Kleenex Back To School

Just in time for the 2011 – 2012 school year, Kleenex brand facial tissues is committing $500,000 to help schools across America keep field trips as a part of the educational curriculum.

Right now, you can enter the Kleenex brand Back to School sweepstakes to help your school win a share of the cash to help fund school field trips. Here’s how:

  • Visit www.Facebook.com/Kleenex
  • Click on the “Field Trips” tab at the top of the page
  • Vote for your favorite participating school -or- 
  •  Register the school of your choice by clicking the “Add a School” box and filling out the digital registration form 
  • The top 100 U.S. schools that finish with the most votes on the Kleenex brand Facebook page will receive a $5,000 award from the Kleenex brand. 
  • Voting ends on September 14 • Visit Facebook.com/Kleenex for complete entry requirements and to learn how you and your friends and family can help win field trips for your child’s school.

NEW!! Kleenex brand on-the-go formats:

  • The Kleenex brand is adding a new line of on-the-go packs with Sneeze Shield this back to school season to make it easy to help keep stuff off kids’ hands in the classroom, on field trips, at home or wherever kids go.
  • The on-the-go packages include:
  • The wallet pack. It is thin and sleek, so you can always keep a tissue on hand. Their trendy design and convenient size make it the perfect accessory for hip tweens and teens.
  • The auto pack. It fits perfectly in the car door or glove compartment – no need to lug around a box of tissue or fumble in a purse for a tissue while driving.
  • The new and improved pocket pack. A long-time favorite has been improved to feature three-ply tissue.

On the Net: www.kleenex.com

I was sent these new Kleenex on the go packs for review. I have allergies that seem to pop up at any given time and because of that, I tend to carry facial tissue with me on a regular basis. I hate putting a box in my car that will just get smashed by the kids so the Auto Pack is perfect for putting in the door, behind the seats or even in between the seats. I also love the very cute and fashionable wallet pack, it is so thin and sleek and fits perfectly into a small handbag, and it is also very cute. Then they have improved those handy pocket packs with 3-ply tissues in them. So not only are they just as handy as they were before but they are now 3-ply, so those like me who are constantly blowing their noses when allergies kick up, dont have to worry about using too many tissues at once. These packs are also perfect for putting in kids backpacks during the cold season when kids are constantly running around with runny noses.

I was provided the Kleenex products for review from the Mom Bloggers Club and Kimberly Clark. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Laura Lane
    November 4, 2012 / 9:57 pm

    When you wrote this, we were serving in tornado relief in Joplin, MO.

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