Somnio Running Shoes Review

When looking for running shoes, you have to find that perfect fit. They have to not only be comfortable but they must be durable as well. And when in the market for some new shoes, with all the brands and styles out there, shoe shopping can be overwhelming. You can try on 100 pairs of shoes, but which ones will you go with? Which ones are not only comfortable and durable, but are great for helping you with your training as well? What pair of shoes do you feel comfortable putting on every time you go out to the gym or go for a walk or a run? Which ones are the most beneficial to you? Well I have found that perfect shoe! I will not look any farther. I have been given a pair of Somnio Self Control running shoes with cushioned motion control courtesy of Somnio to review. I have to admit, I dont think I have ever had or worn a pair of shoes quite like these. I have been wearing them out when I go for my walks. Somnio means “Dream” in Latin. And the people over at Somnio are out to help people achieve their lifestyle goals while at the same time keeping them injury and pain free. Over at Somnio they know that every person is different, so they make their shoes with that in mind. So that every pair of shoes is made to adapt to each individual. Their shoes were developed in one of the leading sports medicine labs, and the shoes were tested on real everyday people just like us. Let me tell you after wearing these shoes that I was given, I am convinced that these will be the only brand of shoes I will ever need to use when it comes to buying athletic shoes. I never knew that athletic shoes could truly be so comfortable and stylish at the same time. These amazing shoes have been talked about on the show The Doctors and have been featured in many of the leading athletics magazines. You can purchase a pair of your own Somnio shoes online, or to get a personal fitting, you can go to their site and search for a dealer near you.

This is their straight lasted shoe that is both stable and cushioned.

The straight last is designed for a runner with low to medium arches and moderate to severe pronation.

Functionally Engineered Adaptable Tricomponent System
Interchangeable footbeds for a custom fit based on the runner’s arch height, providing more support and comfort
IndX cushioning inserts for long-lasting cushioning and customization based on weight and preferred running surface
Tunable Varus angulation for addressing each runner’s particular biomechanical needs – like having a custom orthotic made specifically for your shoe
Micro 2 Step dual density midsole for pronation control
ACT midfoot bridge provides extra support and gait alignment during the transition from heel to forefoot
Road Block tread rubber compound for durability
Stretch Mesh forefoot material allows the shoe to move with the foot and accommodates a wide variety of foot types
Lace Keeper keeps laces in place and tied

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 14, 2012 / 5:34 pm

    It's been a long time since I've run.

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