Mix Pups Review

Little girls love to play with toy animals. My daughter isnt any different. She loves animals and she loves toys so when given the Mix Pups to review, my daughter fell in love with these adorable pups instantly. The Mix Pups are just way too cute. And they are irresistible to little girls. With these little Mix Pups your little girl can switch out the hair and clothing and mix and match all the little puppies to give them new looks all of the time. My daughter has her friends over quite often and she loves to show off her new toys to her friends. The next time one of her little friends came over, she brought her own Mix Pups with her that she had her mom buy her at Toys R Us right after they left our house the last time. I was doing laundry and I over heard the girls talking about which Mix Pups they would need to get next and also which accessories they claimed to need, so cute! So yes, these adorable little Mix Pups are a hit with my daughter and now her friends as well. Shortly after my daughters little friend left, she wanted to go to the Toys R Us site to take a look at the other Mix Pups and make her list of which ones she had to have next. While there, she found the new Mix Pups plush dolls they have and the playsets. She made it a point to show me them and tell me how important it was that she get these to play with, with her friends. So, not only did we review and test the Mix Pups, but they are now a topic in our house. She seems to try to bring up the fact about how much she needs to get some new Mix Pups, the plushes and a playset. After seeing the rave we created at our home by just having my daughter play with these adorable Mix Pups with her friends, I have a feeling these little Mix Pups are going to be a holiday must have amongst all the girls this year for the holidays!!

And a little FYI….keep your eyes open for the Home For The Holidays Giveaway Event, you might find some of these adorable little Mix Pups in the event!!


  1. Tiffany
    October 12, 2010 / 4:14 am

    Visiting from FMBT! Already a follower. Take care =)

  2. Laura Lane
    November 14, 2012 / 4:53 pm

    I wonder where these were designed?

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