Back to School with Stardoll at jcpenney


It seems as though my daughter really enjoys the back to school shopping a whole lot more than I do. Dont get me wrong, I love to shop, but she is such a diva when it comes to shopping. She can try on several different outfits and model them for me and only pick a couple that she wants to get. I personally think she likes to model and see herself in different clothes and styles. We have done quite a bit of back to school clothing shopping at jcpenney, and she has found a line that she just adores. It is the Stardoll line of clothes. She seems to want every item in this line. She really looks cute in all of the different outfits she has tried on as well from this line. We were sent some clothes from the Stardoll line to review for the back to school season. These clothes are very nice. I think they are really cute, my daughter just loves them. She was so excited when I told her that there was a package for her filled with Stardoll clothes. She did not want anyone touching them. She went in the bathroom and tried them on, then went to hang them up and told me not to touch them until school starts. Lol. All of the tops are just so cute and the pants go great so you can mix and match, which is a huge plus for me as a parent. All of these clothes are so her, so cute yet so fashionable. Perfect for any little diva when they are looking for some amazing clothes for the new school year. Not only are they just way too cute, but they are so affordable, so my little diva can shop her little heart out and I can sit there and just enjoy watching her have fun!!!!

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  1. won
    August 25, 2011 / 2:56 am

    Very cute!

  2. Laura Lane
    November 5, 2012 / 10:42 am

    Oh cute!

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