Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bohemian Bedroom Furnishings To Up The Romance

Decorating in the bohemian style can bring the free-flowing, carefree feel in the haven call your bedroom. There are certain ways you can bring out the bohemian romantic chic using various items, decorations and furnishings. This article will discuss exactly what you can use and serve as a platform of inspiration.

First things first, you will get a great platform for creative boho ideas if you check the bohemian homewares from Zohi Interiors. There you will discover a range of items with Moroccan, tribal, Indian and bohemian influences handpicked for your home.

For now, lets see the different ways on how you can turn your bedroom upside down and into a paradisiac bohemian space.


*  The bed

A bohemian bed will be the main feature in your room as it’s a crucial item of furniture that makes up a large part of the feel in the room. A bohemian bed will usually have a wooden frame or even minus the frame.

As long as there are wooden bits and pieces around, you will get the desired romantic feel you want. If you want to soften the tone, simply add a white sheet, cushions, or pieces around the bed.

*  Think fairy lights and sheer curtains.

Sheer curtains create that flowy feel that is great for letting natural light shine through all day long. If you are morning person; even better! You will be one step closer to a romantic bedroom when you get the lighting down. Fairy lights hit the magic spot but other elements like candles and the odd lantern can go a long way.

Add some wildlife.

Houseplants will explode your bohemian look and take it to a whole new level. Usually long flowy plants with long vines and big leaves look great when creating the boho vibe. But to be honest, any plant large or small adds life and energy to the bedroom. Try and make the complement the overall d├ęcor of your room and find pots to match. Softer tones will always help to get together the look and keep it consistent.

*  Always use wood.

Wherever possible, wooden furniture is the best. If you want to go full out boho, then the washed-out wood works a treat. From nightstands to wardrobes, make sure you keep hints of wood running throughout your bedroom.

*  Add different textures and patterns.

From cushions to throws, from curtains to rugs, you will want to increase the amount of textures you have in your room. Adding that extra dimension and feel will help give the romantic bohemian chic you desire. Also using bright, eye-catching patterns throughout will keep the interest up!

These are all fantastic ideas for your new bohemian feel room but playing around and getting creative will ultimately win you the bedroom of your dreams.


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