As a woman and a mom, I am on my feet for quite a bit of my time. As women we put our feet through agony for fashion. I personally love wearing heals, and I know that after walking around and being on my feet with heals on for a long period of time can be quite painful. Then trying to chase after a toddler with heals on is how us moms become secret athletes. I know that there are times that I have been at a wedding or a formal occasion, and I have brought my kids. If I want to wear heals than that is all on me, lol. I tend to not think about the possible consequences at the time while getting ready. But chasing after or just trying to keep up with little one in heals can be very trying. Well for those moments when the heals just have to come off or any shoes for that matter that are just not doing it for you in the comfort aspect, pull out your Kushyfoot Flats to Go! The Kushyfoot Flats to Go are perfect for those moments when you just wish you had another pair of shoes or when you rather go barefoot than wear the shoes you have on. They are so portable and can be kept in your purse for those particular moments. They have a padded sole and have cushion in them for added comfort, to give your sore and achy feet a break! I received a pair of these as well as some other Kushyfoot products for review. I love that there are several styles that you can choose from and that they are just like ballet flats!

I also received some Kushyfoot Foot Covers. These are great for wearing with dress shoes and especially heals!! I was given 2 pairs of the super ultra low cut foot covers. These are just amazing. They have padding on the bottoms of them to give your feet cushion that is just amazing when you are wearing heals! They also have a heal guard that keeps you from getting those sores on the backs of your feet from rubbing!!! The heal guard is made to keep the foot covers from slipping so they dont end up causing issues half way through your day because they have slipped into the toe part of your shoes!!!

The last pair I received were the Kushyfoot Foot Covers with Lace Front. These are great for wearing with your ballet flats, or to show through any shoes, since they have that pretty lace. They also have the cushion on the bottoms which is just heaven when you walk around on them!! I have really enjoyed all of the Kushyfoot products I received for review and you can find Kushyfoot products for both men and women at http://www.kushyfoot.com/!!

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  1. jenzen69
    August 14, 2011 / 6:56 am

    Dont you just love to chase after your kids? when mine were young it was the only exercise i got. These are great. I dont have this brand but i have something similar and i keep a pair in my glove box and if i drive long distance i put then onjenzen69atyahoodotcom

  2. Laura Lane
    November 5, 2012 / 10:51 am

    Nice idea.

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