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With all of the holiday meals that we had to prepare, I was lucky enough to have received a hearty sample pack of amazingly mouth watering meats from a local Texas Panhandle farm called Sandy Trail Farm. We received and sampled juicy burgers, tasty bacon, scrumptious sausage, delectable ham and very yummy beef sticks!!! The burger patties we received were just amazing. These gourmet burgers are perfect for the grill and they come in several mouth watering varieties.

In 1/3 pound sized patties 

(Their patties weigh more because they are lean, lean meat weighs more than fat)



Just plain 100% Angus cross beef.


Same tasty burger as the original beef burger with 

a surprise of cheddar cheese chunks added!


What a treat for those who like things a little hot!

Made with hot peppers.

The bulk is great for your favorite Mexican food recipes.

Southwest Burgers with Cheddar Chunks

Same great flavors as the Southwest burger with 

the cheddar cheese chunks to complement the hot peppers!

Supreme Burgers

For those who like mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers

This is the one!

Oh, so good!

The  bulk is great for your favorite meat loaf recipes.


Lean fresh pork burgers,

No fillers or binders.

Very tasty indeed!

The bulk is excellent in any recipe calling for ground beef or ground turkey.

I think I would have to say my personal favorite would be the Southwest Burgers! The chiles that are added to the meat make these patties just so appetizing and mouth watering. We added some bacon to our burgers, which I thought was a great way to top these burgers off. But in all honesty, the patties alone are great just the way they are, a perfect blend of meat and chiles!! The kids loved the Beef Burgers with Cheddar Chunks, I had to take a bite and these are also great burgers as well!!

With the bacon there are so many possibilities. From serving bacon with eggs for breakfast, making mouthwatering BLT‘s to wrapping the bacon around shrimp and jalepenos and topping our burgers off at dinner!! We have used the different appetizing varieties of bacon we received for many different meals and all of them have been very pleasing to the pallet!!

COUNTRY CURED BACON                      
Made with brown sugar.
It has that old fashion flavor.

Made with cane sugar.
A milder flavor than the Country Cured Bacon.
With every purchase of this bacon 
we will make a donation to the
International Rett Syndrome Foundation

Made with cane sugar and just a touch of maple sugar.
It is a treat made with our good pork!

Made with white, brown, and maple sugar.
The name says it all.
It has a very good flavor!

The sausages over at Sandy Trail Farm are perfect for a number of breakfast meals! We used the sausage for some biscuits and gravy, breakfast burritos and as a side for a classic sausage and eggs breakfast!!

You can order your sausage from them in a variety of flavors. They have the link sausage, then the mild, medium, hot and extra hot sausage so you can cater to the different heat pallets in your home! The link sausages are full of flavor. They are all made with pork.
They do not contain any MSG, nitrites, fillers or binders.
They use collagen casings that are very tender when cooked.
These sausages are hickory smoked and fully cooked! Just heat and serve! The link sausages are great for cookouts, parties and for a great fast meal!!

The hams from Sandy Trail Farm make for a great meal. When you are looking to make a great sit down meal for your family or for a holiday meal that fit perfectly as the main course for a number of occasions, the hams a just so juicy and perfect. We have chosen to make a New Years ham this year, which was an excellent choice if I do say so myself! Along with our delicious ham, we made some jumbo shrimp with slivers of bell peppers and velveta cheese stuffed inside then wrapped in some of the delicious bacon from Sandy Trail Farm. Then a side of potatoes with chives and crumbled bacon sprinkled on top! A wonderful meal to end 2010!! There are so many meats to choose from over at Sandy Trail Farm and the animals that the delicious meats come from are all raised without any hormones, nor are they fed any antibiotics. They also do not feed any of their animals any animal byproducts. During processing the animals are not subjected to any stress due to transporting them. The processing plant is a USDA inspected plant and it is located on the farm. All of these factors make for some very high quality, safe and tasty meats that you feel good about serving to your family. And the people over at Sandy Trail Farm package their meats to where you can go to their store and pick up your meat or you can order from their online store and have it shipped anywhere in the country! I guess you can call me the Mom Ambassador for Sandy Trail Farm, and I am very happy to be able to share my thoughts and opinions on the wonderful high quality meats my family has been lucky enough to sample with my readers and the families of my readers!!! I look forward to many more reviews on the wonderful meats from Sandy Trail Farm as well as a tour in the future that I will share with my readers!!


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    My husband would have a COW if he saw this…and a pig..LOL!He would be in heaven to try these, especially the cheddar burgers! I have not heard of this brand so thanks for sharing!

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    April 17, 2016 / 4:05 pm

    wow these burgers and bacons sound so good. I want to check these out. Great way to stock up!

  7. Rose-Marie
    July 7, 2016 / 1:05 pm

    These sound amazingly good, and I have been buying less meat just because I'm not that impressed. Growing up, my parents would to to the butcher, and boy can that spoil you. I'd love to try this!

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