Center City Mayhem Review

Once again I was asked to review a haunted house, and once again I had to get the courage to go through with it. When we arrived at the Amarillo Activity Youth Center, there was already quite a crowd gathered to enter the Center City Mayhem Haunted House. At the Center City Mayhem there are 2 haunted houses. One is the big scary one and the other is geared towards the kids. We took our 2 year old with us this time so he could go through Casper’s Castle. He loved it! The first time we went through he was a little scared, but right after we went through he was ready to go again, then again and again and again. He had a blast going through Casper’s Castle, and at the end of the kids haunted house they had tables set up with coloring pages, some puzzles, a tv area and face painting. How fun, and this was perfect for him to get him geared up for Halloween. Once we had gone through Casper’s Castle several times, I knew I wasnt going to get off that easy. It was time for me to be brave and head on towards the Center City Mayhem Haunted House. This haunted house is called Mayhem and that is exactly what it is, mayhem around every corner. Nothing is what you expect and with scenes that change on you, you easily get confused and it puts you into a state of confusion and mayhem. Great costumes and actors, one thing that can really be appreciated is that all of the actors at Center City Mayhem are doing this for free, 100% of the proceeds go to the Amarillo Activity Youth Center. This haunted house was huge and through out the entire thing, I was hoping to see the light to the exit, lol. There are 2 alternate endings, and while you are walking through you keep thinking that it is almost over, just one more turn to go, but you are wrong. You can experience the Mayhem more than once and you will experience a different state of mayhem each time. With the different endings you just have to go through it at least one more time so you can get the complete effect. So if you are in Amarillo or traveling through, you need to make a stop at the Center City Mayhem as well. Not only will you experience mayhem but you will also be supporting the Amarillo Activity Youth Center as well, which is a non profit organization helping our inner city youth!

Good thing the Wolfman is chained up, dont think I want him getting up and chasing me! Then when Frankenstein stood up, I was lucky that his master was there to keep him from getting me, so I could take a picture!!

This is the boiler room I used to have nightmares about, this just brings back those horrible images from my dreams! I dont dare go down those stairs!


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    November 13, 2012 / 2:52 pm

    Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to Wittenberg door on Oct 31.

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