A Little Prince Was Born #thedaybabywasborn

I remember the days my kids were born as if they were yesterday. My daughter was my first born and she was the most beautiful little angel I had ever laid eyes on. She was so tiny and fragile. As a new mom, I did not want anyone touching her. I was so scared that she would get hurt. But she was handed around the delivery room and all of the family and friends held her and awed over her beauty. I can remember the day when we had our little man. He was not due for another month, but I had gotten so sick and my body was ready to deliver him. The pregnancy had been a very hard and trying one. A very emotional and anticipated one. We had lost a little boy almost one year prior, so we were very nervous, yet anxious and excited about this delivery. Our little man had been followed closely by the doctors, due to the mass they had found on his lower left lung and for the fact that his heart had been moved to the right side of his chest because of the mass. Two days before the scheduled delivery we had a sonogram done to measure him and prepare ourselves for a very tiny baby. We were told that he would only be 2lbs and would possibly have to be flown to Dallas after his delivery. His heart was back on the left side of his chest but they were worried that there would be issues since it had moved. We were told that if he did not require the flight to Dallas that he would be in the NICU for quite some time and he would be very weak. These were realities that we had prepared ourselves for. The day I checked in the hospital, I was very nervous. I had been given medications to stop labor and relax with since I had some scares a month prior and had labor stopped at that time. So once we were in the room, all it took was a simple exam to start my labor. The labor process with my daughter was very long, I had been admitted to the hospital and 48 hours later I finally had a baby. This was not the case with our son. Once the doctor had examined me, I went into labor. He came back one hour later and I was already at a 5. After that second exam they decided I could have an epidural. The doctor left the room and the anesthesiologist came in. My husband was right at my side this entire time. Once they were ready to sit me up to get the epidural, I felt my sons head crowning, the nurse said that this was not possible since I was just examined a few minutes earlier, I told them that I had to flip over and lie down because I knew that he was crowning. The anesthesiologist had just gotten the epidural in but not started. The nurse said that she would check, but did not believe me. Sure enough when I laid back down, there was a head crowning. My husband put gloves on and was given a gown and prepared to deliver our son. The nurse pulled the alarm, and the doctor ran in and was wondering what was going on. The nurse told him that the baby was coming now! The doctor saw that my husband was in position and he gowned up. He stood behind my husband and told him what to do since my husband was all ready to deliver our son. During all of this I had not had the epidural kick in as of yet, so I felt it all. It was so much easier than I thought. The pushing was so natural and the whole process was amazing. The nurse had to call the NICU team and the surgeons to come down to our room asap! During all of the mayhem going on in the room, with nurses and doctors getting ready for a very small and at risk baby, my husband and I together, brought a screaming baby boy into this world. My husband had delivered him from start to finish, the scream was not one that anyone in the room had expected to hear. Everyone stopped and looked to see a miracle. Not only did our little prince scream with healthy lungs, but he was three times the size that had been predicted. He was 6lbs 13oz and 19 inches long. For a preemie, he was pretty large, he was the exact same size my daughter was. The OB Dr was in shock, he could not believe how big our son was, because just a couple of days ago they had measured what they thought was a tiny little baby. The surgeon and the specialist cried, they did not expect a baby with a healthy weight nor did anyone expect to hear him cry. They had a machine in the room ready and prepped to help him breathe. The doctors took him to the NICU and began running tests on our baby. He did still have a mass on his lung, but his oxygen level was a very healthy one, so the machine they had ready for him was not needed. They insisted that they keep him in the NICU for observation for one night. After I had delivered him, the epidural kicked in, its timing was way off. As soon as I could get the strength to walk, I went down to the NICU so I could be with my son. On the way down there I had run into the specialist Dr. that had followed him through my pregnancy. She looked at me and started crying, she gave me a hug then said that she had never witnessed a miracle such as our son. She said that she had been right at his side during the exams and after they took him to the nurses in the NICU and that she just could not stop staring at him, he was a miracle.  He had defied all of the doctors and even after all of the procedures and tests we had done throughout the pregnancy, he was not at all what they were expecting. I walked down to the NICU to be with my baby and sat there with him until they told me I had to go back and rest. I was worse off than my son at the time and I was asked to rest so they could monitor me. But every chance I got I was down at the NICU with him until the next morning when they brought him to me. He was released from the hospital a few days before I was, but he stayed right at my side the entire time. I was glad that my mom had come in for a few days because not only was she able to watch my daughter for a few days but she was also able to take all of the preemie diapers and clothes we had bought and exchange them for newborn clothes!! I remember all of our babies births and they are all moments in my life that I will always cherish!!!

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  1. Alan (Omega Doom)
    August 11, 2011 / 2:38 am

    Wow! Wonderful story! I'm glad your daughter and particularly your son were delivered without any major complications. I'm a bit surprised by the weight of your newborn son as well… I wonder if the doctors incorrectly predicted the weight. In any case, you have a little prince and princess in your life. Thanks for sharing Katie!!!

  2. Caitlyn
    August 13, 2011 / 2:59 am

    Thanks for sharing Katie! I just gave birth to my own little one, a baby girl we named Sophia. As I read your story, I couldn't help the tears that filled my eyes. Maybe I'm still an emotional mess from my own pregnancy and delivery, but I am so glad your little guy was delivered safely! Congrats on your little prince<3

  3. Laura Lane
    November 5, 2012 / 1:03 pm

    What a story!

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