Back to School with CAT Preschool Toys

My little man will be starting his first day of Pre-School soon. It is going to be a big day for both of us. I had to keep him home because of his medical issues and now that he is able to be around kids and play, he is so ready to go to school!! I know that little ones learn a lot from hands on and from playing. I know that my little man loves construction toys and he loves taking apart and building things as well. I think that it is way too cute when he goes around acting like he is fixing things with his play power tools, just like his dad. I also find it way too cute when he and his friends get in the dirt and dig and play and pretend like they are on a construction site. I love that Toy State makes Caterpillar toys for Pre-School age kids. These toys are perfect for my son and his friends. We were sent some really great CAT Pre-School toys to review for back to school. We were sent a CAT Flash Light & Night Light. This toy is great, I love that it has the flash light and night light. My son is scared of the dark and he loves to sleep with this toy!! He literally has it in his bed with him, just in case he needs to shine the light for some reason. Also, I love that the night light has three settings on it. Not only is this a great flash light and night light, but it can also roll around and vroom like a truck!! My son also loves that there is a awesome horn on it!! We were also sent a really great CAT Take-A-Part Truck, this truck is perfect for my little mechanic. He loves to take apart and fix things, he also loves tools that he can play with. Well this truck has all of that!!! He can take it apart, fix it and put it back together and there is a really cool hand drill that he uses to do all of this!! This truck can also vroom around, and he can take it in the dirt to transport on his backyard construction sites!!

Along with the CAT truck toys that we were sent, we were also sent a CAT construction hard hat, which he just loves to wear when he and his little friends are out playing with their construction toys!!

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I was provided these products in exchange for this review through Childsplay PR!


  1. won
    August 25, 2011 / 3:43 am

    Those toys are all boy! The four year old I care for would love them!

  2. Laura Lane
    November 5, 2012 / 10:44 am

    These are cute.

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