Imagination Box Printable Play Barn Review

My daughter loves to color and paint. Our refrigerator is covered with her and her little brothers masterpieces. When I saw the Printable Play Barn from Imagination Box, I knew this would be a great project for my daughter. There is so much to do with this awesome coloring kit. From the easy assembly to the detailed coloring. This is guaranteed to be a fun project for your kids that will keep them busy. The fun doesnt end once the barn is finished. Once finished your kids can get their toy farm animals and play with the barn for hours on end. This amazing toy is made out of sturdy, double walled corrugated board, which makes for a very durable cardboard toy. With a 2 year old in the house we always have to check to make sure we do not bring anything in the home that could be potentially toxic if he were to ingest it. So knowing that Imagination Box uses all non-toxic, post consumer materials that are 100% recyclable, made the Play Barn an even easier choice of a multiple activity toy for our home. When looking for a great activity for any reason, from Birthdays to just because days, head on over to Imagination Box and look through their selection.


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