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A Guide to Choosing Men’s Underwear

As a man, it is easier to buy an underwear when you have decided the type you want to buy. There are two options available in the market: briefs and boxers and choosing one of these options will help you make a wise decision. However, this is not to mean that you will find only one type of boxer or brief.

No, there are hundreds of men’s underwear styles with each of them having its unique design, fabric, and attribute. Choosing an underwear that’s right for your style and comfort can seem like a daunting task as there are many options to choose from. However, worry no more as this article is here to help you know how to find a good underwear that will suit your needs.

Tips for buying men’s underwear
1. Briefs
Many men love briefs because of many reasons. First of all, briefs are standard go-to underwear in the market. They come in a wide range of colors, designs, and rises. One of the major benefits of briefs is that they are comfortable and can be worn under most of the clothes as they can cover your package and back completely and leave the upper thigh and side of the leg exposed.

Briefs are ideal for those who want to keep everything in place and need support. Briefs are perfect for everyday dressing and moderate sports and you don’t have to worry about the excess fabric found in boxer briefs, boxers, and trunks.

2. Low-Rise Brief
Low rise briefs usually sit on the hips just below the natural waistline and provide enough fabric to cover you up. Some of the low-rise briefs usually enhance the package.

3. Mid-Rise Brief
These briefs usually sit on the natural waistline. They are perfect to wear with board shorts, regular cut jeans, and dress pants.

4. High-Rise Briefs 
High rise briefs usually provide a more traditional fit and will perfectly sit below your belly button. They are perfect to wear with high rise pants. They will smooth out your stomach, streamline your waist and reduce the appearance of love handles.

5. Boxer Briefs
Boxer briefs usually cover about half of the thighs in a beautiful way. However, some of the boxers cover about 1/3 of the thighs. They are ideal for sports and workouts and protect you from chaffing.

Just like standard briefs, they provide great support and complete coverage. They can either be worn for everyday use or for workouts. Boxer briefs should be paired with coarse fabric paints like winter wool or selvedge denim and gym shorts.

6. Boxers
A boxer is a loose fitting underwear with little or no support at all. However, they allow the body to breathe more compared to other men’s underwear. Most of the boxers usually come with an open fly which enables the person wearing them an exit route with the utmost of ease. Boxers are available in different designs and slim fit cuts. They can either be worn on a daily basis or when playing sports. The likes of these SAXX Anti-Chafe Underwear will prevent chafing and other similar painful issues.

7. Trunks
Trunks are becoming more and more popular because of many reasons. They are a hybrid of a boxer and brief without the mounds of fabric and look like boxer briefs with a square like appearance and short legs.

Trunks are ideal for those who like briefs with something different. Trunks can either be worn for day to day use when going out, when going to a business meeting or when playing moderate sports. They can be paired with about any clothing.

8. Jockstraps
Jockstraps offer a complete package support and protection. They offer a cooler experience than ordinary briefs as lift the package upside and keep it away from the rest of the body.

Jockstraps can be paired with uniforms, high-intensity sports, bike shorts and tight pants. Those men who would like maximum leg comfort should consider J.Crew jock straps as they provide a more relaxed fit. They can also be worn with loose pants, pajamas, and shorts.

I hope that the tips above will help you find an underwear that will suit your needs. Knowing about the different types of underwear is all you need to determine whether a certain underwear will be ideal and make the process of looking for an underwear an easier one.


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