Aleratec DVD CD Disc Repair Plus Review

Like many households out there, we have DVDs and CDs. And like many families out there we have many scratched up DVDs. No matter how much we try to keep our kids from scratching them up, its inevitable. I dont know how many times we have thrown DVDs out because we thought there was nothing we could do. We have some that wont even play anymore. Its a shame because, obviously if they are scratched up then they were movies we liked. I have tried explaining to my daughter and I have tried to get it through to her that if she is done with a movie then she needs to put it up correctly. I know it is not all her either, we have a 2 year old, who thinks that rubbing a DVD on the floor is what he needs to do. He probably gets that from us, when we try to get DVDs clean before putting them in the DVD player. But the method of wiping down a DVD with our shirts doesnt always work and I am sure that we have also made some of our DVDs worse. It really is like throwing our money away. Especially when we think that there is nothing we can do to fix a DVD or a CD. I know that I can go and spend money at the movie store and have them repair my DVDs and CDs, but that is also spending and wasting more money. Until now that is. I was given a Aleratec DVD CD Disc Repair Plus to test and review courtesy of Aleratec! Finally a solution!!! As soon as we got the disc repair machine, we went and got some of our favorite movies, and gave this little machine a try. WOW!! I am amazed! We took some of our worst looking DVDs that were not even working anymore and ran them through the machine. Not only did this awesome device take the scratches out and clean our DVDs, but they actually work now! My husband got so excited, he went and got some of his favorite movies that were scratched up, and fixed them!! This is perfect for our home, and for any home for that matter. If you have DVDs and CDs then you probably have scratches on some of them. You need to go out and get the Aleratec DVD CD Disc Repair Plus machine today so you can watch those movies that you gave up on again. Then when you do get scratches on any other DVDs or CDs, you can fix them right away!

This is bad!!
The repair solution and the cleaning stuff!!
Adding the repair solution
Press the repair button
And just like that its done! Except now I need to figure out what wrong with my camera, bad pic!!

Very easy to use. Wish I had known that my camera was messing up at the time. But the DVD was all nasty with little finger prints and really, really, really scratched up. And the outcome was amazing. We put that DVD in right after and it worked just like it did when we first got it!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 14, 2012 / 5:24 pm

    I didn't know you could buy these! I really need one.

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