Nutella Party

I love Nutella and I love that I was able to spread the word on this great and very yummy stuff to my friends through Mommy Parties! Nutella is a very tasty and delicious hazelnut spread that contains the perfect hint of cocoa that is just so perfect on toast!! Nutella is so creamy and is perfect for serving up in the morning for the kids breakfasts before school! At the Mommy Party we had, we had more than just mommies there, we also had some daddies and college students as well. All people who will benefit from trying and learning more about Nutella. We started the party by letting everyone taste how great Nutella is on a piece of bread then telling them how Nutella can be part of a very well balanced and very tasty breakfast for everyone!!

                   Everyone loved the party bags they got and the coupons were very favorable!!!

Like I said we even had some college students and this one is a newly converted Nutella fan!! Once we gave him a sample to taste, he was hooked!!

                                      This is a picture of what the party favor bags consisted of!

Another dad from the party who is really liking how easy it is to prepare a well balanced breakfast for his kids using Nutella some fruit and a glass of milk!!

We love Nutella in our house and now the love has spread to the homes of others as well! Thank you Mommy Parties and Nutella for providing us with this chance to spread the word!!


  1. Laura Lane
    November 12, 2012 / 2:02 am

    What a funny party.

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