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My family is already feeling the effects of the cold season and I know that many other families are in the same boat. When I was given some Chloraseptic Spray and Lozenges to try and review, I was really eager to do so when strep and a cold both hit our home this past week. With a cold, you get that scratch in the back of your throat that causes you to cough, then after so much coughing your throat then becomes quite sore. I started with the Lozenges for my cough. They were a pleasant relief from the cough. Then when my throat became sore from all of the coughing and runny nose, the Chloraseptic Spray was like heaven. When you spray into the back of the throat, especially with a soar, scratchy throat, the relief from the pain is heavenly. I could talk without hurting and coughing for a bit! I also received a bottle of the Children’s Chloraseptic Spray, and when my daughter began to get sick, this seemed to help her. Unfortunately her cold turned into strep, but with the antibiotics and the Children’s Chloraseptic Spray, she seemed to be able to tolerate the strep a little better. Chloraseptic Lozenges and Chloraseptic Spray are a staple in our home during the cold and flu season.

Sore Throats Don’t Have to Suck This Flu Season…..

…When you suck on Chloraseptic lozenges.  Chloraseptic®, the #1 pharmacist recommended brand, has updated their complete line of lozenges and sprays to provide effective relief just in time for cold and flu season!  The lozenges now have a soothing liquid center with a second burst of medicine to battle sore throats caused by flu like symptoms.  Best of all, the lozenges are available in four great flavors such as Green Tea, Cherry and a Max strength.  For the frostiest of winter months, Chloraseptic lozenges and sore throat sprays are the must have staple for the flu season. 

 Below is detailed information on the line as well as some tips for fighting and preventing flu like symptoms. 

 If you need any hi-res photos and samples, please let me know and I would be happy to send you some.  Thanks for your consideration on including this in any health, new product or winter round-ups that where it may fit.

                                                  FALL ALLERGIES 101

IRVINGTON, NY (AUGUST 2010) – Whether it’s for your first grader, teen, college-student or parent, when you’re shopping for supplies, take a moment to add one more item to your list – Chloraseptic® sore throat lozenges and sprays. For the more than 40 million Americans* who suffer from seasonal allergic rhinitis—the symptoms that occur when you breathe in something you are allergic to—the time of year is here.  Ragweed season runs from mid-August through October.  Allergies can wreak havoc with symptoms including sore throat pain, cough, nasal congestion, runny noses and itchy eyes to name a few.

At the same time, fall allergies coincide with back to school. Cold, cough and germs piggyback their way right into the classroom – and your living room, all which could cause sore throat pain.

Four common causes of fall allergies which cause sore throat pain are:
· Hay Fever- Allergic rhinitis, or a ragweed allergy.
· Food- About a third of those with fall allergies will have reaction to foods too; oddly zucchini, tea, cucumbers and melons may all trigger symptoms in some people.
· Dust Mites- They can be stirred into the air in the fall when furnaces are first turned on for the season.
· Confined Spaces – Classrooms may often have lingering mold or dust that can upset allergies that become airborne when the hustle and bustle of school begins.

This year, Chloraseptic®, the # 1 pharmacist-recommended brand for sore throats, has launched a family-friendly improved line of sore throat lozenges and sprays.  Now, when sore throat sufferers take a lozenge to stop that itchy feeling a soothing surprise occurs every time. Chloraseptic® Lozenges now have a soothing liquid center. With flavors like Cherry, Citrus, Honey Lemon and Green Tea (made with real honey), your family can choose their favorite flavor and enjoy them too.

“Allergies can easily ruin an otherwise great start to fall,” says Jocelyn Yuan, Senior Manager for the brand.  “Chloraseptic® Lozenges are great to put in your backpack or briefcase for relief on contact.  Parents, teachers and students will appreciate that, the great new flavors, and the benefit of liquid centers this season.”

For quick relief, pharmacists recommend these four tips:
· In the event of a cough or sore throat, use lozenges such as Chloraseptic® Lozenges to numb the sore throat pain and target coughs
· Wash your hands to rid of any germs or pollen
· Use a humidifier
For nasal irritation, try an antihistamine

Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Lozenges are the only medicated sore throat remedy on the market that have a soothing dual-sensory solid shell with liquid medicine in the center.  The burst of liquid inside each and every lozenge soothes your throat, adding a double punch of relief to the lozenge that is already targeting your sore throat and irritated nasal passages.

The Chloraseptic® Lozenge Line is available in 15 and 18 count packs with a suggested retail price of $3.99. The family of sore throat relief products also includes Chloraseptic® Relief Strips® for kids, which are fast-acting, great tasting grape oral strips that relieve sore throat pain on contact.  Flavors of Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Lozenges also include Wild Cherry, available in sugar free and regular, which also suppress cough for up to four hours, and maximum strength® Wild Berries, the strongest non-prescription flavor available.

New Bottle Design
Chloraseptic® is launching a newly-designed spray bottle. Inside, it’s the same sore throat spray you know and trust. Outside, the bottle has been re-shaped to better fit into your medicine cabinet. And, it’s easier to use one-handed.

The sprays come in great flavors such as Cherry, Menthol and Soothing Citrus in 6.0 oz bottle.  The line also includes a grape-flavored kids strength formula as well as a smaller Maximum Strength spray that comes in a 1.0 oz portable bottle all at a suggested retail price of $6.25. A pocket pump version of the #1 Chloraseptic® Cherry Spray is also available in a 0.67 oz package that is easy to carry anywhere for sore throat relief at a suggested retail price of $2.75.

Giveaway: Not only was I given some Chloraseptic Spray and Lozenges to review but I will also be giving one lucky reader a bottle of the Chloraseptic Spray and a box of the Lozenges to try for themselves!

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