Wahl Color Pro Review

I know that like many other families out there, we are always looking for ways to save money. One way that I have found that has saved us money, is at home hair cuts! We have used a Wahl Home Clippers for the past couple of years for cutting my husbands hair. My husband is a former Marine and that being said he likes to keep his hair high and tight. My Jar Head! So when we were given the Wahl Color Pro to review, I knew that this clipper would help us with our at home hair cuts and help me in making sure I get the correct lengths for my husband. This past year my little boy has decided that he wants his hair like daddies so we have also been doing his hair every time I shave daddies hair! I dont cut my sons hair as short since his hair is still fine and really blonde, so the different attachments really come in handy and the color guide does as well!! This color guide is perfect for getting that barber style cut for everyone in your home in the comfort of your home! I know that since we started doing at home hair cuts we have saved about $50 a month. Which is a huge savings when you count up $600 saved in one year! This kit has everything you need and at around $40 its like putting money back in your pocket! Buying a Wahl Clipper will make a great gift this holiday season or a great investment this holiday season!!


Wahl® ColorPro 

features colored guide comb attachments with a coordinated color chart, making it easy to identify the guide combs to use for each member of your family.

Kit Includes:

  • Multi-cut clipper
  • Blade guard
  • Storage case
  • Flattop comb
  • Styling comb
  • Pocket comb
  • Scissors
  • Neck duster
  • Cape
  • 2 Hair clips
  • Cleaning brush
  • Blade oil
  • 13 guide combs
    • 1/16″ (1.5mm) – light green
    • 1/8″ (3mm) – red
    • 1/4″ (6mm) – purple
    • 3/8″ (10mm) – dark blue
    • 1/2″ (13mm) – orange
    • 5/8″ (16mm) – yellow
    • 3/4″ (19mm) – lavender
    • 7/8″ (22mm) – green
    • 1″ (25mm) – light blue
  • Left ear taper
  • Right ear taper
  • Ear trim guide
  • Eyebrow trim guide
  • English & Spanish Instructions/ Styling Guide


  1. Laura Lane
    November 13, 2012 / 3:17 am

    I need to buy clippers.

  2. Harry
    December 4, 2017 / 5:08 pm

    I would like to start to do home haircuts too. It saves a lot of money and I've found this idea at educational channel https://youtu.be/bizDdi10BJM So thank you so much for recommending so interesting product!

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