When looking for unique clothing ideas there are so many different aspects to look at when shopping for the recipient.Whether you choose to go with a certain style, character, or sports team. But what about clothing that is made specifically for a certain culture or race? I know that myself being Irish, I can find plenty of items of clothing that help me represent and be proud of my Irish heritage and same goes for the numerous items for Italians and English. But here in America there are cultures from all over the world, so wouldnt it be great to find a brand that is just for the Hispanic culture? My daughter is Hispanic and her name says it all for her. I know that she is proud to be Hispanic and I love it when she says her name ‘Estrella’ and rolls her r, it sounds so pretty! So when I was asked to do a review for a Hispanic clothing company, I was ecstatic to have found a company where I could get clothes for my daughter that she can wear to show how proud of her heritage she is. I was given a little red romper for my daughters baby cousin Uriah. Uriah is also a US Hispanic, and even though he is just a baby, his parents can be proud to put this adorable little romper on him that says “Proud to be a Mexican American”. They also personalized this adorable outfit and put Uriah’s name above the little cartoon boy on the romper! This is great, and once Uriah outgrows this little romper, his parents can save it as a little momento. If you are a proud US Hispanic or are looking for the perfect gift for someone that is, check out , they are sure to have the perfect item that you can have personalized there! is the first website on the Internet devoted to the personalization of children’s apparel for the fast growing U.S. Hispanic population. Founded earlier in 2010 by Claire Heyman, an entrepreneur and businesswoman with 15 years of experience in the children’s apparel industry, allows customers to add the name of a child as part of a slogan and will print one item at a time. has hundreds of designs to choose from including officially licensed apparel from the top four Mexican soccer clubs: Chivas, America, PUMAS and Cruz Azul. Lucha Libre was recently added to the selection along with National Pride designs for over a dozen different countries. There are also over 20 “How Adorable?” designs for both boys and girls. Ms. Heyman, President of said, “We have designs in both English and Spanish and go from Newborn thru size 10 in certain products. Popular items include bodysuits, t shirts, rompers, caps and bibs.” 

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 12, 2012 / 7:06 pm

    How cute!

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