Back to School with Lands' End

When you are doing all of that back to school shopping, you have a backpack that is on the list. I know that finding a backpack that will last through the school year is very important. I remember having backpacks and half way through the year I would need a new one because there would be a huge hole torn in the bottom. Kids carry quite a bit in their backpacks and with all of the different classes they have in one day, a backpack can go through quite a bit of abuse. I mean, we did not have laptops in school and now there are kids that have their laptops at school and use them daily. Well this year we are going with the rolling backpack. This year will be my daughters first year to have text books. Those can get really heavy, because you not only have the books but you have notebooks and binders. Then when it gets cooler out, there are jackets that get put in the backpack. All of those items get quite heavy, and not only can they stretch and tear your kids backpacks, but having to carry that much weight can be very hard on your kids backs. I remember walking home with my backpack from the bus stop and having to struggle sometimes, then getting home and being relieved to put the bag down. Over at Lands’ End they have a wonderful selection of backpacks, and they carry all different sizes, depending on your childs needs that are very durable. I know that not every child has to worry about text books so you wont necessarily need a rolling backpack. But for my daughter we went with the Girls’ Wheeled MultiTask Backpack. This backpack has plenty of room in it that she will be needing this year as well as it being wheeled. The wheeled part is perfect for keeping her back from getting strained on those days that she might have quite a few books to carry! There is a shoe chamber where she can keep her gym shoes in. The D-ring is perfect for clipping her lunch box on. There is a reinforced bottom with resin bumpers which makes this a perfect backpack that my daughter will love taking and using at school this year!! Check out this great backpack and the other available at Lands’ End now!!!


  1. won
    August 25, 2011 / 2:55 am

    I do like Lands End. Classic, timeless, durable and won't go out of style. Remember when they used to be catalog only? Glad they're in Sears now.

  2. Laura Lane
    November 5, 2012 / 10:42 am

    I like Land's End.

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