Eco Store USA Product Review

Being a mom I am always looking for new eco-friendly products to use in my home. When looking for eco-friendly toiletry items I am looking to see if they are plant based and to see how they are with sensitive skin. I myself have eczema and my daughter does as well. So making sure that products dont cause irritations on the skin is very important to us. I found a store that I have found to be very appealing in more than one way. It is called Ecostore USA. The people at Ecostore USA sent me some samples of their products to try out. I received the Coconut and Vanilla Body Wash and the Pure Oxygen Whitener. I love a good smelly soap that I can use when I shower and let me tell you this good smelling soap not only smells good but I noticed that after I got out of the bath that my skin was softer than usual. Huge plus for me. Also the fact that this body wash is plant based and all natural, means that I can use this on my daughter as well and not have to worry about it making her break out. So, the body wash definitely passed the test in our home. Then there is the Pure Oxygen Whitener. Because of having allergies in the home and my daughter and I both having eczema, when it comes to washing clothes I do have to be careful what I use. I cant use bleach or even the non chlorine bleaches because they do seem to make us both break out. When I do use any kind of stain removers I am very limited to what I can use, and when I received the sample of the Pure Oxygen Whitener, I had to test it right away by trying it on my clothes first. I am very impressed, not only did it get the stains out but I didnt get any skin irritations from it, and once I washed my daughters clothes and she wore them, she didnt have any irritations either. I decided to put it to the real cleaning test by trying it on my 2 year old boys clothes that he wears to play outside in the grass and the dirt in, and he seems to always leave at least one spot of what he has eaten. I didnt just put one or two shirts in, I put all of his clothes that were dirty, plus the sheet on his bed that he spilled some red juice on. Well, let me tell you, I am very impressed by this Pure Oxygen Whitener! It did what it says it does, it got the stains out. All of them! So if you are a parent always on the look out for the best eco-friendly products for your family, then you need to go over to Ecostore USA and check out all of their products. They carry a variety of family cleaning products from baby care to laundry care. They have bath and body products as well as hair care and pet care products too. You can follow Ecostore USA on Facebook or on Twitter and you can shop for Ecostore USA products from their online store.


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