Truvia 30 Day Challenge #maptruvia Get a Free Sample!!!

So I was sent some samples of Truvia sweetener to take a 30 day challenge. The challenge was to replace my regular sweetner with Truvia then to tell others about my experience. I do have to admit, my choice in sweeteners is not the best one out there for me. I know this because there have been studies done on artificial sweeteners, and the side effects and long term effects from the particular artificial sweetener, are not good. So  when asked if I would take a 30 day challenge by replacing the sweetener I was using with Truvia, I was all for it!! When I started the challenge, my main concern was the effect of basically coming off of the artificial sweetener. I had talked to my doctor, and I was informed that after a few days of not using the artificial sweetener that I was using, I could experience massive headaches. Great! I already get migraines like practically all of the time and my doctor said that because of that, my migraines may briefly intensify. Another thing my doctor told me was that the artificial sweetener I was using may have been causing my migraines to be as bad as they are. So yes, my migraines may get worse, but my doctor explained it would be just temporary, and once the withdraws were over, the migraines I was already getting might decrease. First, I thought to myself, “Was I really consuming a product, a sweetener for that matter, that will actually cause my body to go into withdraws?” I mean that is just insane to think of it that way. Withdraws from a sweetener!! Then I took in the pros of the whole experiment. I would be eliminating that awful chemical sweetener from my body, and I could possibly decrease my migraines, which would be just awesome!! The first week of using the Truvia in place of the sweetener I was currently using, was interesting. The taste was very pleasing. I replaced the sweetener in my coffee and tea with Truvia. I did not notice if my migraines had increased or changed in any way. Then come the second week. My husband started to experiment with the Truvia in the kitchen. He made some grits and sweetened them with Truvia, oh very nice!! Then last week he made a pumpkin pie from scratch and used Truvia instead of sugar in the recipe, WOW!!! YUMMY!!! I was given extra samples of Truvia, which I handed out to friends when I was out. The response from our friends was good! Everyone said they loved the Truvia and after telling them what I found out about the other sweetener I was using, and how Truvia can be used not only as a sweetener in your drink but as a sugar substitute when baking, it made Truvia that much more appealing. My migraines did not seem to change any, but I really did not expect to see a difference since that is more on a medical side. I am happy to say that I do seem to feel healthier knowing that I no longer have the awful toxins that were in the other sweetener I was using in my body. Also knowing that Truvia is a all natural sweetener, I dont have to feel guilty about using Truvia. My 30 day challenge may not be up, but I no longer have any of the artificial sweetener in my home, and we have gone to our local Albertson’s and bought more Truvia to replace the sweetener. If you would like to get a free sample of Truvia to try for yourself go to the maptruvia site at and leave them the link to where you shared something about Truvia, whether it be Facebook, Twitter a blog, ect.. You could even share the link to my blog post or by tweeting this post to get your free sample!

I received Truvia for free, but that does not reflect my opinions in any way!


  1. Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting
    November 3, 2010 / 7:50 pm

    Way to go, Katie! I'm so glad to hear you're doing well on it!

  2. Laura Lane
    November 13, 2012 / 2:38 pm

    I have a box in the cabinet.

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