House, M.D. Game for PC Review

I love watching House, M.D. on Fox. This great television series is one that is like no other, where the doctor who should be the hero is depicted as the villain. House is a sarcastic, smart medical doctor, who’s sense of humor is dark and is usually geared at pointing others imperfections. When in reality on the show, he is the one battling many imperfections and issues in his own life. Legacy Games has once again come out with a great game for your PC. They have recently come out with the new House, M.D. for the PC. This is a great game for those House fans out there!

House M.D. takes a unique approach in blending light adventure game play with mini-games and lab tests. Play along with the surly Dr. House and his team at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital as you race to unravel 5 all-new medical mysteries. Featuring all eight characters from the hit television show, solve more than 100 mind-bending puzzles and mini-games to uncover critical clues about your patient’s hidden life. In order to crack the case, you must track down evidence by examining patients, searching their home and workplace, interrogating their friends and family, running lab tests, and performing surgery. Every piece of evidence reveals part of the solution, so careful observation and analysis is key. The clock is ticking. Be prepared for unexpected twists and turns before you solve the case!

Head over to now so you can start playing!!!


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