Boys vs Girls: Potty Training

So I am in the process of potty training my little guy. He is 2 and we started the journey of potty training him once he started taking his diaper off and peeing on his sister’s toys. I dont think I will ever understand what the fascination is with boys once they figure out what they have. I honestly dont remember potty training my daughter being so hard. It was very simple with her. Once we started using pull ups with her it wasnt long before we were completely potty trained and wearing panties. I think that once we took her to pick out her first pack of panties she was ready to wear them. Well we started the potty training with my son about a month ago. He does go in the potty , but he also thinks it funny to pee and play with himself at the same time creating a mess. He doesnt just do this in the bathroom either. He has done this numerous times while playing with his sister and a couple of times while he was supposed to be taking a nap making a mess all over himself. Boys. My husband says that some boys are just like that and there is a fascination there and its fun to play with it. I personally dont find it funny , I think its gross. Now we have taken our son to pick out his first pack of underpants , thinking that like my daughter this might encourage the potty training. Not the case at all. He has peed in them many times. I have had friends tell me to leave the underpants on him for a while after he pees and that he will get uncomfortable. Not my little guy , either it didnt bother him or a few times he has just taken off the underpants himself. My husband takes him to the restroom every time he goes and sits him on his potty and he does go. He does come to us and tell us he has to go. A lot of times he has already gone in his pull up or his underpants. We have spent whole days taking turns taking him to the restroom every hour , but then he thinks its a game and continues to do so , saying he has to go constantly , but when we get in there he will sit down then stand right back up saying he is done when he hasnt done anything in the potty. I am hoping this wont go on much longer and that he will soon get the hang of it and use the potty in the potty every time he has to go.

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 15, 2012 / 4:22 am

    It's like teaching your child to read. You think they'll never get it, then one day they just do.

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