Celebrate Earth Day with B. Toys

From the recycled plastics and other materials that the amazing toys from B. Toys are made of, to the ready wrapped packaging that these awesome toys come in, B. Toys are just great all around. They are not only really fun and great toys that your kids will love, but they are also earth friendly toys. So this Earth Day when you are celebrating with your kids, get your kids a Earth Day gift that shows them how much the Earth means to you. Our kids are our future and doing the right thing now by being greener will effect our children’s futures on this beautiful planet. The people from B. Toys understand and are right there with us as parents, they know that we want the best for our kids but that we also want to set good examples for our kids. What better example than to give our kids toys that are made from recycled materials that are Earth friendly. I was given 2 great toys to share with my kids this Earth Day, courtesy of B. Toys for this review. I was given the B. Okideoke Toy Microphone and the B. Critter Clinic. My kids love both of these toys. My son loves the B. Critter Clinic, they really do understand kids and the fascination with keys, doctors, and animals! My kids love to play doctor and they love animals, but my little man loves keys and is fascinated with unlocking and locking things. So this set was a perfect match for my kids! They can doctor up the little animal patients, then my son can lock and unlock the little doors that are to the clinic with the keys! He matches up the colors and shapes to the correct doors and locks. Then the B. Okideoke Microphone is tons of fun and your kids and sing and dance with the prerecorded tunes then they can record their own songs! They can also change their voices with the different tempos and slow it down or speed it up! This microphone is sure to bring the party to your kids!! These great toys and others from the B. Toys line can be found at your local Target store and online as well!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 12, 2012 / 1:26 am

    I don't really celebrate earth day.

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