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How to Make a DIY Travel Phone Projector with 4 Tools

One thing that many people enjoy using to create a new and exciting movie experience is a projector. However, many people just simply can’t afford a huge projector system for their home, and what if they want to travel with their projector? What are they to do? You could purchase a travel move project for your phone, or you could make a DIY projector that is easy to travel with and great for watching movies on the go. In this article, we will discuss an exciting way to make your own smartphone projector for your movie viewing pleasure.

Gather Those Materials

Before you make a DIY smartphone projector, you need to first gather your materials. This projector is easy to make with simple supplies that many people just have laying around. If you don’t they are still relatively inexpensive to purchase. To make this project, you will need four major tools:
  • Magnifying Lens
  • Xacto Knife
  • Hacksaw
  • Hot Glue Gun
Preparing the Items

Now that you have all your materials, you need to prepare your items for the rest of the project. This will include doing things like reinforcing your box and cutting the handle off your magnifying glass.
The first step is to grab your hacksaw and your magnifying glass. By propping the glass on a sturdy table, hold the lens part of the object with the handle sticking off the end. Gently use the hacksaw to cut off the handle and discard it. Next, you will need to reinforce the box by gluing the corner and the flaps of the box to prevent any wiggling as you finish the project and use it. Let it dry for several minutes before continuing. Now, you will take your magnifying lens and place it on the side of the end of the box where you will be placing it. Use the lens to draw off a line to cut the box. Using an Xacto Knife from your favorite hobby or craft store, cut out the circle line for the lens and pop the excess box from the hole.

Adding the Lens

Before you pop out the glue, you need to position the lens you are using. Once you get the lens in place, grab your hot glue gun to glue the lens in place on the box. Before you can finish off the rest of the project, you will need to put the lid back on the box to prevent any extra light from getting in the box and blocking the phone. Start by adding the lid and cutting off the excess box that sits over the lens. You can use your Xacto knife to cut it off.

Phone Stand

Using your phone in the projector means you will need a stand to keep the device from shaking or falling. By taking your foam board, you can make a simple phone stand. Start by cutting out two pieces. One piece needs to be the height of your phone, and the other should be wide enough for a base. Now that you have your pieces, position the foam piece onto the base, ensuring that it is perpendicular to the base. Taking your hot glue gun, attach the foam piece to the base to create a stand.

To add your phone to the stand, grab some double-sided tape that is padded. Add a piece or two to the back of your phone and stick it directly to the stand.

Setting your Phone

Before you turn on the movie, you need to set the phone to a few settings just to ensure that you are getting the right brightness. First, set your phone to the highest brightness setting that it will go. The more light you have the better the projection will be. After you set the phone, lock the screen since the lens will invert the light source. You will need to turn off the auto-rotate to prevent the screen from turning while you are watching the movie. Some people even download an image flip app to flip the orientation of the image for projection.

Adjust the Projector

Before you use your projector, you need to first position your phone to adjust it. Try moving to the phone closer or further away to get a better image on the wall. You might notice the image getting sharper or softer. When making a DIY projector, you need to ensure that it is just as calibrated as a typical projector to make your moving watching experience the best it can be. Once you have adjusted the projector, you can turn off the lights and enjoy your movie.


While you could just buy a projector, many people enjoy making their DIY projector. This project is a fun and easy project that can be done with the family or just for fun. Not only can you use it at home, but you can travel with the projector as well, making it a great option for vacation movie watching.


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This is a great idea! I know we can't afford a projector.

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