Twilight Sea Turtle Review

We have a 2 year old, who we are working on keeping out of our bed. My daughter seemed to be easy, once we told her it was time to sleep in her big girl bed, she was excited about it and has slept in her own room ever since. Then there is my son. My daughter was 2 when we got her a cute toddler bed and even took her to pick out her bedding to make it even more exciting for her, and it worked! My son on the other hand, we went and got him a toddler bed and let him pick out his theme for his bedding, which seemed to excite him. He even slept in his bed for about a week. We thought we were successful in the transition. We were mistaken! Now he will go to sleep in his bed, but every single night it never fails, he ends up in our bed. I dont know if its because the house is completely dark or if he is just plain scared about sleeping alone, but we seem to be stuck. Well, I started looking around and asking my friends for advice when I came across the Twilight Sea Turtles from Cloud B. What a great idea! To incorporate a cute stuffed animal into a different type of night light. How cute. You put this adorable Twilight Sea Turtle in your child’s room then you set it to what color of stars you want on your child’s ceiling. I was given a Twilight Sea Turtle from Cloud B to test and review. I love it and so does my son! When we set it up he lies in his bed and just stares at the stars until he falls asleep. Now, even though he still ends up in our bed, its not every night. And when he does go to our room, he isnt bumping into things because he brings his turtle to our room and it lights the way for him! I think that on the nights he does sleep the entire night in his room, having the stars lit up on his ceiling is calming when he wakes up at night instead of it being pitch black!

The Story of Twilight Turtle
Nestled at the bottom of a lazy creek is a beautiful heart shaped pond with golden water lilies, fluffy cattails, and a clear view of the open sky. It was the perfect place for Papa Turtle to teach his new baby all the wisdom that he once learned from his own papa.
Every day they would follow the lazy creek from sunset until the stars came out before heading home. This was Baby Turtle’s favorite time because he loved to find shapes and patterns in the stars. Back at the pond, he would continue to gaze at the stars with his papa ‘til he peacefully fell asleep.
Then one rainy day when they were headed back, the lazy creek overflowed and turned into three little streams. The streams went down in three
different directions, but to Papa’s surprise, Baby Turtle started walking
down the right stream back to the pond.
“How do you know the right way home?” asked Papa Turtle. “We always walk back toward those stars that look like a puppy,” Baby Turtle said, pointing up at a group of stars. “You are absolutely right, my little Twilight Turtle,” proclaimed a proud and happy father.  
Today Twilight Turtle helps pass on the knowledge and wisdom that came from his papa and his papa’s papa before that.  

Twilight Turtle Constellations
A constellation is a group of stars that look like a familiar image or shape. Identified and named over many thousands of years, the 88 constellations serve as recognizable markers in the night sky.
Twilight Turtle projects 8 different constellations onto the walls and ceiling of your room. Can you find them all? If you need a little help, click on the little picture of the stars, below:
A new page will open that shows all the stars on the turtle shell. The top of the page shows the stars near Twilight Turtle’s head, the bottom of the page is near his tail. If you move your mouse over a group of colored stars, the outline of that constellation will appear. Click on any constellation, and a new window will open with more information and a fun drawing of that constellation.

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    That's really neat.

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