Step 2 Sand and Water Fun Farm Review

I love summer and I love being outside with my kids. I love adding to our outdoor toys collection every year. I love finding and playing with the latest and greatest in outdoor toys. This year I received the Step 2 Sand and Water Fun Farm to review. This play set is great and is perfect to add to our outdoor toys collection. My kids love to play in the water and they also love playing in the sand. This play set has them both, sand and water. My little guy loves farm animals so the theme is perfect for him. I love it because I can set it up and relax while my kids play with it. They get so into the role playing and when your kids make animal noises when playing, it is way too cute! My kids love the little animals and the tractor that goes around the perimeter of the table. The barn acts like a tunnel and the tractor can drive through it. With the table raised up off of the ground, your kids feet stay dry. The sand and water is separated by two different compartments to put them in and the shovel and funnel make for some great fun in the sand!!! In all this set is great and your little ones will really appreciate and enjoy it while playing outside!!

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 7, 2012 / 4:05 am

    Looks messy

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