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Customized Acne Treatment with MDacne

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of MDacne through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to our skin and our complexions, many of us, of various ages, find that we might have a issue with acne. Having acne is not only a issue that we deal with when it comes to our skin care routines, but one that can cause us to be self conscious of what we look like and how we feel others might perceive us. This can be even more so of a issue when it comes to teens, and like many teens, my daughter has found that when it comes to acne, that she would like to find a solution that is catered to her skincare needs. So when we were introduced to the MDacne App, I was curious to learn more about the app, the products they offer and how they help to create a personalized skin care routine to help combat the issue of acne with my teen with their acne treatment solution.

To get started with utilizing the MDacne app and the benefits that are offered through their personalized treatment plan, we were able to first download the app itself. When the app was done downloading, my daughter then added in her age, sex, skin type, severity level when it comes to acne, and finally, take a selfie. This selfie that is uploaded to the app, allows the app to pinpoint the acne found on her face, make an analysis using the information she provided, and provide her with an analysis of her skin. And from there, we were right away directed to the plan that is best suited for her, which includes the MDacne skin care products that she needs to help combat that acne that she, like many teens her age, have.

Once the checkout process was completed where we were also able to sign up for all of the amazing products and services that MDacne offers. We were pleased to find that our MDacne kit would arrive in just 5-7 days, allowing my daughter to begin her treatment plan sooner than later!

Then, when it comes to utilizing not only the treatment products, which contain ingredients that are dermatologist formulated, but also the plan that MDacne has personalized to my daughters acne issues, we found that they offer more than other treatment plans we have come across. This includes the Daily Routine reminders, where she can follow both morning and evening routines and get into the habit of following the various steps to using the products properly for the best results. Along with the routines, she also gets the Selfie Tracker which tracks her progress when it comes to her skin, allowing her to see the differences and also stay on track. I also found that with the MDacne, we can consult with a dermatologist, where we can ask questions, and get the answers we seek when it comes to my daughter's skin and treatment with the MDacne products. Making the choice to add the MDacne app and customized treatment plan when it comes to acne, a choice that you will be glad you made. And right now, you can get 30% off your acne treatment plan for the first month when you use code 30OFF-BLOG at checkout.


#Giveaway Save Mombies with The Floating Comfort Pillow by Mediflow

When it comes to being a new mom and sleep, the two do not typically go well together. We find that when baby sleeps, that many might advise we sleep as well, but more times than not, we take that time to get other things done that we can not get done when baby is awake. This issue at hand then creates the "mombies"; moms who are running on little to no sleep but keep on going. Where this exhausted segment of the female population can usually be identified by dark circles under her eyes, a staggering walk, and a cup of coffee in her hand. Women turn into Mombies after giving birth and only one thing can stop them: sleep. Yet, scary statistics reveal that mothers of children under 18-months-old are barely clocking in five hours a night. So this past holiday season when I was given the chance to review the Floating Comfort Pillow by Mediflow, I was pleased to find that it allowed sleep to come a lot easier for me.

I also found that with the Floating Comfort Pillow by Mediflow, that it can help with resolving the issue of Mombies, by offering the comfort moms need to get that good night sleep. So when the people from Mediflow offered to give one of my readers their own Floating Comfort Pillow, which can be found on Amazon, I was excited to set it up! You can enter below to win your own Floating Comfort Pillow now.

Product received, thank you to Mediflow as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Adventure & Thriller Locations To Make Most Of Your Savannah Trip

For any adventure enthusiast, exploring diverse natural formations is a matter of pride and satisfaction. While many of us are not able to explore the world, some people make sure that they travel around the globe and find new tracks and trails to explore. Australia is one destination that attracts as many adventure lovers as urban and business tourists. Such is the popularity of the continent among hikers and explorers that many guides, like best desert & savannah tracks atlas and guide, have become international bestsellers. Here are the geological and geographical formations in the Savannah region of Australia that any nature lover would be thrilled to explore.

  • The plateau region on the west
This region lying in the tropical savannahs is more or less flat, with distinct zones of rugged formations along the coastal side. Destinations like Hamersley Range and Kimberley attract many hikers and explorers who carry out expeditions to know about the unique geological timeline of these formations.

  • The Lowlands in the centre
Stretching from the Northern edge of the Gulf of Carpentaria, all the way to the Murray-Darling plains, via the Great Artesian Basin, this region is classified as flat lowlands. The geography of this region is marked by sedimentary rocks that serve a water-retaining function before the water flows to the eastern side of the continent.

  • The Highlands on the east
Almost the entire belt on the eastern edge of Australian Savannah consists of a series of tall and very steep plateaus running adjacent to the coastline. The slope of these plateaus gently merges with the inland. The Northern regions of these plateaus have the Savannah belt.

These three distinct regions are well-explained in stalwart illustrated books like best desert & savannah tracks atlas and guide. In addition, geologists are particularly interested in some land formations that are only found in Savannah region, along with the tropical belt surrounding it. These regions are described as follows:

  • The Peneplains
Erosion and weathering of mountains over thousands of years gave rise to very flat and low lying formations known as peneplains. These plains then accumulated limestone deposits, and stromatolites grew here. Currently, it is a treasure chest for the mining industry.

  • The Greywackes
Another distinguished formation in Savannah region is the sequence of rocks formed as a result of avalanches that happened underwater. These also comprise volcanoes.

  • Volcanic lava and basalt
The massive deposits of basalt and volcanic lava in the region around of Victoria River are reminiscent of the Cambrian age that happened hundreds of millions of years ago. Consequently, this region present marvels to geologists and earth scientists. These deposits eventually gave rise to fertile soil on which flora thrived.

  • Sandstone deposits
Intriguing sandstone deposits, that are highly resistant to erosion and weathering are also present in the Savannah. Their horizontal deposition and their composition (mainly quartz) are responsible for their amazing resistance to weathering.

The Savannah is a treasure trove for geological scientists and earth science researchers. Books and guides such as best desert & savannah tracks atlas and guide describe the fine details of the geographical and geological features of the region.


Friday, March 16, 2018

#Giveaway Ovation Brands Family Night Prize Pack Featuring The Sandlot

Family nights in my home vary from our family movie nights we enjoy once a week, to the family night outs that we enjoy as well. And when it comes to those night outs with the family, we like to seek out the restaurants that offer the family friendly environments along with menu selections that everyone can enjoy. With that in mind, one place that we like to head to that offers those aspects along with family fun nights on Thursday evenings is our local Old Country Buffet, which is part of the Ovation Brands family of restaurants. So when we were told about the all new line up of family night fun from the Ovation Brands' restaurants starting on March 29th, featuring the movie, The Sandlot, we were excited mark our calendars and also share about the events!

Each Thursday, from March 29th through May 3rd between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., kids may participate in different interactive and educational activities in Ovation Brands’ restaurants and Furr’s Fresh Buffet locations. PLUS kids eat for $1.99 from 4 p.m. to close with the purchase of a regular-priced adult or senior meal.

The featured activities are as follows:
  • March 29 - Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  • April 5 - Hall-of-Fame Day
  • April 12 - Jersey Day
  • April 19 - Scavenger Hunt
  • April 26 - Home Run!
  • May 3 - Safe!
Giving us plenty to look forward to on Thursday evenings when we make it a family night out, and making the choice to add the Ovation Brands' restaurants and Furr's Fresh Buffet to your next family night out, a choice that everyone is sure to appreciate! And to help with making your next family night out a fun one for everyone to enjoy, the wonderful people from Ovation Brands would like to give one of my amazing readers a prize pack with 4 meal passes and one copy of the movie, The Sandlot on Blu-Ray + Digital DVD!

Product received, thank you to Ovation Brands as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Meadow Days™ Super Mat from Tiny Love

When it comes to baby and playtime, we find that exploration on the floor is something that little ones enjoy. From playing on the floor in the family room, to the park, playtime is the time that little ones enjoy as they explore the world around them. And like many parents, when it comes to play times with little Zoey, Heather not only likes to have the toys that engage little Zoey, but also the play mats that she can both play on with her toys, relax on during naps, and even use as a mat when they head to the park as the weather warms up. So when we were sent the Meadow Days™ Super Mat from Tiny Love, Heather was excited to begin using it with Zoey and also share her thoughts on this mat with our readers. You can read Heather's review below. 

If you are looking for a brightly colored, 3-D play mat, this is the one for you! These little animals like the fox appear to be jumping off the mat. I like that the bright colors draw Zoey’s attention to come and play and that there are several little activities built into the mat. The fox’s tail crinkles when you touch it, the bunnie's carrot can hide in the garden, and the mirror can be taken off for extra play. Which is a favorite for Zoey, because she loves kissing herself in the mirror! For me, from a parent's perspective, I love how big this mat is and how thick it is. We have hard wood floors and I feel better when Zoey plays on the mat knowing that if she topples over, her head doesn’t hit the hard floor. Some additional features are:

* Engaging peek-a-boo tree
* Playful soft textures
* Mirror for extended tummy time
* Tint ring for attaching extra toy
* Large button and soft handle for easy folding & carrying
* Crinkly fox tail
* Machine washable mat
* Easy grasp carrot teether
* Corduroy peek-a-boo pocket
* Shiny satin ribbons
Which in all, we found this to be an excellent mat to grow with baby from birth and up, and I like that we can take it with us on the go. Making the Meadow Days™ Super Mat from Tiny Love a mat that we will be taking with us to the parks this spring and summer for picnics and that is perfect for Zoey to sit and play on. So if you have or are expecting a little one, be sure to pick up the Meadow Days™ Super Mat from Tiny Love today!

Product received, thank you to Tiny Love as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Easter Fun with the Peek A Boo Bunny from Aurora Gifts

Easter is coming soon, and the time to find those gifts to place in the kids baskets is now. Like many who have babies who will be celebrating Easter with the older kids this year, Heather finds that Zoey enjoys the softness from stuffed animals. She also likes the stuffed toys that offer a interactive aspect that is fun, yet simple enough for a toddler to enjoy. So when we were sent the very soft, adorable and fun Peek A Boo Bunny from the Spring line up of stuffed toys at Aurora Gifts to review, I knew that Heather would enjoy checking it out with little Zoey and sharing her thoughts with our readers. You can read Heather's review below.

Easter is almost here and this 12” Peek a Boo bunny is the perfect gift for adding to your little one's Easter basket! This white bunny is so plush, soft, and silky feeling. Zoey likes to rub her hands and face all over her bunny. And hidden inside it’s hands and by the eyes are magnets which allows it’s hands to cover it’s eyes and Peek a Boo your little one! Zoey loves playing peek a boo and she giggles when bunny plays along. Along with the soft texture and fun peek a boo play to be had, I love the details of the little pink paws on its hands. Which in all, makes the very soft and fun Peek A Boo Bunny from the line of Spring toys at Aurora Gifts, a great choice to go with when seeking gifts for little ones this coming Easter!

Product received, thank you to Aurora Gifts as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Popcornopolis Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn Now at Costco

When it comes to those family movie nights or even snack times in my house, we like to ensure that we have plenty of popcorn on hand. Myself, along with the rest of my family, enjoy popcorn while watching those movies together and also adding popcorn as a snack during snack times. The thing is, when it comes to some popcorn that we have found in stores, not all offer a low calorie option or even the organic options that I seek for both my family and myself. So when we were sent a bag of the Popcornopolis Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn, that we can pick up at our local Costco store, we were excited to add it to our family movie night and also share about our experience with our readers!

With the Nearly Naked Popcorn from Popcornopolis, we get a light and fluffy popcorn that is Gluten-Free, has only 38 calories per cup, is non-GMO and USDA Certified Organic, and popped in coconut oil. Giving us that same great flavor that my entire family loves about the original, with that crunch and the right amount of salt, but at just 38 calories per cup, which is a huge plus for me! Along with the fact that the Nearly Naked Popcorn is USDA Certified Organic and has only 38 calories per cup, we all can appreciate that the popcorn we get when we stock up at our local Costco is that the popcorn is made fresh using only the finest ingredients! Which in all, makes the choice to add the Nearly Naked Popcorn from Popcornopolis to your shopping list the next time you head to Costco, a choice that is sure to make both those family movie nights and snack times enjoyable for everyone! And when you head to your local Costco to stock up on the Nearly Naked Popcorn from Pocornopolis between April 19 – May 13, the cost will drop from $5.39 a bag to $3.49!

Product received, thank you to Popcornopolis as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Spring Break Must Have with the Obersee Madrid Convertible Diaper Bag

It is that time of year again, the time where travel plans are being made, kids are home for a week or two, and the weather is finally beginning to warm up! Like many who enjoy the Spring Break for not just the time off but also the weather ahead, Heather finds that she likes to have the gear needed to make her Spring Break with the kids easier for everyone. So when we were sent the Obersee Madrid Convertible Diaper Bag to review, Heather was excited to check it out and share her thoughts with our readers. You can read Heather's review below.

The Obersee Madrid Convertible Diaper Backpack Messenger Bag is one that is definitely a bag that offers many uses and one that is very unique! As baby ages, this becomes a messenger bag that you can use for work. This bag is super stylish and has lot of room for packing those essentials in when taking little ones out and about. The extra wide shoulder strap is easily adjusted and the padding makes it super comfortable to carry on your shoulder, which can be very nice when exploring parks and more. For me, I have used many diaper bags over the years and I have to say this should strap is the best! It doesn’t dig in and it feels like it distributes the weight evenly making it easy to carry. Or, for when you want to carry it a bit differently, I like that it has two straps to wear it as a back pack, which can also be great when going on those long walks with the kids!

Another unique feature is the top, which makes it into a messenger bag, and comes in 8 different colors so you can choose what color works best for you now and then later. A huge plus that I know many parents will appreciate is that there are many many pockets inside and out to store baby essentials so they don’t wind up lost. The insulated bottle bag and clothing cube fit perfectly into the back of the diaper bag, making it so there is no need to carry a separate bag for bottles. There is also a changing pad that holds diapers, wipes, and cream to make changing on the go quick and easy when we are on the go. And another great feature that I must mention is the fleece lined tablet/computer pocket to safely take a tablet or computer with you, that is handy to have for that Spring and Summer travel, making it so there is no need for an extra bag. Making the Madrid Convertible Diaper Bag from Obersee, a must have diaper bag when it comes to travel and convenience!

Product received, thank you to Obersee as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Meet Your New BFF with the Best Furry Friends

When it comes to seeking out those gifts to put in the baskets this coming Easter or even for those kids birthday parties, I have learned that seeking out those collectible items can be the way to go. Like many kids, Heather's love those surprise bag toys and the collectible figurines they come across. And with Heather not only seeking those Easter basket goodies but also the birthday gifts for her two youngest daughters, she finds that with her 11 year old, that the cuter the collectibles, the better. So when we were sent some of the new BFF toys from the Best Furry Friends line up, she was excited to share them with her daughter Megan and also share with our readers! You can read Heather's review below.

With my daughter Megan, she loves surprises, so when we were given the Best Furry Friends to review, I knew she would enjoy them. And I was right, I can’t tell you how much Megan loved getting these for her Birthday!!! She loves the surprise element of which ones she is going to get, because like many kids who like those blind bag type toys, not knowing is half the fun! Oh and the fact that there are unicorns she can collect, well that is just a huge plus with any gift for Megan since she enjoys collecting anything unicorn related.

With over 60 different ones to collect, you are sure to get a variety to start your collection. They also come in these cute little baskets to collect as well. Megan wears her favorite of the day in the locket so she can take it anywhere with her. And with Easter just around the corner, I can’t wait to get more of these for her and watch her light up with excitement when she opens them. Which one will you open next!? A jelly? Metallic? Rare? There’s only one way to find out, when you head out today and pick up some of the newest BFF's in town from the Best Furry Friends line!

Product received, thank you to Best Furry Friends as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Build Healthy Sleep Habits with SleepBuddy

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Sleep Buddy through a campaign managed by BSM Media. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to sleep and little kids, we sometimes find that the concept of time with little kids can be an issue. Where little kids might not understand or struggle with what time means, and what bed times and awake times are. Where nap times can be confusing due to the time of day, and where bed times during certain times of the year can be confusing due to the extended or shortened daylight hours. Which is why, as a parent, I find that having the resources to help kids with such issues can be very helpful for everyone. And why I have found the SleepBuddy to be a great tool to have on hand for both kids and parents when it comes to building healthy sleep habits.

With the SleepBuddy, we get a type of clock or timer of sorts, that gives parents the control to set the various times for kids to follow, using a simple child proof programming. These times include a clock that can be set, which is great for little ones to use as they begin learning how to tell time. Along with the clock, I like that we can also easily set times for naps, bed times, and wake times with the programmable lighting. Giving us a soothing blue or amber light that stays on when it is time for sleep and turns off when it is time to wake up.

Then when it comes to the other great features that you get when you add the SleepBuddy to the sleep training for your little one, I like that it includes a Parents Guide, to assist parents with. With the Parents Guide I like that it offers tips, strategies and advice that can help parents and caregivers to make the SleepBuddy a very important tool to have when it comes to those bedtime and naptime routines. Also included is a book that is perfect for reading to the kids when it is time for bed and a Reward Chart with stickers to help encourage those healthy sleep habits. Which when you bring all of the specs together, makes the SleepBuddy a must have in my book, when it comes to building those healthy sleep habits starting with toddlers who are ready to transition from the crib to a bed, kids who have trouble sleeping through the night, co-sleepers who are ready to sleep on their own, as well as for kids who are on the autism spectrum and can find the blue light to offer a calming effect.

So if you have little ones who need help when it comes to building those healthy sleep habits, or kids who would benefit from some of the features that the SleepBuddy offers when it comes to sleep, then be sure to add the SleepBuddy to your list of must have products!


#Giveaway LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season 2 + Easter Prize Pack

Family movie night is a time that everyone in my house looks forward to. It is a time to relax and unwind as we share titles that we come across. And for my boys, well, when they get their night to share the shows and movies they come across, I have learned that if it is related to Star Wars or LEGO, that it is most likely going to be part of the line up. So when we were sent LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season 2 to review, I knew that they would be excited to add it to our family movie night line up!

In season 2, we get those three Freemaker siblings who are back and have found a home with the Rebel Fleet. They join the Rebels in the fight to take down the Empire, but they find that in the fight that they have to face the various Imperial forces, and even go on a mission to save 2 of the Rebellions heroes. These forces include the Hutts, Sith Lords, and M-OC. Which takes the siblings on daring missions and adventures like no other through the 12 episodes that are included along with bonus shorts!

We found LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season 2, to be a great addition to our family movie night along with a great addition to our LEGO Star Wars line up of DVD's, and you can too when you head out today to pick up your copy to share with your LEGO Star Wars fans as well! And to help celebrate the new release of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season 2 this Easter, I will be giving one of my amazing readers a fun Star Wars themed Easter Basket filled with Star Wars must haves that any fan will enjoy getting this year!

Prize pack will include the following (ARV $125)

•    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Blu-ray

•    LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures: Season 2 DVD

•    Porg mug  

•    Blue lightsaber

•    Rebel Alliance pin 

•    Chewbacca 4” wind-up toy

•    Star Wars Easter Egg decorating kit 

•    Yoda plush pet toy(sizes may vary)

•    BB-8 Plush

•    R2D2 bean bag plush

Product received, thank you to Walt Disney Studios as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Lady Bird on Blu-Ray and DVD

In my house, when we prepare for our family movie night each week, we like to ensure that everyone gets a chance to contribute titles that they would like to share with the family. Where we take turns, allowing each person to share what they come across when it is their week to share. We also find that when it comes to choosing those titles, that sometimes it is one that more than one in the home want to share. Which for myself and my daughter, we found the new movie, Lady Bird, to be a title that both of us wanted to share on family movie night. So when we were sent a copy to review, we were very excited to add it to our family movie night line up.

With the movie, Lady Bird, you get the story of a teenage girl who, like many kids her age, is struggling to find her path in life. The girl is a senior in a Catholic high School, who wants more than what her current situation offers her, where she is a kid from what she sees, as a very boring life from the other side of the tracks. She longs to go to the east coast, where she would go to an Ivy League school and live in a city of culture, but finds that there are many obstacles in her way of that dream, one being her mom.

Along the way of navigating her path, she finds romance, friendships that drift apart, and a lot of drama when it comes to the home life, especially when her mom finds out that she had been applying at colleges that were not local. The choices made, tear them apart, but after coming across letters from her mom, she finds herself and embraces who she is, as well as rebuilds the relationship she had thought lost with her mom. Bringing us a movie that offered not just a great story line, but one that offers both the comedy and drama that both my daughter and I seek in the movies we enjoy. Making Lady Bird, a great choice to add to your next movie night when you head out today to bring home your copy on Blu-Ray and or DVD!

Product received, thank you to A24 Universal Pictures as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Going to a Hospital

No one really wants to go to the hospital; to be honest, a trip to the hospital is stressful for most people. While the healthcare industry is improving rapidly these past couple of years, a visit to A&E or the hospital in general is still daunting. You may find the system and aspects about the healthcare facility confusing.

Knowing what to do – and how to get the best healthcare services – before your next visit to the hospital is a great way to make the whole experience less hectic. By making yourself more prepared for both planned and unplanned visits to the hospital, you can take control of (most of) the situation too. Here are the 5 things you need to know before going to a hospital.

Manage Your Expectations

It is not uncommon for patients to expect too much from the healthcare system. While hospitals are meant to provide the best treatments possible, the treatment you receive doesn’t always solve the health issue you are facing.

The same can be said for the rest of the experience. We still see a lot of medical negligence claims UK that the healthcare industry has to deal with simply because the service providers don’t take real steps to manage patients’ expectations. Expecting an instant cure or for the treatment to be delivered in an automatic, directive way is not something you want to do.

Instead, you want to position yourself as an active part of the solution rather than a problem for the doctors and nurses to fix. By being an active part of the experience, you can avoid unnecessary medical malpractice cases and will have a generally more pleasant experience visiting the hospital for various reasons.

Be Thorough

Sticking with being an active part of the experience, it is also a good idea to get involved in the process of getting treatment whenever you visit a hospital. You can start by bringing with you any supporting evidence as well as letting the doctor know the symptoms you experience.

The latter is indeed very important. According to top medical negligence solicitors, one of the most common types of medical negligence claim in the UK is misdiagnosis. Upon closer inspections, you will see that the medical negligence cases associated with misdiagnosis are mostly due to the lack of clear descriptions and supporting evidences from the patients.

You can even go a step further and take all the time you need to explain what you feel. Don’t worry about taking up too much time; as a matter of fact, you can ask doctors to stay for longer if they show signs of rushing into a diagnosis at any point. Use gestures like pointing and be honest about what you feel as the doctor examines you.

Ask Questions

Next, make sure you understand every part of the process clearly. When a doctor explains to you about the possible disease you have, listen carefully and don’t hesitate to ask questions whenever necessary. Knowing exactly what you face is half the battle; once you know the kind of illness you have and how it can be treated, you’ll feel much better about the whole situation as well.

Asking the doctors questions is a handy habit to get into. You don’t need to understand every single terminology or diagnosis; you just need to be more informed about the steps doctors and nurses take as part of the treatment they provide. Some of the things you need to understand are:

·         The kind of disease or health issue you face based on the symptoms
·         The treatments you will receive as a result of that diagnosis
·         The reasons why those treatments are necessary
·         Any further steps that need to be taken to solve the health issue

By sticking to these points and understanding all about them, you are also preventing yourself from becoming another medical negligence UK victim. Naturally, understanding these points isn’t always important when you are in a lot of pain. If that is the case, be sure to have a close friend, a relative, or (preferably) a loved one to help you go through the process.

Get (and Follow) Instructions

As a patient or a close relative of a patient, you have a lot of rights and options at your disposal. You can choose to ignore the doctor’s advice, refuse to be treated, or ignore the diagnosis completely. You can choose to stop the process and leave the hospital at any point too. On top of that, you actually have the ability to ask for a second opinion on the spot or postpone the treatment so you can get a second opinion elsewhere.

On the other hand, doctors must always provide you with the best information regardless of the situation. Honesty and objectivity are among the traits that every doctor must maintain while serving the UK’s healthcare industry. Now that you know your rights, it is easier to fully understand how much you are in control.

That said, always make sure the decisions you make are calculated. Don’t make a decision unless it is an informed one – with you having all the facts. There are reasons why doctors took so long to earn their degrees; the medical field is dynamic and vast. Listen to the doctor treating you carefully, ask for recommendations or instructions on the best thing to do in the situation, and make sure you follow those instructions if you think they are the best for you.

Know How to Deal with the Worst

Despite the reliability of our healthcare system, there will be times when the system fails you. When you are a victim of a medical malpractice, knowing how to handle the situation is a huge plus. The better you can handle the situation and the more evidence you can secure to support your claim, the better the outcome of your case will be.

Contacting the best medical negligence solicitors is a must. Medical negligence solicitors know exactly what to do in these situations. They can help you every step of the way, including handling things like securing relevant documents and talking to doctors about your medical condition. Even better, you can now find top medical negligence lawyers thanks to The Medical Negligence Experts. Simply visit the site ( and connect with an experienced solicitor as early as possible.

Having a solicitor helping you early on in the case is also beneficial for you personally. Since you now have an experienced lawyer taking care of the legal side of things, you can focus more on treating any injury or potential health issue that is caused by the medical malpractice. This means you can spend more time visiting other, better doctors and getting the treatments you need instead of worrying about depositions and attending settlement meetings.

Knowing how to handle the worst will make your next visit to the hospital a lot more manageable. Add the four other tips we covered in this article, and you will feel more relaxed even when dealing with a stressful hospital visit. After all, staying calm will make the situation more manageable. Ask questions, understand every step you’re going through, and manage your expectations carefully; these tips and the calmer attitude you get from implementing them will help you get better outcomes from the hospital visit you make.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Take On Spring Break in Style with Glamping Hub

The seasons are changing, the weather is starting to warm up, which for me, means that it is time for those Spring break adventures to commence! For many this means, seeking out those unique destinations, places where memories are made, and where you can both explore and relax while enjoying the time off. And like many, when it comes to Spring break and seeking the adventure to take on, I like to look for the destinations and accommodations that offer relaxation and places to explore. So when I was introduced to Glamping Hub, I was very curious to see the various unique destinations and very unique accommodations they offer.

Through Glamping Hub, I found that as we go to make those plans for Spring Break, I can access the first online booking platform and leading portal for unique outdoor accommodations across the globe! Giving me choices from the over 25,000 accommodations that can be found in the over 115 countries they have available.

Where travelers like myself, can find those destinations that offer a once in a lifetime experience, and where the adventures are taken outdoors to connect us to nature through amazing experiences. I also like how with Glamping Hub, they take that adventure we seek with camping and glamorize the experience without having to sacrifice some of those amenities we enjoy. Where we can go camping and get added luxuries and five star amenities. Making Glamping Hub, the place to go as you plan those upcoming Spring Break and even summer adventures!

Product received, thank you to Glamping Hub as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Beauty Light: Travel Beauty Tips for Light Packers

We’ve all made the mistake of bringing too much when we travel. Packing too much is okay for some trips when you have extra space to spare, but sometimes you have to make the most of your travel space by bringing only the essentials! If you’re used to an extensive daily beauty routine, you might need to make some adjustments. We all want to look our best when we travel, and that means packing some beauty items. It’s important to find the right balance between too much packing and just the right amount. Here are travel beauty tips for light packers to make your trip run smoothly!

Buy the right makeup organizer.

Cosmetic bags are a great way to travel, but sometimes you need something a bit more compact. If you’re trying to save space, purchasing a small, efficient organizer for your makeup and other beauty essentials is a good way to keep yourself in line. This method is simple: if it fits, you can take it. If it doesn’t fit, you’ll need to make some compromises. Makeup organizers not only keep you from bringing too much, but they also help keep your luggage organized which is especially helpful in busy hotel rooms or if you have a long flight.

Pack neutrals.

If you plan to wear your makeup every day, you need to bring makeup that goes with everything. That means focusing on neutral shades that go with all your outfits. Neutral eyeshadows are easy to wear both day and night. If you plan to go out for a fancy occasion or to explore the local nightlife on your trip, bring one or two things to elevate your makeup look. A simple red lipstick can transform your day look to nighttime without having to bring an elaborate supply of bold makeup.

Purchase beauty supplies in your destination.

Depending on your destination, you might be able to buy a lot of your beauty supplies when you arrive. This saves on space when you’re traveling, and it gives you the opportunity to try new products! If you know you like to use a lot of conditioner, for instance, this is a good thing to buy when you arrive. Do your research about local brands in your destination to see what is and isn’t available.

Simplify your makeup routine.

One of the best ways to save space when traveling is to simplify. You can simplify both your hair and makeup routine to keep your need for products and supplies down. If you have a favorite hairstyle, don’t be afraid to repeat it throughout your trip. Remember, nobody will notice if you repeat hair or makeup looks! If you can’t travel with a blow dryer, learn a few styles that don’t need a dryer like an updo or braid. You can simplify your makeup look by packing products that have more than one use. Lipstick doubles as blush while eyeliner can also fill in your brows depending on the shade!

Sleep with your hair in a bun.

If you can’t travel with a blow dryer or your accommodation doesn't have one, you can still manage stylish hair on the go. Sleep with your hair in a bun or in braids while sleeping. When you wake up in the morning let your hair down! You should have effortless waves without any heat!

Prep for beauty before your trip.

You can solve a lot of your beauty headaches by preparing before your trip. If you want your hair to look its best for a few days, get a blowout on the day before your flight! This should give you a few days of effortless style! Opt for a gel manicure with Pink Gellac to make sure your nails look perfect throughout your stay. Nothing is worse than chipped nails during your trip! A little bit of prep goes a long way when it comes to looking and feeling your best!

Packing light doesn’t mean compromising on style!

Just because you can’t bring your full makeup or haircare collection on your trip doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your personal style. A good packing routine can save space in your luggage for more important things. Traveling is the perfect time to get creative with your beauty routine!


Easy Tips for Battling Against Chapped Lips

Chapped lips seem to be synonymous with winter in many parts of the world at large; dry and flaky lips comes with cold and dry weather. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this, and keep your lips looking soft and un-chapped throughout the year. Keeping your lips un-chapped is very important when it comes to comfort and aesthetics, because chapped lips are often sore and uncomfortable. Since they happen when the skin is dry, it also means that your skin is uncomfortably tight at the same time.


            There are various oils which are good for chapped lips, and two of the most well-known include coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. Both oils are extremely rich and fatty, which is good for repairing your various types of skin.

            Coconut oil is thicker, and not so easily absorbed. For this reason, it is best used by people who want an overnight cure, as that can give it time to do its work. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, which can make it easier to apply.

            Sweet almond oil is more suited to application during the day, as it is a thinner oil, and more easily absorbed. Sweet almond oil is also a liquid at room temperature, which makes it easier to carry throughout the day.


            As with anything else, you should always make sure that you read other people’s ideas and reviews of different products, including Angel lift review at

            Cucumber is something which has been said to be very good for chapped lips, for a number of reasons. The juice is very healing, and it can be applied during the day so long as you have access to a cucumber slice. Apply the juice to your lips, wash it of after ten minutes, and you are done.


            Aloe is wonderfully healing for just about everything, and chapped lips are no exception. This is a very good treatment for overnight use, as it means that there is plenty of time for the aloe to be absorbed by your skin. To use it, squeeze the gel out of the leaf, and apply it to your lips before going to bed. Rinse carefully in the morning.

Green Tea Bags

            Green tea bags are very good for in general, being packed full of antioxidants and toxin reducers. This is a remedy for chapped lips which can be used anywhere, so long as you have to both a green tea bag, and a cup of hot water.

            The way to use this remedy is to put the tea bag into the hot water for a short time (maybe you can wing using it to make a cup of tea at the same time!), and then apply the green tea bag to your lips. Be careful not to burn yourself. Repeat this once a day and the tannins in the green tea will act to soothe the skin on your lips over a period of some time.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

How to Choose a Ukulele

Whether you are looking to get one for yourself or you want to select one of the nicest gifts that an audiophile can receive, the fact is that choosing a ukulele can be challenging, particularly if you have no experience with musical instruments, in general.

To make it slightly easier for you to make up your mind either on a particular model or on the features that the instrument should come with, we’ve created a simple guide you can read below.

Start with the price
If your friend is a well-seasoned musician, you might have to devote a lot of time to an extended research process that should allow you to pick the right instrument. However, if the person you are trying to impress with your present is a newbie in terms of playing the uke or the guitar, you can start with a budget-friendly alternative.

Most ukuleles for beginners are priced at around seventy-five to two hundred dollars. The cheaper the model, the less likely it is for it to perform well, and thereby, the higher the likelihood of the musician having it replaced over a given period of time.
There are some ukes that can cost as little as fifty dollars, but we suggest you steer clear of those as no decent musician can play such a cheap instrument. Unless they are toys made for children, that is, in which case you can select the most affordable option without any second thoughts.

There are three main types of sizes when it comes to ukuleles - soprano, concert, and tenor. With a bigger body, you will get a more powerful tone. Tone and concert ukuleles produce a richer and warmer sound, while a smaller instrument is virtually incapable of doing the same.

If you do love a tingly sound or have nothing against it, it might be a good idea to choose a soprano ukulele. There’s nothing wrong with it. You might just not be able to play a wide array of genres, or the sound of the uke might not go well with other kinds of instruments when playing with another musician.

Other pieces of advice
If you really have no knowledge when it comes to picking a musical instrument in general, and a uke in particular, one of the resources that we can recommend is YouTube. There are heaps of ukulele players that make their lessons available and that put together in-depth reviews of various models and thoroughly explain what features are musts and which ones you can do without.

If you have buddies or family members who also play the uke, you can always go for the easy way and ask them how they managed to get a decent instrument. Even though it might seem a weird idea, you can get valuable advice from music instruments consultants who work at specialized stores. You don’t even have to buy anything.

Last, but certainly not least, we would also like to point out that the age of the user also matters quite a bit. Children might find it impossible to work with a tenor ukuleles, and that’s because the neck can be too thick for their little hands to wrap around it.


Friday, March 9, 2018

#Giveaway Celebrate Easter with Wonderful Halos

Easter is coming, and like many, when it comes to those Easter baskets for the kids, I like to have fun activities and treats for them to enjoy. For me, when I think of Easter, I think of the Spring and all of the activities we take part in over the spring season. I also find that when I think of Easter, I think of those brunches we enjoy with family and friends, which include fresh fruits to share and enjoy. So when we were sent a Easter Basket filled with goodies from Wonderful Halos, I was excited to share the goods inside with my kids and add the Wonderful Halos to my list of great Easter Basket and brunch ideas!
See when we celebrate Easter with Wonderful Halos, we can have those juicy, sweet seedless California mandarins, that are bursting with pure goodness to share with everyone. The Wonderful Halos make for a great addition to add to the Easter brunch line up, where we can enjoy the freshness they add to the meal. I also like that when we add the Wonderful Halos to the Easter baskets, the kids can enjoy a tasty treat, that is easy to peel, and found right in their basket of Easter goodies left by the Easter Bunny!

With the basket we were sent that came packed with those Wonderful Halos, we found that the kids can decorate their Halos using the stickers provided. Giving them a fun, Easter themed activity that they can enjoy doing together, and even add to this years Easter Egg Hunt. Which is a great alternative for our friends whose kids can not hunt those hard boiled eggs due to allergies. Allowing them to join in the hunt, searching for the Halos we decorate and put out for them to find. Making the choice to add the Wonderful Halos to your Easter Baskets and Easter Brunch line ups, a choice that everyone is sure to enjoy. And to help with bringing those sweet, juicy California mandarins from Wonderful Halos to your Easter and Spring activities, the wonderful people from Wonderful Halos would like to send one of our amazing readers their own Wonderful Halos Easter Gift Basket!

Product received, thank you to Wonderful Halos as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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