Luv That Tray

I dont know how many times I have made my kids dinners then put the plates on place mats, then within minutes the plate has slid off onto the floor or on the table and has made quite a mess. I love using place mats to protect my table when my kids are doing art projects as well, but I know that the paper can slide and paints can slide off of the mat defeating the purpose. So when I was given a set of the Luv That Tray for review, I was interested to see the difference. Well with a 2 year old boy I knew the first test would be a good one. I was right! I made some pasta, and as usual his plate was all over the place, but instead of it ending up on the floor or sloshing onto the table, the mess was confined to the tray!! My second test was the following day when we brought out some paints and some other art supplies. Well this tray was perfect, not only was he able to keep his mess in his tray, but since he and his sister had their own trays, there was not any fighting over who had what. These trays are awesome and if you have kids, I would suggest getting a pack of the Luv That Tray, they will make a difference in the amount of mess you clean up after meals and activities!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 12, 2012 / 12:13 am

    Nice bright colors!

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