Duca Del Frassino Boxed Wine

I love wine and I love sitting outside on these beautiful Spring nights, sitting with my honey and sipping on a glass of wine. I am not one that will drink a whole bottle of wine all at once. I usually only drink about one or two glasses when I drink. I like to be able to enjoy my wine and relax. So when I am done, putting the cork back in and drinking it later is ok, but it never seems to taste as good as it did when you first open the bottle. Now I love wine from the bottle, but I like to be able to have someone to share it with so we can enjoy the bottle when its freshly opened. On those nights when its just me and my hubby and we are just enjoying sitting outside, its usually just me who is drinking the wine. Sure I can go and by one of those big boxes of wine, but sometimes that huge box is just a little too much for just me. So when I was sent the Duca Garganega / Pinot Grigio blend from Duca Del Frassino to sample and review, I was excited to find a different type of wine in the box. The box is not too big and holds about the same amount an average bottle of wine holds. The flavor is perfect for pairing with a beautiful Spring salad. The perfect end for any day!! You can pick up a box of this very flavorful wine or any of the other varieties nationwide for about $19.99!!

Duca Garganega / Pinot Grigio blend is an enjoyable crisp dry white wine with a wonderful fruit-forward palate and a delicate long finish. Garganega and Pinot Grigio are both widely grown grapes from the Veneto region of Italy. The combination of these two grapes, results in a wine with white flowers on the nose and well-balanced juicy fruit on the palate. This wine is delicious on its own as an aperitif and it makes the perfect complement for seafood, poultry, and salads. 

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