Miranda Cosgrove CD Review

Miranda Cosgrove has made a name for herself starring as the title character of Nickelodeon’s No. 1 cable show iCarly and through the April 27th release of her debut album Sparks Fly.

Cosgrove began playing guitar at age 8, and has been largely influenced by her parents’ collection of music including time-tested rockers like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Clash. Although she’s been performing since she was a child, she only discovered her passion for making music after recording the iCarly theme song. “I was always shy about singing, even though I’ve been taken singing lessons for a long time,” she says. “Getting to go into the studio and actually record a song made me realize how much I really enjoyed it and wanted to do it. That’s what made me want to make an album.”

All of the songs on Cosgrove’s debut album are about boys and first loves, subject matter that’s hardly far-fetched – the teen sensation and her friends are “always talking about our relationships and stuff.” But Cosgrove’s songs also have cross-generational appeal. Tracks like the synth-laden “Bam,” the confessional pop smash “Disgusting” and the club banger “Oh Oh” all feature irresistible hooks, and are nearly impossible to forget – no matter how old the listener is.

Cosgrove is showing her fans a new side of herself, and reminding audiences why she’s in a league of her own. “I used to always think I was just going to be an actress, but now I’m leaning towards music and singing too,” she says. “In the beginning, I didn’t really think about my sound too much. I was just trying to figure out the kind of music that was really me and my thing. But my songs are about the experiences I’ve been through, and when I’m singing them, I try to put myself into it, so hopefully my music just reflects me.”

My daughter loves Miranda Cosgrove, from the hit tv series iCarly to her new album. When we were given the new Miranda Cosgrove CD to review my daughter was thrilled to be able to listen to one of her idols music on her CD player in her room! I love Miranda Cosgroves new CD because it shows young girls who aspire to be actors, singers or even both, that you can do anything. This young lady is truly an artist and now with this new CD she is able to show her talent as a singer with music that everyone can enjoy!!

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