Thursday, March 22, 2018

7 Best Tricks to Fall Asleep Faster on Your Bed

A state of perpetual sleep deprivation is detrimental to one’s long-term health, resulting in a reduction in longevity. Counting quality ZZZ’s is the path to a stronger immune system, a balanced life, improved moods and concentration, alertness, and so much more.
Sleep is life’s natural medicine. It costs nothing and gives us so much.

‘There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.’

I belong to the fortunate people that get a good night’s rest. However, having said that, I cannot claim to have never had trouble falling asleep. I experienced sleep troubles during a somewhat tumultuous period in my life when my mind was continually working. It made me think about all of you out there who might suffer from the same problem, and I immediately wanted to help.

What better place to start than at the beginning? And that’s what I did. My initial research showed me of the importance of having the right mattress. And thanks to a selection of websites, one of which was, I was able to find one.

With that done, I looked into some of the most effective falling asleep hacks and came across the following.  

1. Take a warm bath or shower before bed

If you’re like me, you will feel relaxed and sleepy after spending some time in a hot tub or under a steaming cascade of water in the shower. Build this into a bedtime routine. A little scientific hint: a rapid drop in temperature slows your metabolism at a quicker pace, tricking the body to sleepiness.  

2. Plunge your head in ice-cold water for thirty seconds

Sounds counterintuitive, I know. But when you are feeling anxious or worried in the evenings, this technique called the Mammalian Dive Reflex lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. Put simply, it’s like a reset, calming you down.    

3. The ‘4-7-8 method’ works miracles

According to the bestselling author, Dr. Andrew Weil, this technique will lure you to dreamland in under a minute.

·        Start by positioning the tip of your tongue on the rim of tissue by your upper front teeth – remember not to move it for the duration of the entire exercise.
·        Exhale all of the air in your lungs by using your mouth, making a whooshing noise. 
·        Shut your mouth – inhale through your nose, while counting mentally to four.
·        Now, hold your breath as you count to seven.
·        Release the air through your mouth by once again making the whooshing sound until you count to eight.
·       Finally, repeat the sequence three more times.

4. Meditate, flush your mind of anxiety

Think of something beautiful to rid your mind of all of the anxiety and stress. Combine this with the right breathing technique for better results.  

5. Scent your room with lavender

I, for one, love the smell of lavender. If you are the same, purchase some lavender oil and infuse your room with pleasant sleepiness. Another plus is that the human brain has a great memory when it comes to scents, consequently establishing a routine.  

6. Read

Reading enhances the mind, and improves concentration. But most importantly for our case, it distracts and relaxes.

7. Have a candlelight dinner

You will not be under the constant glare of LED lights that, like screens on electronic devices, are the most prominent blue light menaces. Major plus – if you are in a relationship, the romance might lead to some fun between the sheets. Let’s face it; good sex makes you knackered.  


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