BioTrue by Bausch + Lomb Review

I wear contacts on occasion and I dont know about you, but when I put my contacts in the overnight solution to clean my contacts in, I want to put them back on with the feeling of them being clean and not drying out my eyes. So when I was given some BioTrue by Bausch + Lomb to review for my readers I was curious to see how good this solution really was. Well after day 7 of washing and wearing the same pair of contacts, the contacts still felt like brand new. Not all gritty like after a few days of wearing them and washing them each night. Each time I would get up in the morning to put my contacts on and take them out of the solution, they felt like as if I had just put a fresh new pair on. And the effect didnt go away after a few hours. I was able to wear my contacts all day with that fresh feeling!!!

Biotrue™ is formulated to work like your eyes. By studying how the eye naturally works to clean, hydrate, and keep itself healthy, Bausch + Lomb developed a unique and innovative solution to provide outstanding care for soft contact lenses.

Biotrue goes beyond cleaning by bringing together three bio-inspired innovations:

  • Has a lubricant found naturally in your eyes
  • Matches the pH of healthy tears
  • Keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active


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