Put Your Best Face Forward for Mother's Day with Covergirl!

This Mother’s Day, take the time to pamper yourself for a change! Celebrity make‐up artist Jake
Bailey has teamed up with COVERGIRL to offer the following quick and easy tips for looking redcarpet‐
ready, even if just to enjoy a little “mommy me‐time” with breakfast in bed!
All About the Eyes: For moms on‐the‐go, an eyelash curler and healthy
coat of rich, black mascara is all you need for a clean daytime look. Curling
lashes opens the eyes, and applying mascara close to the base will define the
lashline and really accentuate your eyes. Pluck any stray eyebrow hairs, and
use a clear mascara or brow gel to keep unruly hairs from straying.
Hip Lips Look Light & Bright: Forget too‐dark reds and the same old
nude – rosy shades are the most universally flattering for spring. Bright pinks work best on pale
skin, and corals do wonders for olive‐toned complexions. For a flawless application, use a lip
scrub to remove any dead skin, leaving behind a smooth surface. Apply lipstick directly from the
tube, and refine corners and edges using a lip brush or lip liner of the same color.
Fake Flawless Skin with the Right Foundation: For
the most natural look and fastest application, use your
fingers to gently blend a small amount of foundation over
problem‐prone areas – cheeks, nose and forehead –
where pores and redness can appear. For more coverage,
use a foundation brush to apply, and gently press a
sponge over heavier spots to absorb excess. One of my
favorite products is COVERGIRL & Olay Simply Ageless
Foundation. It’s super easy to use, and anti‐aging
ingredients won’t settle into fine lines or wrinkles (a
common concern for my clients) so the result is a polished
look that lasts all day. Perfect for moms with a short
supply of time for make‐up, there’s no need to powder,
and sunscreen is built right in (SPF 22).
Pass up the Powder: Cream blushes are a quick and simple way to achieve a
bright and healthy‐looking complexion. Again, I recommend using your
fingertips to blend a tiny bit onto the apples of your cheeks. COVERGIRL & Olay’s
Simply Ageless line has a sculpting blush that helps contour cheekbones, and
since it’s the same texture as the foundation, it won’t disturb coverage and blends
seamlessly. For extra glamour, use a soft‐bristled brush to swirl the color onto
the apples of cheeks and back toward the cheekbone for an airbrushed look.

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