Kelty Big Dipper 30 Junior Sleeping Bag

We love to be outdoors and we love to camp. We have taken our kids up into the mountains hiking and for walks, but we had not had the chance to take them up into the mountains camping. We live in the panhandle of Texas and there are not any mountains. We have taken the kids to the lake and to the canyon, but this year with the horrible Texas heat and drought, we did not spend a whole lot of time camping. So when we had made plans to head to the Taos Ski Valley to go camping, I knew that taking Kelty gear with us would be a smart choice. We were sent a boys Big Dipper 30 Junior Sleeping bag for review. This was perfect for camping in the mountains. I love that our son can use this bag and grow into as he gets older. This sleeping bag can expand an additional 12 inches, so he can use it for years to come!! It is also super comfy, so when we were sleeping in the Rockies, he was very comfortable. Also, when we were up in the mountains, the weather was thirty-fourty degrees cooler during the days and that meant even cooler nights. Throughout the night I have to check on my kids and make sure they are warm or else I cant sleep. Well my son was nice and warm the entire time we were camping. The Big Dipper 30 Junior sleeping bags come in pink and blue which with my kids, makes a difference, lol. I love the products from Kelty, and we have and will continue to use their products for our outdoors needs!!!

Bag Features:

  • Two-layer off-set quilt construction
  • Zipper draft tube with anti-snag design
  • Sleeping pad security loops
  • 3/4-length, two-way locking zipper
  • Sized to fit juniors
  • Pillow pocket
  • Drawcord replaced by elastic for child safety
  • Includes integrated compression storage sack
  • Internal storage pocket
  • Expandable foot section lengthens the bag by 12″ (Patent#US 6,073,282)

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 4, 2012 / 10:00 pm

    I only have one child small enough.

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