with thick layers of vanilla and chocolate mousse. The presentation is superb. It is baked to impress both senses of sight and taste. You will not have any hesitation to serve it at the office for your business meetings because the taste is first-rate. Because the price saves you money, it's an investment by itself. It's also a fabulous dessert for your in-laws when they are staying with you. Of course, you can also eat it for your everyday dessert. It is not too fattening or too sweet.

2. All American Costco Chocolate Cake

The All American Costco Chocolate Cake at seven pounds is perfect for large gatherings. At $16.99, this round, delicious and traditional chocolate cake is the answer to your entertaining problem. The chocolate cake is rich and creamy. It will easily satisfy your friends, associates, and relatives. It leaves everyone satiated. Why? Imagine a tall four-layer cake with the thickest and most luscious raspberry sauce that is adorned with chocolate buttercream frosting and a myriad of chocolate curls. You will be able to indulge your happy guests with second servings. Then you can freeze the leftover and enjoy it for days to come.

3. Kirkland Chocolate Cake
The Kirkland Chocolate Cake, which is also made by Costco is the perfect birthday cake for every chocolate loving celebrant. Made with two pounds of chocolate mousse, the cake is like a gift. Weighing a hefty 9.50 pounds, it sells for only $18.99. Whether the occasion is a graduation, office meeting, reunion or church gathering, people's mouth will water the moment when they see the cake. Think of a cake that is large enough to benevolently gratify the cravings of more than 35 guests. This is popular sheet cake can easily be the positive highlight of your event. Long and wide, it is moist and so delicious! It's not too sweet, and it does not taste like a mass produced, cheap, sugary and genetically modified cake.

Costco uses only healthy ingredients. The cake has two layers with a thick half inch chocolate mousse that is lavishly spread between the two layers. The chocolate frosting is not cloyingly sweet. The texture is so good. Moist as it is, the cake will not crumble when it is sliced and served into plates.

Another good thing about this chocolate cake is that you can personalize it by ordering ahead of time. You can add a birthday or holiday greeting to the design. You can also ask the bakers to change the filling from a chocolate filling to vanilla buttercream or vanilla cheesecake. Like every Costco cake, you can freeze the leftover for your next occasion or enjoy eating it yourself.

Please note that all the cakes contain wheat, milk, soy, and eggs. Aside from that, you can be sure of one thing, which is that it's definitely worth the effort to be a Costco member. This will enable you buy these delicious and affordable chocolate cakes.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

How to Get the Perfect Kid Costume

Whether you’re looking to purchase one for Halloween or you simply want to have a little fun with your children, the fact is that a nice-looking costume can make the difference when it comes to a night filled with fun and games. You can host a birthday party and ask those invited to the event to dress up as their favorite characters.

If you have been trying to find the perfect costume for your child and you do not know how to go about things, check out the paragraphs below.

Consider the age of the gift recipient
Let’s say you want to get a costume right now and you have no time to waste. But even if you are in a hurry, you need to take the user’s age into account. While a toddler or a little child usually has no taste in the matter and simply wants to feel as good as possible, getting a costume for a teenager might be a little tricky.

Why’s that? Well, you need to make sure that you are aware of the boy or girl’s preferences. Costumes that allow the wearer to become their favorite character for just one night are a lot more fun compared to those that are generic. Sure, your kid might love being a witch, but maybe he or she wants to be a specific witch like Merlin or Ursula, or Madam Mim.

Nice or creepy?
Although Halloween costumes usually have to be as scary as possible, this isn’t a golden rule that everyone needs to abide by. Perhaps the child you’re getting the costume for doesn’t like villains and wants to be a particularly good one, with a golden heart.

Halloween is a great opportunity for those children who want to be superheroes. And let’s face it, each of us, despite being past the age of dreaminess, has at some point or the other wished for superpowers. These days, your child can be anything from Superman to Thor, provided that he or she likes one of these characters or more.

The fabrics the costume is made of
The construction quality of the item matters quite a bit. Even though it has to be worn on occasion or just for one night in a year, the costume has to be as comfortable as possible. Do try to avoid models made from synthetic materials as they are not particularly breathable.

If we were to suggest something that can keep the child feeling at ease all of the time, that would be cotton. However, costumes made of cotton aren’t particularly durable, so you may have to get one from a mix of cotton and a synthetic fabric.

Try to keep your expectations realistic in terms of durability, because even if you’ve picked a particularly unique toddler costume, your child will outgrow it fast. You’ll eventually have to sell it to someone else or keep it as a way of recalling the times when your son or daughter was very young.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

4 Foods You Can Learn How to Cook in Your Twenties

Being a great cook might not come naturally to some people. Either they don’t have the experience, or they find that they like to do something else than spending a lot of time in the kitchen. On top of that, one needs to deal with the dirty dishes once everything is ready for boiling or baking.

But cooking for yourself doesn’t have to be a chore. One of the essential things that everyone needs to understand is that homemade food is invariably better than anything you might get pre-made or from a fast-food joint.

To create perfect recipes, you may need several appliances that can make your life easier. One of them is a scale, with the help of which you will measure the right amount of everything that will go into your dishes. This review on gram scales can help you pick the right model.

Without further ado, here are six recipes you can learn to cook all by yourself when you’re in your twenties.

There are a lot of variations when it comes to guacamole. Some people have nothing against eating a lot of garlic, but others might be a bit more self-conscious, especially if they have to withstand an hour on public transportation.

You need some ripe avocados, salt and pepper to taste, and lemon or lime juice. Other things you can add to the recipe range from white onion and garlic to cilantro and jalapeno.

All you need to do is mash everything with a fork, but you can also use the food processor for larger amounts. The lime or lemon juice is necessary because avocado tends to go brown really quickly, and the acid in citrus fruits helps slow down the process.

Eggs are very versatile, and they’re not as unhealthy as some might argue. Apparently, if you eat an average of 7 to 8 eggs per week, you should be good in terms of your cholesterol. That is if your health is on par already and you don’t need to live by a diet.

Frittata can have anything in it from sauteed veggies to cheese and basil. Some might even add pre-boiled potatoes. All you have to do is get everything ready in the pan, cook the eggs with veggies on the stovetop for a little while, and then put everything into the oven for ten minutes or so.

Nothing’s easier than chopping up some veggies and adding them to a bowl. If you want your salads to be more creative, you can add things like pomegranate seeds, sliced avocado, boiled eggs, pickles, or anything else that might tickle your fancy.

You can even make a healthy dressing with a bit of olive oil, vinegar, as well as any spices you might enjoy.

Mashed potatoes
Creamy mashed potatoes are hard to come by, but they don’t have to be very complicated to make. All you need is equally cut potatoes, a bit of butter or cream, and all the cheese or bacon you want.
Boil the potatoes until they are soft and then mash everything up with the butter and cream. You can add more milk until you get the right consistency. Nothing tastes better than mashed potatoes to which you’ve added a bit of cheddar cheese, so do try it out if you’re in the mood.


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Bohemian Bedroom Furnishings To Up The Romance

Decorating in the bohemian style can bring the free-flowing, carefree feel in the haven call your bedroom. There are certain ways you can bring out the bohemian romantic chic using various items, decorations and furnishings. This article will discuss exactly what you can use and serve as a platform of inspiration.

First things first, you will get a great platform for creative boho ideas if you check the bohemian homewares from Zohi Interiors. There you will discover a range of items with Moroccan, tribal, Indian and bohemian influences handpicked for your home.

For now, lets see the different ways on how you can turn your bedroom upside down and into a paradisiac bohemian space.


*  The bed

A bohemian bed will be the main feature in your room as it’s a crucial item of furniture that makes up a large part of the feel in the room. A bohemian bed will usually have a wooden frame or even minus the frame.

As long as there are wooden bits and pieces around, you will get the desired romantic feel you want. If you want to soften the tone, simply add a white sheet, cushions, or pieces around the bed.

*  Think fairy lights and sheer curtains.

Sheer curtains create that flowy feel that is great for letting natural light shine through all day long. If you are morning person; even better! You will be one step closer to a romantic bedroom when you get the lighting down. Fairy lights hit the magic spot but other elements like candles and the odd lantern can go a long way.

Add some wildlife.

Houseplants will explode your bohemian look and take it to a whole new level. Usually long flowy plants with long vines and big leaves look great when creating the boho vibe. But to be honest, any plant large or small adds life and energy to the bedroom. Try and make the complement the overall d├ęcor of your room and find pots to match. Softer tones will always help to get together the look and keep it consistent.

*  Always use wood.

Wherever possible, wooden furniture is the best. If you want to go full out boho, then the washed-out wood works a treat. From nightstands to wardrobes, make sure you keep hints of wood running throughout your bedroom.

*  Add different textures and patterns.

From cushions to throws, from curtains to rugs, you will want to increase the amount of textures you have in your room. Adding that extra dimension and feel will help give the romantic bohemian chic you desire. Also using bright, eye-catching patterns throughout will keep the interest up!

These are all fantastic ideas for your new bohemian feel room but playing around and getting creative will ultimately win you the bedroom of your dreams.

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