DuneCraft Grow Your Own Message Bean Kit Review

What could be a cooler way to express your love or to tell someone to get well soon or wish them a happy birthday, than to give them a bean plant that says it on the plant once it grows!! Well that is exactly what these nifty bean plants from Dune Craft do. You plant the little bean in the pot that you get in the kit, water it, put it in the window sill or anywhere where the plant will get sunlight. Then after about 4 days, you have a bean plant and a message on it!! Very cool!! I received two bean plants from Dune Craft to review. One is the I love You bean and the other is the Get Well bean. We have planted the I love You bean and in just 4 days we had it sprouted and we were able to see the message! The Get Well bean will be one that we will save and give to someone when we see it fit! My daughter was amazed on how this plant has writing on it. Very cute and very cool!!! These plants make the perfect, unique gift for anyone!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 12, 2012 / 2:03 am

    How funny!

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